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The Tom and Jerry Deluxe Anniversary Collection is a two-disc DVD set, released by Warner Home Video.

June 22, 2010 marked the 70th anniversary of the release of the very first Tom & Jerry cartoon. (Puss Gets the Boot)

To mark the occasion, Warner Bros. released a new DVD featuring 30 shorts.

All of Disc One have been released on previous Tom and Jerry DVDs especially the three previous Spotlight Collection volumes.

This collection completely excludes the Gene Deitch reels, which can be seen as a result that the manufacturers wanted to market the US pacific episodes in this collection as the Deitch-era were imported from Czechoslovakia.


Disc One

1 denotes cartoons in the standard Academy ratio presented in newly remastered versions.

2 denotes cartoons presented edited.

3 denotes cartoons presented cropped to fullscreen.

4 denotes cartoons presented in the CinemaScope aspect ratio using a letterbox widescreen transfer.

5 denotes cartoons who won an Academy Award.

  1. Puss Gets the Boot1
  2. The Midnight Snack1
  3. Dog Trouble1
  4. Fraidy Cat1
  5. Puss n' Toots
  6. The Lonesome Mouse - re-recorded audio track
  7. The Yankee Doodle Mouse5
  8. Mouse Trouble
  9. Mouse in Manhattan
  10. Quiet Please!5
  11. The Milky Waif2
  12. The Cat Concerto5
  13. The Little Orphan2 5
  14. Saturday Evening Puss
  15. The Two Mouseketeers5
  16. Johann Mouse5
  17. Touché, Pussy Cat!3
  18. That's My Mommy3
  19. The Egg and Jerry4
  20. Tops with Pops4

Bonus Features

Much ado about Tom and Jerry (a 18-minute documentary about the history of Tom and Jerry)

Trailers (Not on the region 2 version)

Disc One Notes

Gene Deitch's "Dicky Moe" (1962) is prominently featured on a Disc 1 menu screen, but is nowhere on the set.

Just as they were on the original release of the Spotlight Collection, Vol. 1, the shorts "The Milky Waif" and "The Little Orphan" have been edited to remove scenes where characters are seen in blackface. Likewise, as it had at one time been on Vol. 2, the short "The Lonesome Mouse" has redubbed dialogue to remove the stereotypical dialect of the African American maid (Mammy Two Shoes).

Disc Two

1 denotes cartoons with their opening titles cut.

2 denotes cartoons that are new to DVD.

  1. Excerpt from Anchors Aweigh (1945)
  2. Excerpt from Dangerous When Wet (1953)
  3. Pent-House Mouse (1963; Chuck Jones)
  4. The Cat Above and The Mouse Below (1964; Chuck Jones)
  5. The Cat's Me-Ouch! (1965; Chuck Jones)
  6. Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse (1975; The Tom and Jerry Show, Hanna-Barbera)1 2
  7. Jerry's Country Cousin (1980; from the TV series The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show, Filmation)1 2
  8. Flippin' Fido (1990; from the TV series Tom & Jerry Kids, Hanna-Barbera/Turner Entertainment) 2
  9. The Karate Guard (2005; Warner Bros. Animation)
  10. A Game of Mouse and Cat (2005; from the TV series Tom and Jerry Tales, Warner Bros. Television Animation)

Disc Two Notes

As well Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse, the premiere episode of The Tom and Jerry Show has been released as part of Warner Home Video's Saturday Morning Cartoons – 1970s Volume 2 on October 27, 2009; it marked the first home video release of the 1975 made-for-TV version of Tom and Jerry and the only home media release of the 1980 series, which those two shows are not scheduled to have a complete series on DVD at this time. Three of the Chuck Jones cartoons were from the UK version of the Chuck Jones Collection.

Marketing Reaction

Despite it being marketed for "Adult Collectors" and its fetching cover art, this set is panned by fans for the use of censorship involving the redubbed audio of Mammy Two Shoes and scenes being cut, as well as including the atrocious pan-and-scan versions of the CinemaScope shorts.

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