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Tom and Jerry M16 (labelled in international markets as Tom and Jerry: The Movie) is an live-action/animated film based on the cartoon characters and animated theatrical short film series of the same name, and produced by Warner Animation Group. It was released on February 26, 2021 by Warner Bros. Pictures and digitally on HBO Max for a month on that same date. The movie had grossed $123 million worldwide against a $79 million production budget, making it the ninth highest-grossing film of 2021 and received mixed to negative reviews.


The film opens up when Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse relocate to New York City for a fresh start. Tom, who dreams of becoming a pianist, plays in Central Park acting as a blind cat to attract people while Jerry is in search of a new home. During one of Tom's performances, Jerry joins in as a dancer entitled "Jerry the Dancing Mouse", causing the cat and mouse to pick a fight with each other which ends with Tom's piano destroyed, Jerry running off and Tom clashing with a gang of alley cats led by Butch.

Kayla Forester is a young woman who does odd jobs. She ends up bumping into Tom while he is chasing Jerry which makes the clothes she is delivering very messy, getting herself fired. Distraught, Kayla visits the Royal Gate Hotel and ends up with the task of helping Terrance Mendoza, an event manager, with a high-profile wedding by using a stolen resume. At the same time, Jerry takes up residence at the hotel where his regular shenanigans involve stealing food and items to ramp up his new lifestyle.

As the wedding couple, Preeta Mehta and her fiancé Ben, along with their pets Spike and Toots arrive at the hotel, Kayla and Terrence both greet them. Kayla charms the couple, unaware of Jerry stealing from Preeta's handbag. As the couple are escorted to their rooms, Jerry's presence is made known which puts the wedding at risk. Kayla offers to help catch Jerry without anyone knowing which impresses Henry DuBros, the owner of Royal Gate Hotel. In her pursuit to catch Jerry, Kayla befriends Cameron, a bartender, and also realizes Jerry won't be easy to catch.

Meanwhile, a depressed Tom falls into despair until he notices Jerry inside one of the hotel rooms. Filled with rage, Tom goes after him, with the two ending up fighting and wrecking the whole room. Kayla comes to check due to noise complaints and befriends Tom because of the same goal Kayla has of catching Jerry. Kayla persuades DuBros to hire Tom and DuBros hires him, despite Terrance's disagreement.

After trapping Jerry with a few scuffles, Tom succeeds in packing him out of the hotel. Meanwhile, Kayla learns from Preeta that her engagement ring is missing and offers to help without Ben knowing, sparking a friendship between them. Learning that Tom has gotten rid of Jerry, Kayla celebrates with Cameron while Tom plays the piano. However, Jerry returns and drops a bowling ball on Tom, which Kayla notices. Jerry reveals that he had Preeta's ring with him and agrees to give it back to her if Kayla lets him stay.

Before Kayla can agree, Terrence returns from walking Spike in a tizzy. Jerry hides in Kayla's coat pocket, which Terrence tries to look into but ends up creating a huge scene with Spike, Tom, and Jerry all messing up the hotel reception. Terrance is put on leave while Kayla takes over as event manager. However, Tom and Jerry's shenanigans almost put Kayla's job at risk until she puts aside the cat and mouse's differences and tells them that they have to get along and spend a whole day together tomorrow as far away from the hotel, to which they agree, if they want to stay in the hotel.

Tom and Jerry bond during their trip while Kayla sets everything up for the wedding. Unfortunately, the two are taken to a pet compound when they inadvertently disrupt a baseball game. When Terrance visits Tom and Jerry, he feeds lies about the duo, separately angering both of them. At the start of the wedding, Terrance ends up inciting Tom and Jerry to fight, resulting in their chaos to ultimately destroy the wedding. In the aftermath, Kayla tells DuBros and the others the truth that she lied about using the stolen resume, while Preeta tells everyone that the wedding has been cancelled and ends her relationship with Ben, hurting his feelings. With the wedding now ruined, Kayla decides to quit and Tom is kicked out of the hotel by Terrence.

Knowing that it is their fault the wedding was ruined, Tom and Jerry finally put aside their differences and decide to try and fix everything. After they convince Kayla with Cameron's help, everyone, along with Terrence who reconciles with Kayla, make a plan. Tom and Jerry pursue Preeta on an electric skateboard and led her to Ben. The end result is that the wedding ends up better than planned, at the park. Preeta and Ben open up with each other while Kayla, along with the girl from which she stole the resume, gets the job at the hotel.

The wedding continues as planned until a mishap caused by Jerry reignites his longtime battle with Tom, causing the cat and mouse to return back to their old habits of antagonizing each other, and Spike gets involved. Upon being noticed by the disapproving wedding and hotel crowd, Tom pulls a curtain featuring the classic "The End" headline from the cartoons, breaking the fourth wall, thus allowing the two rivals to continue antagonizing each other, closing the movie.

In a post-credits scene, Ben receives the bills from both weddings, in which DuBros replies “It doesn’t look good for you”. Terrance says "Thank you for choosing the royal gate" to Ben and leaves with DuBros.




In 2009, Warner Bros. announced to bring "Tom and Jerry" to life as CGI characters that would run around in live-action settings. The adaptation would adapt the classic Hanna-Barbera property as an origin story that reveals how Tom and Jerry first meet and form their rivalry before getting lost in Chicago and reluctantly working together during an arduous journey home.

On April 6, 2015 a new theatrical feature film was announced. It was announced as a completely animated and would be "in the same vein" as the source material. Cate Adams and Jesse Ehrman were meant to oversee the movie. However, in October 2018, it was announced that it was instead be a live action/animated hybrid film and filming was to commence at Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden later in 2019.

In April 2019, Chloë Grace Moretz joined the cast as Kayla, a girl who works at a hotel that gets occupied by Jerry, forcing her to bring in Tom to get rid of him. In May 2019, Michael Peña joined the cast as the antagonist, Terrance, the deputy general manager of the hotel. In July 2019, Colin Jost joined the cast as Ben, a boy who has a crush on Preeta. Later in the month, Ken Jeong, Gabriel Iglesias, Rob Delaney, Jordan Bolger and Pallavi Sharda joined the cast. Patsy Ferran was revealed to be part of the cast in September. In October 2019, the film's release date has been changed to December of 2020.

In June 2020, the film's release date has been changed to March of 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On July 18, the first look at Tom and Jerry’s designs in the film were released along with the logo. They have received positive reviews from fans of the franchise. On September 1, it was announced that Australian toy company Moose Toys made a deal with Warner Bros. to make merchandise for the film. On October 20, the MPAA rating for the film has been leaked. Confirmed to be rated PG for cartoon violence, rude humor, and brief language. On October 21, director Tim Story has confirmed the first trailer for the film to offically arrive on November 17, 2020. On October 25, a French dubbing of the trailer was leaked online. On October 28, it is confirmed that the characters would appear as a float on that year's 94th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to promote the movie. On November 12, a teaser trailer was released online followed by an Arabic subtitled trailer that was released online by Cartoon Network MENA two days later.

On November 16, the poster for the movie was released. The trailer was released online with a picture of Chloe Grace Moretz being in the movie the following day. Nicky Jam confirmed himself as a voice role in the film, later revealed to be Butch. On December 1, it was confirmed that Spike, the Goldfish, and Toots would also appear, as evidenced by leaked footage on Framestore's website. On December 3, WarnerMedia announced that all of their films would be made available for streaming on HBO Max the same day as their theatrical release, including this movie. On December 14, the film's release date has been changed to February 26, 2021.

Bobby Cannavale and Danny Trejo had roles set in the movie but wasn't officially announced until February 6, 2021.

On January 8, 2021, Two artworks of Tom and Spike was revealed online for the movie.

In January 27, a new TV spot revealed that actor Tone Bell would voice the shoulder angel for Tom and Lil Rel Howery voicing Tom's shoulder devil.

On February 15, the Cartoon Network YouTube Channel Uploaded a Sneak Peek From the Movie.


Critical response

While Tom & Jerry was well-received by audiences and fans for its faithfulness to the source material, it received generally negative reviews from critics and also audiences as well, who criticized the film's focus on human characters over Tom and Jerry and trying to be like more of an extended Tom and Jerry cartoon than just being a feature film. Still, it’s not as bad compared to their first full length movie.


  • This is the third Tom and Jerry film to be released in theaters. The first being Tom and Jerry: The Movie and the second being Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry that was theatrically released in select cities of the U.S. by Kidtoon Films. Although, this is the second Tom and Jerry film made specifically for worldwide theatrical release.
  • The film marks the third time where the animated characters Tom and Jerry make an appearance with real life humans, after 1945's Anchors Aweigh and 1953's Dangerous When Wet, but it is the first film where they are the focus rather than making a cameo appearance in a brief sequence.
  • This is the first film Tim Story worked on that is aimed at a family-oriented audience.
  • This film is also dedicated to Gene Deitch, who passed away in 2020.
  • The movie is set in Manhattan, hence as a homage to Mouse in Manhattan.
  • While the movie is a Roger Rabbit-esque film, the animation treatment stylized CGI animation that have the look and feel of vintage 2D animation, promised to be in the vein of the classic shorts from the late-40s to early-50s, in both the character designs, and the overall character animation.
    • The film marks the Warner Animation Group's first live-action/animated hybrid film, followed by Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021), as well as Warner Bros. Pictures' first animated/live-action hybrid family film since Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003).
  • To avoid criticisms from the original animated film, Tom and Jerry were confirmed not to have voice actors (outside of archive recordings) as usual. Hence both Tom and Jerry are listed in the credits as "Himself".
  • This is Warner Animation Group's second film to be a movie adaptation of a particular source material owned by Warner Bros., following Scoob!.
  • This is the first Tom and Jerry film to be rated PG by the MPAA.[1]
  • This is the first Warner Animation Group film to have a domestic theatrical release since 2019's The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part since Scoob was released straight-to-video and streaming (NOTE: Scoob was originally intended to have a domestic theatrical release in 2020, but was shelved due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic).
  • This is the first Warner Animation Group film to be produced in 1.85:1 (16:9) aspect ratio, unlike the previous films that were produced in 2.39:1 (21:9) aspect ratio.
  • The 2020 version Warner Bros. Pictures logo is used in the trailers and the final version in the movie itself.
  • The movie coincidentally released on Tex Avery's birthdate, in which the movie stars for a brief second one of Avery's characters, Droopy, in an animal shelter and on a Joker parody billboard.
  • The 2021 series Tom and Jerry in New York takes place after the events of the film.
  • A deleted scene in the trailer reveals that Tom's owner kicked them out of the house after years of conflict.
  • Concept Art revealed Jennifer Lawerence was already in mind for the role of Kayla.
    • Zoey Deutch and Olivia Cooke were frontrunners for the lead role. Additionally, Sofia Carson, Elle Fanning, Ariel Winter, Naomi Scott, Meg Donnelly, Hailee Steinfeld, Yara Shahidi, Kelly Marie Tran, Becky G and Isabela Moner were all in consideration for it.
  • When Tom and Jerry were locked up in the animal shelter, Butch sang, "Alley cats, come out and play." This is a reference to the 1979 film, The Warriors.