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The unnamed female cat from Tom and Jerry: Cowboy Up movie is the latest love interest of Tom Cat, replacing females from older motion pictures. She lives in the double B Ranch.


She is a glaucous cat with a bushy tail, yellow retina and deep blue eyes. Throughout most of the movie, she walks quadrupedal. She has three white whiskers protruding from each cheek.


This character is shown to be living on friendly terms with all the ranch critters, including mice. The latter is shown when she plays with Jerry after stopping the cows from escaping the corral and when she kisses the younger mice before the breakfast at the ranch.

Initially, she doesn't show much interest when Tom attempts to woo her. The relationship develops throughout the movie, however till the happy end.


  • She is the second of Tom's love interest, who has no name. First being Tabby.
  • Her color scheme is similar to Dollface, save for purplish-blue irises instead of black ones.