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The Two Mouseketeers is a 1952 Tom and Jerry cartoon.


The cartoon opens with the male chorus singing "Soldiers of Fortune" throughout the credits. D'Artagnan and Aramis are two mouseketeers who decide to help themselves to a lavish banquet, which a servant has been ordered to guard by Captain Rochefort and Sir Girard. But should he fail in doing so, Tom will be executed by beheading from the guillotine. Jerry and Nibbles enter the castle hall through a stained glass window, through a suit of armor, and by parachuting down to the table. They unsuspectingly catch Tom's attention by showering him with champagne.

Later, Nibbles is helping himself to some of the food while singing Alouette to himself, when Tom emerges behind him and pokes him with his sword. The little mouse yells angrily in protest: "He, attention-la! Vous pourez faire mal a quelqu'un, Monsieur Pussycat!...Pussycat?! Au secours! Au secours! Le pussycat! Le pussycat!" (Hey! Watch it! You could hurt someone like that, Mister Pussycat. Pussy Cat!? Help! Help! The pussycat! The pussycat!). Before Nibbles can get away, Tom impales the little mouse's cape with his rapier. Jerry manages to stab Tom in the rear-end and rescue Nibbles. Jerry puts custard in Tom's face, launching a swashbuckling fencing display against Tom, ending in Tom catching Jerry. Nibbles launches an axe toward Tom and it slices off half of Tom's back, and Nibbles hides in some fruit. Nibbles runs away and falls into a drink - but Jerry saves him by hurling a tomato at Tom, as well as multiple vegetables, which Tom impales on his rapier before heating them up and eats them like a shish-kebab. Nibbles walks out of the drink, drunk, and pokes Tom in the bottom. Tom screams in pain and jumps up. Nibbles waves his sword while saying, "Touche, Pussycat!" but as he runs away, Tom catches him. Jerry makes the save by hitting Tom on the head with a mace so much that Tom falls through the table, which leads to Tom and Jerry having a sword fight. While this goes on, Nibbles brings along a cannon and stuffs it with all of the food that is on the banquet table. Once the cannon is full, he lights the cannon, and it explodes violently, which shot Tom.

As the smoke disappears, Jerry and Nibbles are walking triumphantly down the street with stolen banquet food. Suddenly, in an unusual morbid ending, they see in a distance the guillotine, and with a drumroll, the blade comes down, strongly suggesting that Tom was executed (although off-screen in order to comply with the Hays Code). Both mice gulp, and Nibbles sighs, "Pauvre, pauvre, Pussycat" (Poor, poor pussycat) and shrugs while adding "C'est la guerre" (That’s war). Then the two Mouseketeers continue their victorious marching off into the distance, knowing they are knights in shining armor. The male chorus sings the last few lines of "Soldiers of Fortune" as the cartoon closes.




  • This was the first Tom & Jerry cartoon to use the 1952 red and blue MGM Cartoon title.
  • This is the sixth Tom and Jerry short to win an Academy Award.
  • In the poster, Nibbles is orange instead of grey.
  • The song Nibbles makes a "hamburger" was "Alouette, Gentille Alouette".
  • This is one of the few episodes where Tom gets killed (or simply died) in the end.
  • Tom, Jerry, and Nibbles' musketeer outfit has also appeared in Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers.
  • The title is a pun of The Three Musketeers.


  • This short is banned in Brazil and Morocco due to its dark ending involving Tom's execution.