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Tom and Jerry M11: The Lost Dragon is a 2014 animated direct-to-video film starring Tom and Jerry, produced by Warner Bros. Animation. Directed and produced by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, it premiered on July 27, 2014, at San Diego Comic-Con International. It was digitally released on August 19, 2014, and on DVD on September 2, 2014.


Your favorite cat and mouse are back with song, sorcery and slapstick in this enchanted tale. The adventure begins when Tom and Jerry happen upon a mysterious glowing egg. Little do they know, this egg was stolen from a very large fire breathing dragon! In short time, baby Puffy hatches from his egg and takes Tom as his mommy. The angry mama dragon wants her baby back, but she’s not the only one…a powerful witch named Drizelda captures the baby dragon for her own wicked plans! With the help of powerful allies and animal friends, Tom and Jerry must fight tooth and claw to stop the witch and get the baby dragon back to its mother. The action takes flight in a climactic ending filled with might, magic, and cartoon mayhem of course! Can Tom and Jerry help this tale end happily ever after? Find out with this rip-roaring adventure for the whole family!


The film begins with Kaldorf banishing Drizelda for her evil deeds and mistreating her niece, Athena, for the last time. Drizelda tries to make Athena come with her but Athena decides to stay with Kaldorf. Drizelda tries to turn everyone into wart ogres but Kaldorf uses his magic staff to throw Drizelda far away into a volcano. The elves celebrate their Harvest Festival. Athena and her new pets Tom (as a kitten) and Jerry (as a newborn baby mouse) are raised by Kaldorf.

Years later, Athena, Tom and Jerry are grown up and have opened a business called Athena's Home For Unwanted Animals. Athena leaves for the town to get food and some donations for their home and leaves Tom and Jerry in charge of the place. Tom and Jerry try to stop a hyperactive boar called Buster from going into the town. Meanwhile, Athena is not liked by the elves because she is related to Drizelda. After a few minutes of being liked after helping a donkey, Buster, Tom and Jerry accidentally destroy some of the work the town have been preparing for the Harvest Festival which causes Athena to run back home in tears. Back at their home, Athena promises the animals that she will find somewhere where they belong.

In the forest, Drizelda's hench cats, Tin, Pan and Alley head for an old cave full of treasure. While the other two cats take some treasure, Tin gets a big egg that looks like a pearl for Drizelda. They are attacked by a dragon who chases them out. The fire burns Tin's bag and the egg falls out and lands on a lily pad rolling down the river. Meanwhile Athena is busy washing the animals and sends Tom and Jerry into the forest to get water. Tom and Jerry discover the egg on the lily pad and decide to take back home.

Tin, Pan and Alley return to Drizelda but discover that the egg is gone. Drizelda becomes angry at them because that egg could help her in her plans to takeover the town, Hamlet. She turns them into cat-like-bat creatures to search for the egg.

Tom and Jerry have brought the egg back to their home and Athena gets Tom to sit on the egg. She looks through an egg encyclopedia and discovers that it's a dragon egg. Shortly the egg hatches and the baby dragon mistakes Tom for his mother. Athena decides to call it Puffy and decides to talk to Kaldorf the next day of what to do with it. While everyone is sleeping the real mother of Puffy searches for her baby.

The next day, Tom and Jerry fight while they are supposed to be looking after Puffy. Puffy heads into the town believing Tom to have left there. Tom and Jerry manage to keep Puffy out of sight. Athena meets Kaldorf who tells her to take him back into the wild where he belongs or else Athena will be banished. Athena tells Tom and Jerry to take Puffy back to their place while she gets a cage to keep him in. Tom refusing to keep the baby leaves to do what Kaldorf told them to do. Jerry stops Tom in time before they are attacked by Tin, Pan and Alley. Tom and Jerry save Puffy and head back to the town.

Athena comes back home but finds that Tom and Jerry are not home with Puffy and heads back to town to find them. When she arrives at the festival, Drizelda appears revealing that there is a baby dragon in the town. She also reveals that Puffy's mother is also looking for him and Puffy see's the dragon as his real mother. Drizelda abducts the baby and takes him back to her lair. She tries to get Puffy to blow fire into a magical stone necklace or do it the hard way. After Puffy refuses to do it, Drizelda has Tin, Pan and Alley put pepper spray on him making him sneeze fire into the stone necklace. As Puffy's fire goes into the gem, he turns to stone. When Drizelda puts the necklace on, she turns into a dragon.

As Athena, Tom and Jerry are heading for Drizelda's lair to save Puffy, they are attacked by Puffy's mother. They convince her that they have been taking good care of him. Meanwhile, Drizelda arrives at the town to destroy the town Hamlet and Kaldorf. Athena, Tom and Jerry with Puffy's mother arrive before Kaldorf can be eaten. Puffy's mother and Drizelda fight but Puffy's mother accidentally blows fire into the stone necklace and becomes a statue. Kaldorf tells them that the stone necklace should be destroyed. Athena, Tom, Jerry and the other animals fight Drizelda and manage to get the necklace off of her. Athena, Tom and Jerry destroy the gem in time. After the necklace is destroyed, Puffy and his mother are turned back to normal while Drizelda becomes a statue herself. Athena and the animals are celebrated as heroes and have finally found a place to call home.

After the credits roll, we see the statue of Drizelda blowing smoke at a bird telling it to not think about it, meaning that she is alive in the statue.



  • In the beginning, Tom and Jerry are seen in their younger age, as a kitten and baby mouse, but not in the animation style of Tom & Jerry Kids. Also, Tin, Pan and Alley are first seen as kittens, working for Drizelda.
  • Also when Jerry is a baby he looks like a brown version of his nephew Nibbles because he has a diaper.
  • Tom talks in this film, saying, "Mama," while convincing Mama Dragon that he, Jerry and Athena were taking care of her baby, Puffy.
  • The movie was originally titled as Tom and Jerry and the Mighty Dragon.
  • This is the third appearance of Tin, Pan and Alley.
  • Wayne Knight and Kelly Stables who both acted in this film, also acted together in the comedy series The Exes.
  • In a scene of the movie young Athena, when she took care of her animals, lived and worked in her business Athena's Home For Unwanted Animals, she is very similar to Snow White from Walt Disney Pictures' animated movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937).
  • Unlike the rest of the Tom and Jerry direct-to-video films produced in the 2010s decade, this film uses an original story, as opposed to being a crossover with various literary characters (e.g. Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, etc.) or characters from other film/cartoon franchises (e.g. Jonny Quest, MGM's Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory).


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As of early 2016, this movie is given a 9% rating by Rotten