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Tom's owner is a minor character in Tom and Jerry: The Movie. She is voiced by B.J. Ward.


Tom and Jerry: The Movie

Tom's owner is only seen at the house which was going to be banned and destroyed by an old fashioned wrecking ball a new building called High Rise Luxury Apartments first seen in Casanova Cat and demolished by a new modern spherical wrecking ball in 1996 when she and Tom are about to move to a new house for a long ride. However, she left Tom behind thanks to a feud with Jerry. Tom tries to reach her, but he is stopped by a bulldog, preventing him from reaching her and forcing him to return to her former house (which is Rick and Ginger's current house). It is unknown what happened to her, since she did not appear throughout the movie and not heard again, since Tom is now living with Robyn Starling and her father after Aunt Pristine Figg, Lickboot and Ferdinand are been arrested for their crimes and the destruction of Robyn's Nest.