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"The Watchcat" is a episode of Tom & Jerry Kids written by Stewart St. John.


Tom is hired to work as a watchcat in the Museum of Natural History on a stormy night, but as he chases Jerry, they unknowingly wakes up a few of the exhibits that come to life.




Tom is employed at the Museum of Natural History, under the title of "watchcat", and working under a human manager. During his job as a watchcat, objects come to life at night and walk out of their exhibits, and with Jerry's help, they manage to put the objects back into their exhibits before the clock reaches 6:00 AM for when the manager returns. In the end, the museum manager is revealed to be a brown wolf in disguise,


Animation errors

  • In the end, when the Museum Manager removes his latex human mask off of his head to reveal his true identity, he still has on his human hand gloves; but when he is shown again, his human hand gloves are removed to show is real werewolf hands, but is still carrying his human mask.