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Tom Cat Jr. is the top secret agent or the son of Tom Cat from the MGM shorts, and is one of the main characters in the Tom & Jerry Kids Show.

Appearance and Personality

Tom Cat Jr. is a young anthropomorphic cat with bluish-gray fur, a light gray stomach, a light gray section of his face between the eyes, white hands and feet, a while tail point, a white muzzle with a black nose and whiskers, yellow eyes with black pupils, bushy eyebrows, a clump of hair, and wears a trademark red baseball cap with a blue stripe. In some appearances, he wears clothing during particular events. He and Jerry also appear in some segments based upon historical events, but that it's rather their imagination, since they live in a more modern world. During most of his appearances, he often attempts to catch Jerry, whom he claims is a pest, but is prone to getting injured. Although he does talk, he has been shown to use the telephone.


Tom wearing his baseball cap backwards

Although Tom usually wears only his baseball cap and normally doesn't wear clothes, he was seen wearing clothes in some episodes. His baseball cap is normally worn frontwards; but in Pump 'Em up Pals, he wore his baseball cap backwards while working out. He sometimes wears his trademark baseball cap with some of the clothes he wears. In Chase School, he was wearing an orange jacket with a white V-neck shirt with a yellow collar underneath, baggy blue jeans, and white loafers; although the tomcats in the crowd were only wearing the jackets, shirts, bowties, and caps. In Penthouse Mouse (not to be confused with the MGM short with the same title), he was wearing a pair of sky blue overalls. During his fourth and final attempt to catch Jerry in Catch That Mouse, he was wearing a white athletic shirt with shoulder straps and a pair of green shorts with a yellow stripe on each side. In I Dream of Cheezy, he wore a white keikoji with a white belt and a sky blue hachimaki while training at Sergeant Boffo's Ferocious Feline Mouse-Bashing School. In Beach Bummers, he wore a pair of red swimming trunks and a green swimming top with a blue stripe along with his swimsuit, but is usually topless when wearing a swimsuit in other episodes. In Cast Away Tom, he briefly wore a yellowish-orange jungle toga to imitate Jerry who was acting like Tarzan. For formal occasions, he wears a tuxedo with a bowtie and sometimes wears a top hat. (!?!)


Name: Thomas "Tom" Cat Jr.

Gender: Male

Species: Anthropomorphic Cat

Age: 6, 7 (some episodes)

Likes: Milk, Fish, Catching Mice, Video Karaoke MICs, Str00del Force

Dislikes: Getting injured, being retaliated, DAH SPAMMAH

Friends: Jerry (sometimes), Other Cats, Humans, Agents, Singers

Enemies: Jerry (many times), Spike and Tyke, Mice, and various other non-cat animals


  • On some promotional illustrations, the sclerae of his eyes were sometimes white, although they're normally yellow.
  • In the episode The Ant Attack, his birthday cake had seven candles which reveals his age to be 6-7 years of age in the cartoon show.
  • He defeats Darktan I, and II.
  • A name for his new movie, It's The Real Thing , also known as Tom Phantom Season 1 , is the parody

movie Danny Phantom in the Down Payment. He also appears at Pumped & Primed (Ape Escape), And he is Tom Phantom who will fight Specter.