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Tom's owner (Known by T&J fans as Clint Clobber) is a character who appeared solely in the Gene Deitch era (1961–62) of Tom and Jerry shorts, serving as Tom's owner. He was voiced by Allen Swift.


Tom's owner is an overweight, average height, middle-aged, bald white man with very severe temper problems, often boil-over when he's furious. Also, when he is angered, his teeth often turn to razor-sharp bloodthirsty fangs.


He is a corpulent, evil, low-class, middle-aged man with severe temper problems, often going red in the face when angered. He was much more brutal in punishing Tom's mistakes when compared to the other owners or even Spike the Bulldog: beating and thrashing Tom repeatedly, searing his face with a grill, forcing him to drink an entire shaken up carbonated beverage, slamming his fingers with a lunchbox lid and even wrapping a shotgun over his head and firing it.

He also often ties Tom up very tightly. He often smiles or laughs maliciously after punishing Tom. He appears to have rage issues in general as in Down and Outing, he is shown driving recklessly by driving at high speeds and not looking at the road, then yelling at another driver when called out for his careless driving. However, when he doesn't have problems, he acts like a normal person and looks happily. He often sings a tune for himself when he is calm, happy, and enthusiastic.

Unlike Tom's previous owners, he speaks quite rarely. He has no lines of spoken dialogue in High Steaks while he speaks only once in Down and Outing and he has three lines of dialogue in Sorry Safari.

He also beats up Tom without any explanation, he is also unreasonable and unfair to Tom when the cat get's his tail stuck on the grill, and almost drown in pool trying to cool himself, the owner picks up Tom up the water and beats up after what Tom went through.

The only time the owner appreciated Tom was in Down and Outing when he put all the supplies in the boat without making a single mistake.


He played different roles in the shorts he appeared in as a fisherman in Down and Outing, as a chef in High Steaks, and as a hunter in Sorry Safari.

After Sorry Safari, he was consequently dropped from the series. He was later replaced by a thin female owner on Buddies Thicker Than Water.

Behind the Scenes

He bears a slight resemblance to Clint Clobber, one of Gene Deitch's original characters who appeared in Terrytoons shorts from 1957 to 1959. It was rumored that the two characters were the same in which all fans keep calling him "Clint Clobber", because he was an unnamed character (unless if you want to call him The Fat Man).

According to Deitch, however, these similarities are coincidental.

He was very despised among fans of the series, as he was shown to be very brutal, cruel, spiteful, hateful, and violent to Tom for his actions, even when Tom was trying to stop Jerry, sometimes bordering on animal cruelty. Due to negative reviews on the character, as well as most of the shorts featuring him, he is completely removed from further appearances of anymore Tom and Jerry cartoons.

He is, by far, the most evil of all of Tom's owners in the past.


  • He is presumably unaware of the mouse Jerry's existence as the two never interacted.
  • Sorry Safari is the only short where he gets his comeuppance at the end.
  • He is the most hated character in Tom and Jerry.
  • Down and Outing, is the only short where Tom tries to escape from him in order to avoid getting pummeled.