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Timothy "Tim" Cat is a young anthropomorphic cat who appears only in the Tom & Jerry Kids episode "Fraidy Cat".

Appearance and Personality

Tim looks exactly like Tom, but his baseball cap is yellow with a green stripe while Tom's is red with a blue stripe. He has a speaking role, unlike Tom. He is also often sarcastic about things, and rarely ever smiles. He has had past experiences of being a fraidy cat, but unsuccessfully tries to overcome his fear. Whenever he wants to eat, he pilfers food out of the refrigerator rather than to ask Tom's permission to eat the food (although Tom doesn't talk). He often refers to Tom as his twin brother, even though the reason is likely that they both look very like alike and the fact that Tim is jealous of Tom who lives in a less frightening environment. Every time he is near a mouse like Jerry, he freaks out hysterically.


  • Tim's original personality represented a personality of being musophobic (afraid of mice).
  • Tim's fear of mice is reminiscent of Tom's Cousin George's fear of mice.
  • Tim is Tom's twin brother.
  • He is voiced by late Dana Hill.