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Tom's In-Tents Adventure is the fourth episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014) and the fourth episode of the first season.


Tom and Jerry go camping in Yosemite.


The narrator tells about Yosemite's wonders, wildlife and waterfall. Tom and Jerry arrive to go camping with Jerry enjoying himself but Tom is struggling to get used to the outdoors starting with bug repellent but gets sprayed himself. Tom and Jerry set up their tents with Jerry easily getting his tent set up but Tom seemingly gets his tent done but gets tossed around by it before it goes flat. They then go fishing with Jerry having more luck in catching fish than Tom who is struggling to catch fish until he gets pulled by a fish twice into the river. Next, they set up a fire with Jerry once again starting his fire easily while Tom tries to start his fire by a tree which gets him and a few trees burnt. Jerry cooks and eats his dinner while Tom tries to open a tin of cat food until he succeeds but wild animals become attracted by the smell of his cat food and attack him and eat it. Jerry unwillingly gives Tom a sausage until it gets taken by an eagle which forces Tom to climb up to get it but the eaglets bite him which causes him to fall. During the night, Jerry goes to happily sleep in his tent but Tom is forced to uncomfortably sleep on his wrecked tent. After hearing growling, Tom tries to sleep in Jerry's tent much to his annoyance and helps Tom fix his tent. Jerry is then tossed around by the tent before heading to bed. The next day, Tom wakes up and sees a bear cub which he frightens off until its mother appears before him. This forces Tom and Jerry to hide in Tom's tent but they keep fighting over who should be given to the bear. After having the bear tossed around by the tent, Tom and Jerry are chased by the bear until Tom is knocked into a boulder. However, the boulder with Tom, Jerry and the bear are thrown around which destroys much of Yosemite's sights much to the tourists' disappointment. The bear continues to chase Tom and Jerry through the forest to the end of the narration.


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  • The "In-Tents" in the title is a play on the word "intense".