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Tim is a young anthropomorphic cat who appears in Fraidy Cat in the Tom & Jerry Kids Show.

File:Shamwow collage.jpg

'Tim in real life, using ShamWow.

Appearance and Personality

Tim looks exactly like Tom, but his baseball cap is yellow with a green stripe while Tom's is red with a blue stripe. He has a speaking role unlike Tom. When he met Tom, he states that he had a long memory of being a fraidy cat, and eventually is fearless. He also claims that Tom is his twin brother, despite being actually more of a clone to him. His name and Tom's name both have the same consonants, but different vowels. However, he turns out to be rather musophobic on his true side when a mouse like Jerry is near, and constantly freaks out when he sees a mouse. He and Tom became friends shortly after they met, but eventually became enemies when Tom points out that he's a clone of him.