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Tom and Jerry M9: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse is a 2012 animated direct-to-video film featuring the animated characters Tom and Jerry, produced by Warner Bros. Animation and Turner Entertainment.


The story begins with Robin Hood being pursued by the Sheriff of Nottingham and Jerry being chased by Tom, the spy for the greedy Prince John. Although Tom is a spy for King Richard's evil brother, he does have a soft spot for Robin Hood's love interest, the lovely Maid Marian, as he plays a song for her. During the archery tournament, Robin Hood and his Merry Men are captured by the Sheriff of Nottingham and taken to the dungeon.

Meanwhile, Tom (who reforms) and Jerry team up to save Robin Hood and his Merry Men from execution as they swipe the key from the guards; however, their task goes awry as the mace lands on top of Tom's tail, causing him to yelp in pain and accidentally swallow the key, so Jerry reluctantly walks inside the cat's mouth and then jumps straight down the esophagus and into the stomach in order to retrieve it and goes right back up into the mouth, walking right out with the key in tow. Tom and Jerry free Robin Hood and his Merry Men, who make their escape.

They also go to save King Richard from the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John and they are successful in doing that. And in the end, King Richard returns to his kingdom, and Robin Hood and Maid Marian get married and Robin's merry men recognize Tom also as one of them.



  • This movie uses elements from The Tom and Jerry Show (1975) episode "Robin Ho Ho".
    • Robin Ho Ho did not return but replaced by the original Robin Hood.
    • Robin Hood's Merry Men return as different appearances.
    • The Sheriff of Nottingham appears again as the primary antagonist.
  • This movie also uses elements from the original Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon short "Robin Hoodwinked" as well:
    • The film also reuses the same premise of Jerry saving Robin Hood from execution from the Tom and Jerry cartoon "Robin Hoodwinked", though here it doesn't majorly take up as the main premise of this film.
    • The original Robin Hood returns, once again as a human. Except this time, instead of being portrayed in silhouette form, one can see his full form, and he plays a much larger role in the film.
    • Robin Hood's unnamed Merry Men appear as different appearances. Like Robin, instead of being portrayed in silhouette form, here in this film they can be seen in full, and they even play larger roles in the story.
    • Jerry appears as Robin Hood's friend and helper, although this this time Tuffy doesn't appear.
    • Tom even appears taking the side of the antagonist against Robin Hood and Jerry, though here he eventually reforms and takes sides with Jerry and Robin Hood by the film's climax.
  • This film is dedicated to the memory of Earl Kress, who died a year prior to the film's release.
  • This film shares several similarities to that of Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:
    • In this version of Robin Hood, Prince John is similar to the Evil Queen from Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
    • Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John's guards are similar to the huntsman from Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • This is the second appearance of Tin, Pan and Alley.
  • Tom and Jerry from this movie returned in Tom and Jerry: Chase as Guard Tom and Robin Hood Jerry, except that this time they've been retconned as completely different characters from the actual Tom and Jerry.


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