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The Skull is the main antagonist of Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers. He is voiced by Mark Hamill.

The Skull was once Don Diego Clippershears before he died. During his life, Don Diego Clippershears hid his money on Yo-ho Island. Red Pirate Ron, Blue Pirate Bob, and Purple Pirate Paul then rush to find the treasure, forgetting their brotherly love as their desire to find the treasure turned them into bitter enemies. The skull curses the map that leads to the treasure. Whoever finds the map will have to place the map in the bottle it goes in before a curse begins. Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse find the map, but the curse starts because the swab knocks the bottle off with his broom, hindering their ability to dodge the curse's effects. Red Pirate Ron believes Tom Cat is responsible and decides that Tom must row.

The skull makes his second appearance giving Tom and Jerry tests, but the duo succeeds despite their rivalry, surprising the skull. These tests include:

  • Defeating a stone chicken-sentinel.
  • Frying an egg in a pan.
  • Running down the stairs without getting smashed into/by the ceiling. (Jerry does so by using the Skull's face as a shield.)
  • A memory game. Losers are electrocuted.
  • Getting past the giant squid.

After Tom and Jerry's success, the Skull surrenders his treasure and sinks to the bottom, claiming that his "whole lot of cash" is not really important to him due to his nature as a skull and mentions of starting a bed and breakfast. He is not seen for the rest of the film, however in the accompanying short "Where they be now?" it's revealed he (minus the crossbones, plus a toupee) started a Bed and Breakfast at the bottom of the sea, though his cooking skills have yet to improve.