Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry (stylized as Tom & Jerry in The Fast & The Furry in the beginning of the film) is a 2005 direct-to-video movie in the Tom and Jerry series, released by Warner Home Video. The title is a play on The Fast and the Furious movie series that started in 2001. It was released on both DVD and VHS on October 11th, 2005, and this is also the last Tom and Jerry adaptation to be released on VHS, due to the fact that DVD was rapidly outselling VHS after the 1990s.


Tom and Jerry compete against opponents of a grandma and her dog, a professor (disappared before the race started), an otherworldly demon lord, a soccer mom, and a TV action hero. The race goes around the world, with Tom and Jerry changing vehicles frequently.

Race cars

  • Tom: Orange junky/beater car (Based on either a 1994-1996 Chevrolet Impala SS, a 1993-2002 Cadillac Eldorado or a 1991-1996 Chevrolet Caprice).
  • Jerry: Blue (Modified to be drivable in the cockpit) RC car.
  • Granny and Squirty: Pink Hot Rod (Resembling the 1940 Ford DeLuxe convertible).
  • Gorthan Destroyer of Light: 6-Wheeled demon car.
  • Steed Dirkly: Blue Sports car (Based on the 1985-1990 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z).
  • Dr. Professor: Anti-matter powered car.
  • Soccer Mom: Red Minivan (Based on the Ford Aerostar).
  • Punchy: None
  • Spike Bulldog: None


The movie begins with Tom and Jerry doing their usual chase. But the level of destruction rises to the point where the house is in ruins. The owner returns to find them both on the scene. Angered, she evicts both of them. They land in front of a TV showing a commercial for The Fabulous Super Race, a race that circles the globe. Tom and Jerry build their own cars to enter. They make their way to Globwobbler Studios and enter. The two reporters (astronauts in the Mars movie), Biff and Buzz, tour the cars. All the cars and the contestants are good to go (except for Dr. Professor who, along with his car, were vaporized by antimatter from the car). They then make their way to the starting line and move on. They encounter heavy traffic and use mods on their car to get ahead (Soccer Mom waits unlike the others and Jerry is so small, his car just drives under traffic). They get to Mexico, where the finish is supposed to be, but the ratings are high, so high they extend the race to the Amazon jungle. Some racers get across the bridge (some use mods to get across). Soccer Mom falls into a trap by Tom. Before she can get of a pool of quicksand, her car sinks, but she escapes. Her fate is then unknown (but it involved insects). They then cross the ocean to get to Antarctica. Steed is then caught, cooked and eaten by a miranha (cross between a mermaid and a piranha) and her kids. Gorthan then shows up in the Antarctic and then purposely sticks his tongue to the South Pole post(he thought it wouldn't stick) and drifts off with his car and the post on a piece of ice. Then the remaining racers travel underwater to Australia (Granny was eaten by a whale). The whale shows up and spits out Granny and her car. Jerry shows up and says mutely Tom got lost underwater. The mailman of Globwobbler Studios then retrieves Tom and his car. Tom then fixes the car and adds a laser to literally cut Jerry and Granny off. But they deploy balloons to sail to Borneo and Tom follows suit. Tom takes a harpoon and pops Granny's balloon, plummeting her to her death in Borneo. Tom then accidentally pops all but one of his balloons. The spirit of Granny then pops the last balloon, sending him to Borneo with his car. But he survives, landing on Spike and his car lands on him as he was about to confront him and heads to the finish line. The ratings were starting to plummet, so Globwobbler sends two nuclear powered rocket car jet plane hovercraft things. With a limit of five minutes to finish, they destructively make their way back to the start/finish line and finish in a tie. The head of Globwobbler Studios then says they need to do the entire race again because it was a tie. He is then beaten up by the two and then fired for preaching against Hollywood. The mailman is then elected head. Tom and Jerry then win the mansion and then resume their chase until the house collapses after the former owner commanded them to kick out of the mansion.



  • In this movie, Jerry appears to have three toes on each foot instead of two like in the early TV series, and his soles are a bit much darker just like in Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars.
  • List of locations (Bold - Stops, Italics - Pass along the way)
  1. Southern California
  1. Mexico
  2. Amazon rainforest
  3. Cape Horn
  4. Atlantic Ocean
  5. Antarctic
  6. Australia
  7. Outback
  8. Weipa, Queensland
  9. Borneo
  10. Agra
  11. Mount Everest
  12. Great Wall of China
  13. Russia
  14. Pisa
  15. Rome
  16. Paris
  17. English Channel
  18. London
  19. Wiltshire
  20. Loch Ness
  21. Atlantic Ocean
  22. New York City
  23. Grand Canyon
  24. Hollywood
  • A poster of Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars can be seen when Tom and Jerry are racing in the final race.
  • The movie was theatrically released in select cities of the U.S. by Kidtoon Films, on September 2005, a month before the direct-to-DVD release, and June 2006
  • This Tom & Jerry movie is known to have pushed the envelope as far as PG-rated cartoons go due to these notable contents:
    • This have a lot of deaths in it. The characters who have died in the movie are Dr. Professor, Steed Dirkly, Soccer Mom (possibly), Grammy, Squirty and J.W.
    • This is also known to have some adult-related humor, involving strip jokes, like Statue of Liberty is stripped to her underwear and the Scottish man is stripped nude from the waste down (with a leaf over his crotch).
  • In the "GS" studio, which is an obvious Warner Bros refrence, a lot of the characters are Animaniacs refrences, such as the boss is a refrence to "Mr. Plotz," and another character is a refrence to "Ralph the Guard." They even have Jess Harnell, Rob Paulsen, and Tress MacNeille in this. (They play Wakko, Yakko and Dot from Animaniacs)


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