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The Tom & Jerry Kids Show (or simply Tom & Jerry Kids) is an animated television series, featuring the popular cat-and-mouse duo as kids. The show premeried on ABC part of T.G.I.F. on June 1, 1990 and continued airing until December 22, 1995, producing a total of 90 episodes. It is one out of the two Hanna-Barbera shows (alongside spin-off Droopy, Master Detective) to air in first-run on ABC, Then the show airs on Cartoon Network and Kids' WB!, As reruns. It's the first Tom & Jerry TV show that have nothing to do with MGM after Ted Turner bought Tom & Jerry and about every MGM cartoons from MGM in 1986. Tom & Jerry Kids is somewhat similar to the "older" version of the theatrical shorts. In terms of level of violence, they are less violent than their predecessor. Also, they show some tendency of using various tools or weapons in order to attack each other, rather than solely resort to simple chasing. As usual, the poor, feisty feline Tom constantly tries to catch the teasing, naughty mouse Jerry (who always makes fun of Tom), often causing lots of mishaps for the duo. In the series, Jerry wears the same red bowtie he wore in The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).

Part of it is similar to Pink Panther and Pals and Garfield and Friends. Droopy and Dripple went on to star in their own short-lived spin-off Droopy, Master Detective.


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Home media releases

Starting in 1991, some episodes were put onto VHS cassettes although only a few million copies of this were made and have since become increasingly hard to find. Some episodes were also put onto video CDs. In 1997, it was released as a VHS packaging set with eight cassettes by Film Office in France, five years before that company's liquidation in 2002. In mid-2008, it was released on DVD in Germany by Kinowelt Home Entertainment, and it contained four discs. However, since Warner Bros. currently owns the rights to the Tom and Jerry franchise after the demise of the Hanna-Barbera studio in 2001, Warner Home Video currently has no plans to put the Tom & Jerry Kids Show onto DVD and/or Blu-ray in region 1.

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