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Warning: Contains spoilers!

(shows Warner Bros. Pictures logo)

(The camera zooms down on New York City, and pigeons are seen singing “Can I Kick It?” by A Tribe Called Quest.)

Oh, we've been at

this all day, buddy, I get it.

Those other spots

didn't float your boat,

but wait until you see

this next place.

It screams mouse house.

Wait, can I say that?

Is that copyrighted?

Heh. There we go.

Whoop. Sorry about this,

the elevator's, uh,

being repaired.


I just had a vision!

You're chillin'

in your new crib,

but then

you get claustrophobic,

and then you get dizzy,

and to save you...


Look at that view!

Resplendent, ain't it, huh?

It's got everything.

Built-in stereo,

but be careful, those seats

are very flammable.

I'm kidding.

I'm not kidding.

Jerry, baby,

I know it's no beauty,

but let's be honest here,

with your budget,

this is all you can...

Hey! You don't just Batman me.

You haven't even seen

the trunk yet.


Look, Dad. That blind cat's

playing piano.

There's a lot of weird stuff

in this city.

You just gotta keep walking.

I mean,

he's amazing on the piano,

and blind, too!

That's one cool cat.


that cat is out of sight!

This is so cool.


Oh, wow! Isn't he cute?

I thought I'd seen it all with

the blind, piano-playing cat.

Oh, man.

He can see!

He's a fraud!

He's a regular cat

playing the piano.

Man, I want my money back!


Hey. Are you okay?

You gotta be careful next time.

You could have really hurt me.

Oh, my gosh.

Suspended? Why?

For starters,

the 100 pounds of underwear

strewn up 5th Avenue.

Oh, come on,

you can't blame me for that.

That was

a cat-and-mouse situation,

and everyone knows

you just don't get involved.

You can reapply in four weeks.

No. Please, sir,

please, just...

You... You...

You can't do that to me.


Last week, I helped a man

do a pull-up for an hour.

An hour! He achieved

his fitness goals with me.


What if I just...

I come and be your assistant?

Ms. Forester,

you started two months ago.

It just doesn't work like that.

Maybe this job

never was for me.

- Maybe it's not.

- You know what? I quit.

HORSE: Mm-hmm. Uh-huh.


- Hello.

- Hey.

Back for another free meal?

So, you new in town?


You know what they say,

it's not a trip

to the Big Apple

without a walking tour

of the city.

Have you ever done one?

They're very well-reviewed,

actually, mine are.

It's a great deal, great offer.

I'm not a guest.

Then, pray tell,

why do you have a suitcase?

I'm here to interview for one

of the temporary positions.

Because of the wedding.

What wedding?

Preeta and Ben.

Ah. As in, like,

the Preeta and Ben?

New York society's

favorite couple.

It's going to be

quite the event.


The hotel is hiring?

Yes, but they're

very exclusive.

They certainly wouldn't

hire you.


And what did you say

your name was again?

Linda Perrybottom.

Linda Perrybottom,


you just failed the test.


Your interview

started the minute

that you walked in the door.

I didn't realize, I just...


of the Royal Gate Hotel

must be accommodating,


but above all, Linda,


If they're telling

a perfect stranger

the intimate details

of the inner workings of

this hotel's private events,

well, that doesn't

quite cut it now, does it?

- I'd...

- May I see your resume?

- Please?

- Uh...

Yes, of course.

Thank you.

Oh, wow.

Yeah, you've had

a lot of really cool jobs.

Yes, I have.

- The Dorsey?

- Dorsey.

The Armada.

These all are hotels?

Well, none are in New York.

I just moved here from London.

Listen, Linda.

I don't think you're right

for this weekend.


We just need someone more...


Well, I understand.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Hi. If I wanted to apply

for a temporary position

for this weekend...

Is this your resume?

- No, it's not.

- Wow, this is impressive.

My only... copy.

Well, you are definitely

gonna get hired.

In fact, I'm gonna

call them right now.

Right now?


- Lola...

- Mm-hmm?

if I wanted to shop for,

say, a jacket...

Uh, yeah, sure.

Just to the left over there.

Thank you so much.

Hi, yeah, we have

a very lovely young lady

down at the front desk.

Uh, she's going to be...

Well, well, well.

Look at what we got here.

You know,

if I wasn't a betting cat,

I'd say Tommy boy here

is trying to break

into the hotel.

That's sure what it looks like.

This here is our alley,


Which makes this our hotel!

Wait, hold up.

Are you trying

to break into our hotel?

Yo, guys, don't worry about it.

It was a big misunderstanding.

Right, Tom?

Are you laughing at me?

Now, I'm sure you know what

I do to cats that laugh at me.

Come on, boss!

Preach! Preach to him!

Now, I was about to,

if you would shut that grill

and let me handle this.

My bad, boss.

So, are you gonna answer me?

Oh, snap!

It's five-o! Drop and run!

- Oh, no, not again!

- Somebody pick me up,

- I can't run that fast!

- Hey, I'll see you again, Tom!

- Break yourself!

- Hey, get back here!


Oh, yeah!


Thank you so much.

- You must be...

- Hi. Buongiorno.

Forester, Kayla.

I'm sorry in advance

about my resume,

but there was

a child downstairs

trying to spit their

Hubba Bubba under a table.

So I tore off a piece.

Good. I'm Terence Mendoza,

Events Manager.

And this is Mr. Henry Dubros.

- Hi.

- A pleasure.

He's our general manager.

And I assume that that's

the aquatics manager?

That's Goldie.

She has no official position

at the hotel. That's a fish.

That's the...

I must say, this is

a very impressive resume.

The Dorsey?

Oh. The Dorsey.

You know, I hate to name names,

but, uh, I will.

You must have known

Mrs. Josephine Pennybaker.

She was my mentor at Cornell.

It's an Ivy League school

founded in 1865

by Mr. Ezra Cornell.

That's where I got my master's.

I'm just sharing.

Of course I know

old Jojo Pennyfoot.

Yeah. What a hoot.


Well, Miss Forester,

we'll cut to the chase.

As I'm sure you know,

we have

a very high-profile event

happening here this weekend.

Of course, I'm very aware

of Ben and Preeta's wedding.

Well, we need to hire additional

staff through the week.

But they must maintain

the level of service

guests of

the Royal Gate expect.

- Nonetheless.

- And I'll be honest,

it's not often we come across

a resume this distinguished.

Excuse me,

but this, this is just

a piece of paper.

If I'm gonna be worthy

of this institution,

you need to see me in...


Are you gonna pick it up

or just leave it there?

Yes, sir.

Put it in the bin.


She thought the fish

was the head of the department.


A fish can't even walk.

It can't even...


You're hired.

- Really?

- Yes.

I mean, thank you.

Can you start today?

That's gonna be a tall order.

Mm... Very in demand.

Okay. Yeah, you know what?

I'm gonna pull some strings.

It's difficult,

but, yeah, no problem.

One other thing.

Uh, we will be asking

all temporary staff

to stay at the hotel

through the week

leading up to the wedding.

Uh, just so that we can be

available to guests

at a moment's notice.

Is that something

you'd be comfortable with?

Anything for this hotel.

No, it's better down.

10-4, good buddy.

Breaker, breaker, 1-9.

Go get 'em.

Hair's better up.

It's more professional.

Good morning.

Good morning, sir.

The Royal Gate

opened its doors in 1930

and was declared

a New York City landmark

- by 1962.

- Mm.

It's been through

two major renovations,

yet it remains the beacon

of service excellence.

This place has been host

to four presidents,

three popes, two kings,

one queen,

oh, and Drake.

There are 260 rooms,

104 suites, and 21 floors

of impeccable luxury.

The water pressure

is never below 50 PSI,

and our thread count

is never below 800.

- Button, please.

- Sorry, sir.

The spa is


and our spin instructor won

the Tour de France. Twice.


This wedding

is the most prestigious event

the Royal Gate has hosted.

And it will be

a perfect success.

It has to be.

The positive press an event

of this magnitude can generate

is invaluable.

Would you stop that, please?

- The... Yeah, sir.

- Okay.

Yes. It's just,

it tends to ride up.

Our wedding menu

is being designed

by our very own Chef Jackie.

He's a rising star,

and whispers are

that Michelin agrees.



Look alive, people.

Why do you hate me?

Who butchered these onions?


Oh, I don't know. Francois?

- We should leave.

- You're killing my career!

He's a bit tricky,

but he's an artist.

And we're lucky to have him.

And some people

may see anger, but me?

No, no, no, no, no, no.

I see passion.

Do you hear that?

- Hear what?

- Your footsteps.

- Oh.

- Carrara marble.

This is Gavin, our doorman.

Master of small talk.

This is Kayla,

who recently worked

at the Dorsey Hotel in London.

Did she now?

Yes. And she'll be

helping us out this week.

Mm. I'm sure you'll

knock 'em dead, Kayla.


That's Joy, the bell girl.

I'm convinced

she was raised by wolves.

- What?

- She's not important.


But this glass atrium.

Oh, wow. Now that is something.

It's one of a kind.

I call it the "crowning jewel

of the Royal Gate."

This is Cameron, the barman.

Popping bottles.

Excuse me?

Don't spill any

on your Jordan 5s.

These are actually

retro reissues.

Obviously, it's the lace tips.

- NikeLab?

- Flight Club.

On Broadway.

I'm sorry to interrupt

your riveting TED Talk,

but why are you

pouring champagne

at 11 o'clock in the morning?

I was told to pour two glasses

for the VIPs that just arrived.

They're here?

- Yes, sir.

- Who's here?

The bride and groom.

Come with me.


- Isn't it perfect?

- I love it.

Just as much as I did

last week when we visited.

All I care about

in the whole world

is that you're happy.

Think your dad's gonna like it?

You keep asking

what my dad thinks,

I'm gonna send him

on the honeymoon with you.

Clear the way,

coming through.

I sure hope room service

is open all night.

Right, Toots?

Ben, Preeta, welcome back

to the Royal Gate.

- Thank you very much.

- Thank you.

It's a toast

to your upcoming nuptials.

It's so great to be back here.

Thank you very much.

- Appreciate it.

- Absolutely.

And thank you guys

for everything.

It's great to see you again,


- Thank you very much.

- Mouse!

Oh, my God!

Spike, get back here!

- Hey! Hey!

- Oh, my gosh!

Simmer down, boy! Hey!

Get back here!

- I'm so sorry.

- It's no problem.


- A little jumpy, huh?

- Ooh.

I'm sorry,

he's a little animated.

Yeah, um...

Oh, she's so sweet.

Wow, you're really good

with animals.

Toots is usually really shy.

And by "shy," I mean,

she... She scratches

people's faces off.

- Oh.

- Oh. Well...

she can smell

a bona fide animal lover.

You know,

Kayla's new here

and I was just about

to explain to her that, uh...

we traditionally

have a no-pets policy...

- Oh, wow.

- ...but, uh, you know...

I would be delighted

to make an exception.

- Is your hand okay?

- It's fine.

Looks like

your hand's bleeding.

It's fine, it's perfect.

We've prepared a list

of some of the most

prestigious dog parks

in the area, and I think

the one on 11th Street

is particularly luxurious.

But are the people uptight?

Because... I mean,

do they yell at the dogs

for being off-leash?

- Spike, he's... he's... Yeah.

- You can just say it.

- He's disgusting.

- Yeah.

- He's disgusting?

- Huh?

There is one that I know about

that's behind

this falafel place on 17th.

It's not technically

a dog park,

but they let

their dogs off-leash

and they kinda

look out for each other.

It's pretty low-key.

That is amazing.

Thank you, Kayla.

- Thanks, Kayla.

- Yes. Thank you, Kayla.

Of course. Any time.

I just have to say, I follow

you guys on Instagram,

and you are

the cutest couple ever.

And that rock, whoa!

- Yes, well...

- Yeah.

Could see that thing

from outer space. Good job.

You know, you could see

our love from outer space.


That was fantastic.

- Great. Thank you.

- Shall we?

- We shall.

- Come on, Tootsie.

Come on, Spike.

But in all seriousness,

is there a safe in the hotel?

It's a giant diamond.

Of course, of course.

How was the ride?

Very good,

thank you very much.

Not... Not to worry.

That's probably

a scream of delight.

You know, someone seeing

their beautiful room

for the first time.

It happens all the time.

Lola? Can you see them

to their room?

- Excuse me.

- Of course.

Leo is shaken to the core.

The mouse

ran right over his foot.

Look, Terence,

I've worked too frigging hard

to be saddled

with a bunch of inept...

Wonderful group of gifted

colleagues to have my career

tossed into a fish bucket

over some infestation.


Jackie, Jackie, Jackie.

I know the gravity

of this situation.

- And I will handle it.

- I'll catch it, sir.

Him. Or her.

It could be a female...

- I'm not gender biased

- No, no.

- and I don't want to go by...

- No, no, it's fine. It's gender-fluid now.

The point is, I will catch

that little mouse,

and I will be

discreet about it.

Okay. I need you to understand

the sensitivity of this matter.

- Yes.

- If a picture of this mouse is tweeted up

to insta-book-face

or the ticky-tock,

we will be ruined.

No, sir. We're not ruined,

because it's not gonna happen.

Okay? So, you guys

clear your heads about it.

That Rodentia is toast.

What are you doing?

Oh, my gosh, you scared me.

I scared you?

You know, you're the one

creeping around like a thief.

I am on a mouse hunt.

Thank you.

Need any help?

What? Because I'm...

I'm... I'm the new girl?

Well, obviously,

you haven't seen my resume.

It clearly states that

I am completely capable

of doing anything

that is required

to do that is needed

to be done here.

Oh, right.

And how hard can it be

to catch a little mouse?

Honestly, I wasn't

expecting you to say yes.

You know, you got that whole

independent vibe thing

going on,

and I don't

normally get involved

with how the new kids

do their jobs. So...

My name, um... My name is

Kayla. Yeah.

My mom calls me Kayla.

Oh, okay, Kayla.

Well, I doubt that mouse

catching is on your resume,

but if you do catch him,

you should come by

for a celebratory beverage.

Well, start popping another

bottle of champagne now,

because any minute now,

he's mine.

He's... One second.

What the...

Did someone leave their...

What is that?

The sign

of a worthy competitor.

Guess who's at the party?

Come on, man.

Have some self-respect.

You are in a dumpster

and Jerry's inside,

safe and warm.

Look at him.

Just scouting the room and

seeing what he can steal next.

Now, who's the cat

and who's the mouse?

Hey, let's get back in there

and smash that mouse up good.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Tom, my brother,

there's room for both cats

and mice to be happy.

Look, I'm sure if you asked

to share his food...

Share? You're lucky

the kids are watching, okay?

We're cats. Cats take!

Come on, he's just

an innocent little mouse.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Why're we always arguing?

We shouldn't be fighting,

we look alike.

Why are we doing this?

Look, how about we do

something different this time?

Why don't we let Tom

make up his own mind, okay?

Now, see, that is a good idea.

Tom, I believe in you.

What a sucker.

Now go make me proud, Tom.



Life, do you hear me?

Give my creation life!

Launch the third swing! creation life!

Go for Lone Wolf.


It's Kayla, sir.

Just trying on one of

those new code names.

Well, don't.

Have you located the room yet?

I'm continuing

to get noise complaints.

Yes, sir...

Well, no, sir, I haven't yet,

but I'm... I'm on it. Over.

Well, hurry up so you can get

back to finding that mouse.

And please, do not say "over."

This isn't Star Trek.

Takes all the fun

out of walkie-talkies.

I mean, what's the point, then?

I can still hear you.

I have eyes on the target,

sir, and I am moving north...

I'm moving toward the door.

Oh, no.

What did you do?


Wait a second, I know you.

I know you! You're the cat

from the park with the bike

and you tackled me.

Is this personal?

Is this some form

of revenge sabotage?

What are you... You're trying

to tell me something?

Okay. Two syllables.

One word. Is it a movie?

Is it a cartoon?

What's this? A pig?

A mouse?

A little mouse?

What? He was here, too?

Gosh, I gotta catch

that little disaster.

If I don't,

I'm gonna lose this job.

Wait a second.

You're a cat.

Can't you catch a mouse?

Isn't that in your DNA?


You got a name?

That is really well done, Mot.


You could be

in a lot of trouble for this.

I mean, just look at this mess.

So, what should we do

about this?

You wanna catch

a mouse together?

There could be

a big reward in it for you.

Sir, I instructed her

to get rid of an animal,

not find another.

Here's how I see it, sir.

We have a mouse problem

at this hotel,

so we could hire

an exterminator

to have him tramp up and down

this whole hotel,

just filling it with his poison

and alerting Ben and Preeta

to the possibility of vermin

at their wedding,

or we could leverage

millions of years

of predatory-prey evolution

and choose a more

subtle and eco-friendly


That's why I brought on Tom.

You brought on...

She's a temp. She doesn't

even have hiring power.

It's what we did

at the Dorsey, sir.


That is not what they did

at the Dorsey.

Why don't I ask

Mrs. Pennybaker?


wouldn't want you to ask

Mrs. Pennybaker

from the Dorsey?

Why don't I call her

right now, huh?

Absolutely not.

No one's calling anyone.

Word gets out that we're

thinking of hiring a cat,

well, the mouse problem

could leak.

And if word gets out that

we're refusing to hire a cat,

PETA will be here

before you can say

"discriminatory practices."


You need to think

outside the box, Terence.

Could he wear a hat?

Excuse me, sir?

Could he wear a jaunty hat?

And, uh, perhaps a name tag?

I think that'd be adorable.

One second.

Sir, you, you can't be serious?

A hat?

As you can see,

he would love to wear a hat.

And a name tag.

Well, then I think this is a

creative and elegant solve, Kayla.

Thank you, sir. As do I.

That'll be all.

Thank you.

You gotta fix your name tag.

There you go.


You look good.

I figured out who you are.

Who am I?

You're one of

those millennials.

that thinks they can get

whatever they want

whenever they want

without working for it,

preferably with free shipping.

Who doesn't

like free shipping?

This is a cutthroat

$200 billion industry.

And I've clawed my way

all the way to the middle.

And I don't intend

on stopping there.


You better hope

this little cat plan works.

Because if it doesn't,

I'll make sure you'll never

work in New York City again.

And that goes for you, too,

Tom. Yes, you.

Enjoy it

while it lasts because...

This is just a test, Tom.


He doesn't think

that we can do it.

Just like most people I know.

But you and I,

we're different, Tom.

We don't go down easy.

All right,

I'm gonna start in the lobby.


Okay. All right. You done?



Listen here, kitty-cat,

I don't like being pounded.


I see you again,

I bash your head in.

Spike, get back here.

Saw you again!


There you are, girl.

What were you doing?

I was looking all over for you.


Tom, what are you doing

in the lobby?


I see you becoming the hunter...

feeling the hunted.

Yeah, there we go.

Tracking the trail.

Yeah, you smell

those little paws. Yep.

My gosh, Tom.

I mean, be the predator. Yeah.


Okay, why are you...

You're drawing a...

Look, I...

Oh. Tom, that is

a "wanted dead or alive..."

That is a stick figure

of a mouse

and your Es are backwards.

That's never gonna work.

- You're looking for a mouse?

- Gosh! Hi.

Yes, Joy. Yeah.

Well, have you checked the tiny

little door on the 10th floor?

At first, I thought, "Whoa, Joy, you

became really big. When did that happen?"

But then I saw another door

that was normal sized

and thought, "Okay, so one of

your eyeballs got small."

- But then I blinked a ton

- Yeah.

and realized, "No, Joy,

just this door was really small."

So, I cut up a towel to make tiny

little towels and left them here.

But now they're gone.

Thank you, Joy. You are

a fascinating creature.


Me, fascinating? I like that.

Listen here, punk.

You and I gotta chat...


You want me to grab it?

Thank you.

Oh, wow. This is so detailed.

What kind of

tiny printer or...

And it's scented?

What the...

Listen here, Mr. Mouse.

Oh. Jerry.

I need this job.

So, simply put, this is a hotel

and you're a mouse. So,

you gotta go.

Well, if that's how

you feel about it,

I'll have to introduce you

to my enforcer.


Oh, my gosh!




You do not get to beat up

my enforcer!

Open up the door!

Open up!

Let me in!

- Kayla!

- Argh!

What do you need,


Meet me in the bridal suite


Right away, sir.

You figure out a solution

to get that mouse out of here.

Uh, come on in.

Hey, guys.

Sorry, it's sort of

the wedding situation room

up here.



Terence, you were right.

This simulator's amazing.

- Ah!

- It really replicates how bad I am at golf.

Oh, I see that.

I haven't seen this many

shanks since I was in prison.

White-collar crime, but, uh...

Baby, do you wanna

maybe take a little break?

Or if you wanna

do something together,

we can go

scuba diving in Tahiti.

We, uh, could go

hang gliding in the Alps.

Or, uh, we could go

to this alien planet

and just sort of,

uh, shoot some aliens.

Kayla, you could

just put those down. Sorry.

- Where? Here?

- Just right behind you.

- Oh, okay.

- Yeah.

Terence, actually, could I

grab that one from you?

Ah, good. It's heavy.

Think this might be it.

Just a little bit of a

surprise for me and the Mrs.

Let's see.

By the way, while I have you,

Terence, um,

- could I ask you a question?

- Absolutely.

What do you think

about elephants?

Um... Elephants.

I think they are majestic

and noble creatures.

No, I mean for the wedding.

Oh, at the wedding?

Real elephants?

Yeah, I sort of thought

it might be fun.

Babe, I never said

that they wouldn't be fun.


So, uh, maybe, you know...

Maybe we'll do elephants.

Maybe we do elephants.

Have you, um,

considered maybe

a smaller animal like a...

- like a hamster?

- Hamster?

- Oh. That's cute.

- Yeah.

We were gonna

ride in on it, though.

Can, can you ride a hamster?

Oh, yes. I mean, as long

as you have enough of them,

- you can ride them silly.

- Yes.

Great. Yeah.

Well, that's something

to consider, too.

Babe, if getting elephants

at the wedding

would make you happy...

You being happy

would make me happy.


Okay, get the elephants.

All right!

We're gonna get the elephants.

Great! We'll do the elephants!


Oh! It's a motorized

skateboard. I love those.

It's got, uh, you know, Wi-Fi.

Why does a skateboard

need Wi-Fi?

Why the fi not?

"Why the fi not?"

See what I'm dealing with?


Hello? Hey.

- Yeah, uh, he's right here.

- Who is it?

My dad.

What? Do I look okay?

For a phone call? Yes.


One second. Phew.

Hello, Mr. Mehta.

You sound like

you look amazing.


- If you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to call.

- Yeah.

We'll help you accordingly.

You know what, Terence,

Spike got into some burritos

- earlier and, well...

- Huh?

I was, you know. Do you mind?

Um... Of course.

I'm ready! I'm ready!

Thank you.

Kayla, can you...

Uh, actually,

I would love to keep Kayla

and maybe run through

some bridesmaids-related stuff

with her.

- You know, coordinating colors.

- Sure.

I have a very good eye.

No, that's fine. I'll just

run through it all with Kayla.

Here we go. I got the lead.

I got the lead. Come on.

Very well.

- Of course.

- Thank you, Terence.

- Kayla.

- Yes.

Wow, what a view!

So, what are

your bridesmaids colors?

I lost my ring.

The big one?

Yeah, my big one.

My... My only one.


Well, I was,

I was on my way to the spa,

and Ben had told me

to put it in the safe

because he's always convinced

that I'm gonna lose it.

But you did lose it.

Yeah, I mean, I misplaced it.

I thought first someone

must've taken it, but...

And would you say

that it is still in the spa?

Or the pool.

Or the lounge. I was

all over the place today,

but I don't want Ben to know

that it was ever missing.

Really? I mean,

won't he just be all adorable

and understanding about it?


that was a really big ring.

- Ah. Understood.

- Hey.


- Hi.

- What did my dad want?

Nothing. He was just, uh,

we were just kinda bonding.


Uh, where is your ring?

Which ring?

Your engagement ring?

The giant one

that I gave you for love.

Oh, um... I...

Uh, the thing is...

It's a funny story

actually, sir.

I actually took it.

Yes, I did.

- To go get cleaned.

- Oh.

I took it to go get

a scrub-a-dub

and be all shiny

for the wedding.

Bright as bright as a diamond.

Great. That's actually

very thoughtful.

- Thank you.

- Thank you, Kayla.

By the way, we really wanna put

some kind of gratuity

for you on the bill.

Whatever you see fit, sir.

- Thanks.

- Love you, guys.

- Love you.

- In different ways.

Thank you.


Whoop. Excuse me.

Come on, come on, come on.

Stop, stop! Stop!


- No, no, no, wait, wait!

- Uh-oh.

- What?

- Here it comes.

Are you okay?

- Oh, yes.

- No, no, no!

Oh, come on!

Stop the beeping! You're

making him self-conscious!

How many burritos

did you eat?


I see what you did.


I'm scooping the poop, huh?

You saw he did it on purpose...

Let's go!


Hey, Kayla,

oh, how's the mouse hunt going?

Oh, it's going.

By the way,

quick question for you.

Say a VIP person lost a ring

and someone wanted

to look for said ring

without raising any eyebrows,

where would you say

that person should look?

Oh, my God, I, I,

I love riddles. Um...

Well, if I were that someone,

ah, but I'm not.

But I could be. Who knows?

One day. One can only dream.


Sorry, back to the question.


It would depend

on the size of the object.

Is it a car? Is it alive?

Could it be a dog?

I lose things all the time.

I lost my baby brother

last week.

Don't tell anyone, please,

because I was like,

"Joey, where are you? Please?"

And then, thank the Lord, he...


Tom! What?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, chill out!

Besides, that is never gonna

keep out

that minuscule sociopath.

What do you mean, he's gone?

Like, like gone-gone?

Are you sure?

Yes! Booyah, Tom! Oh!

♪ More hot milk

for you tonight ♪


Mr. Dubros,

I am delighted to inform you

that the job

that we hired Tom for,

- it is completed.

- Oh, wonderful.

Now we just have to figure out

how to let him go

without triggering

an equal employment issue.


I should probably look into

severance packages.

- Right.

- Maybe a month of tuna?

- 'Cause he's a cat.

- Mm-hmm.

I think

it's one per family.

And if there's any way to make

sure the guests get these

as soon as they check in...

The bride's taken

quite a shine to you.

I don't know, I mean,

whatever I can do to help

with the wedding craziness.

They seem really stressed out

with it all.

If anything, the ceremony

is the perfect test

for a relationship.

'Cause you can promise

all you want in the vows.

When it comes down to it,

it's how you handle

the pressure of the planning.

Some couples rise to

the challenge and others fall.

Hmm. I should write that down.

So, did Tom tell you

the good news?

The mouse problem

has officially been handled.

Hey! She came, she saw,

she exterminated.


So, how about we celebrate?

Flat club soda coming right up.

Yeah, there we go.

The real wild stuff.

Wow, those little paws

move quick, huh?

You should be his manager.

I mean, sure, why not?

Maybe they'll see

how much I'm killing it

and bring me on permanently

to run everything?

Okay, so somebody thinks

they can skip a few steps.


No, it's just...

I mean,

where I came from,

there were

no real opportunities.

Where's that?

A small town in Penn State.

Picture seeing

your whole future

in front of you

and you can't stand it.

That was me, there.

I just wanted to find that

thing that made me feel...



And New York seemed like the

right place to look for it.

Well, I mean,

I've heard about your resume.

About that...

Hey, come on, don't be shy.

Whatever shot you're

looking for, you deserve.

You know, you're proof

that it takes more than

a fancy resume

to make it big in New York.


Guilty as charged.

Toots needs

a little pawpicure.

Kayla mentioned

you might have a spot.

We could actually see her right now.

That would be so great.

♪ Whoo ♪

♪ Well ♪

♪ Don't you know, baby ♪

♪ Child, don't you know, baby ♪

♪ Oh, don't you know, baby ♪

♪ Little girl, little girl,

Don't you know, oh ♪

♪ Please listen to me, baby ♪

- ♪ Girl, I'm in love With you so ♪

- Yeah

♪ Turn your lamp down low ♪

♪ I said turn

Your lamp down low ♪

♪ Whoo ♪

♪ Turn it down ♪

♪ Please turn your lamp down ♪

♪ Whoo! ♪

Okay, come on, baby.

- Thank you so much.

- You're welcome.

Oh, my gosh.

No, no, no. Stop it.

Both of you.

Why is he alive?

Why is he here?

It's over, Jerry.

I'm calling in the poison guys.

Why do you have Preeta's ring?

Have you had it

this entire time?

Give it to me.

Now. Drop the ring.

What do you want for it, Jerry?

You wanna stay here?

You little con artist.

Fine. We can discuss this

on my terms.

Okay, no problem!

I got it!


- Excuse me!

- Where did he go?

- Excuse me!

- Tom, where did he go?

- Find him. Now.

- Stop. I said, stop!

Stop! Stop!


I'm the boss.

Why do I see temporary

employees socializing

on hotel property

in the middle of their shift?

We were just...

Terence, we're celebrating,

you know?

The, uh, hotel's mouse problem

is taken care of.

Oh, yeah, congratulations.

Teamwork is dream work, right?

Yeah, it's taken care of,

right, Tom?

It is

so taken care of, right, Tom?

What... What is he doing?

He's not doing nothing.

- Why are you acting nervous?

- Huh?

You're acting nervous.

I'm not acting nervous.

No? What's in your pocket?


- Oh.

- Terence.

- Wait! No, he's in the pocket.

- Terence, what are you doing?

The mouse

is in the pocket.

(Tom tries searching for Jerry in the bar, provoking Spike to chase him)

Get back here!

Get back here!


Oh, I'm so sorry!


Come here, pussycat.

(Tom, Jerry, and Spike start whirling around, this time even faster, causing their fight to become more and more intense with each passing moment. Soon the fight transforms into a massive ball of dust.)

Everyone, keep calm!

(The fight cloud starts moving around.)

Oh, no!

(The fight cloud crashes through a stack of luggages and starts bouncing.)


(Eventually Terence gets sucked into the fight cloud, and sees what is inside it: random objects are flying around, and Spike is seen strangling Tom.)

The mouse!

(Jerry blows raspberry at Terence. The latter is soon hit by a suitcase and exits the cloud.)

Huh? Whoa!

(Tom, Jerry, and Spike take their fight upstairs using the elevator. They proceed to wreak more havoc, cracking the ceiling. They soon break through the glass ceiling and slam down on the ground, making their fight cloud dissipate.)


What the...


This is definitely your bad.


and what would you call this, huh?

This was a mistake.

It was

a total misunderstanding.

This is a dereliction of duty!

And it's a reflection

of the absence of character!

It's an embarrassment

to the hotel.

And it's an insult to you.

That's how serious

this matter is, sir.

I agree.


I'm placing you on leave.


It's clear that the magnitude

of this wedding

has overwhelmed you and you're

in something of a state.

- I think a break would...

- Hold on a sec. Let me make sure

that we're

on the same page here


the basic facts of this.

The cat

that she forced us to hire

failed to catch the mouse.

Kayla said

she got rid of the mouse.

Isn't that right?

- That is what I said.

- Ah!

That is what you said.

But that is not what you did.

The mouse that caused all that

destruction to our lobby

is still in the hotel.

I saw him

in the animal tornado.

Terence, listen to yourself.

No one saw a mouse.

I saw the mouse.

But they did see you

acting erratically

towards Miss Forester

after bringing the groom's

bulldog into a bar.

She brought the kitty-cat

to the bar, too.

Tom is an employee.

He has a name tag.

This is insane.

I'm going insane right now.

Well, you're certainly

acting insane.

You caused tens of

thousands of dollars of damage

to the hotel,

you've terrified our guests,

and now you're attempting

to frame it as Kayla's fault?

You know what?

You can't do this.

You can't fire

the event manager

in the middle of an event.

Please leave

on your own merits, Terence.

I don't want

to have to call security.

Please don't do this.





Oh, my days.

And I'm not picking it up.

Get your tail out of your ears.

It's disgusting.

Well, this is a disaster.


Firing our events manager

before the biggest

and most important event

this hotel has thrown in years.

The only reason

I felt comfortable

asking Terence to take leave

is because we have someone

with your wealth

of experience here.

With the what now?

I got a call from Miss Preeta.

She told me

that you quietly found

a very important missing item

she was looking for.

You're multitalented, Kayla.

Do you think you can handle

the role

of interim event manager?

Are you kidding?

Yes, yes, of course.

It's a massive endeavor.

Sir, "massive endeavor"

is my middle name.

It's Judith,

but you get the point.

I know you're new,

but your employment history

convinces me

you're qualified

to take this on.

And who knows,

if this weekend goes well,

we may be discussing a more

permanent position on Monday.

I can't imagine... anything

that could

possibly mess this up.

Stop it.

You guys gotta stop fighting.

It's like you've been

doing this for years.

Listen, first of all,

thank you for the ring.

Helpful to have it back

after you stole it.

Never mind.

Remember when I said

to the both of you

that letting you stay here

wasn't up to me?


if you look right there,

I'm in charge now, all right?

And this wedding

it's a huge responsibility.

It's the shot

that I've been waiting for

and I can't screw it up.

So, you two, you gotta go.

Stop looking at me like that.

Ugh! Okay.

Maybe you can stay here.

But not like this.

Uh-uh. That little mess

you caused downstairs,

it's a disaster.

You know what,

you wanna stay, right?

Fine. One condition.

You two have to prove to me

that you can coexist together.

And stay as far away

from here as possible.

Got it?

So, tomorrow,

I'm gonna plan an entire day

for you two to spend together

out there, in the Big Apple.

And if you do this,

you guys can stay.

Do we have a deal?

Your car will be here

at 9:00 a.m.

Don't be late.

Okay, guys,

please, everyone...



Any, any true emergencies?

True emergencies?

Let's just go around the room

one at a time.

I just caught

my finger in the door and...

Okay, please,

seriously, just shut up, please. Uh...

Madam Kaydra,

are we sure the mouse is gone?

Rumors are

the guest list includes

a Michelin

restaurant inspector,

so one slip-up

and me and my son

are out on the streets.

Jackie, rest assured,

the mouse is currently

being taken care of.

Anyone else have

any other problems?

Uh, did you address

the, um, elephant that's here?


yes, I addressed

the elephant in the room.

You weren't here for it.

Yeah, no, I mean literally.

Where do you want 'em?


Pardon. The elephants?

Can't leave 'em in the truck.

No. That would be inhumane.

- They can be parked at valet.

- Okay.

Relax, Cecil.

Okay. How about we go ahead and put

all the birds in the staff room?

Um, the animal wrangler

said this time of year

they need room

to socialize and mate.

I think they've

socialized enough, Joy.

This is a wedding after all,

not spring break.

- Ca-caw!

- So let's just go ahead

and put 'em in the staff room.


What sound do peacocks make?

- I mean...

- Ca-caw!

I think that sounds right.

Kayla, come on already.

Oh, gosh, I so regret

saying yes to this.


Oh, my God.

You look incredible.

Thank you.

Well, we are

a full-service hotel here.

Be it dog walking,

or quite even possibly,

saving someone's lost ring.


Is there anything else

I can help you with, milady?

Oh, no, thank you.

This wedding

is bonkers enough already.

Why don't you just say no?

Oh, no, we've...

We've just decided

to, um, avoid behaviors

that might give the impression

that we're fighting.

But what about

when it's just you two?

I mean, we disagree, of course,

about how big

- the wedding should be.

- Wow.

But I guess there was so much

pressure to maintain an image

that somewhere

we forgot how to fight.

Ben really loves you, Preeta.

Yeah. He's a really good guy.

It's just that when he goes,

he goes big.

And I love that about him.


But I have

this feeling that this

small Indian wedding is gonna

be a great big disaster.

Beautiful day

at Yankee Stadium.

Top of the 9th inning, two out,

and the Yankees up by one.

Big Alex Gordon at the plate.

That ball is crushed.

This might be it.

The ball game may be over.

The Yankees

could move on and...

Oh! What's this?

A hairy fan has reached over and caught the ball.


unfolds at Yankee Stadium.

Two baseball fans

seated in right field


what could have been

the final out for the Yankees.

The culprits were later

taken away by animal control.

In other news...

Oh, my gosh!

What was...

Ben, was that a drone?

Not just any drone.

That was a CH-4000,


- Yeah.

- But I'm sure it's harmless.


- Should I go see what that...

- Yes. Yes, Joy.

- Oh, okay. Going.

- Yes, Joy, go. Yep.

That was a scream.

It's harmless.


Military things usually are.

I got this drone

because I thought,

uh, when Preeta and I come into

the wedding on the elephants,

that the drone

could be kind of, uh...

As I'm saying the words

"drone" and "elephant,"

out loud

to another human being,

I'm wondering, is this, um...

is this a lot?

Weddings, Ben,

they're already

stressful enough,

- you know?

- Yeah.

The important part

is that Preeta,

she can't wait to marry you.

So, just take it easy,

you know?

Enjoy the ride.

- Yeah.

- You only got one shot at it.

Like, one chance to,

like, get it right.

Uh-huh. So just go ahead

and pull it back.

Yeah. Pull it back

and just sorta let it rip.

Like, really,

just pull it way back

and just explode out of it.

That is not what I was

- trying to say to you.

- Yeah.

They said they'd

disabled the weapons.

- There's weapons?

- Uh, I'll make sure.

I found it.

I found the...

Oh, my God!

Help me, help me, help me!

She found it.

Don't look it in the eyes, Joy.

Welcome to your new home,


Hey, hey, hey, pipe down!

You already been fed.



Get comfortable.

You're gonna be here a while.

Have a nice stay!

♪ Alley cats ♪

♪ Come out and play ♪

That's that cat

from the alley!

Well, well, well.

So, we meet again.

You know, you and me?

We got some

unfinished business to settle.

Dinner time.

Snack is what

I like to call it.

Relax, you two.

This won't take long,

as long as you don't fight it.


Oh, don't be scared,

come here!

Are you gonna eat him?

Why don't you be a good

little kitty and hand him over

before I stop being nice?

Yeah, what are you, like,

friends or something?

Go ahead. Eat him now.

If we can't eat him,

you gotta eat him.

Looks like

a nice snack.

Chew. Chew.

- Eat him. Eat. Eat.

- Chew. Chew. Chew.

- Eat it.

- Chew. Chew.

Ah, ah,

there you go. Bottoms up!

- Eat him!

- There you go!

Is it as good

as it looks?

What are you waiting for? Chew.

Chew. Chew.

Chew. Chew. Chew. Chew.

If you don't start chewing,

we will.

Oh, that's spicy.


Chew. Chew. Chew.

Wait a minute. Something

ain't right. Open your mouth.

You heard him,

open your trap!

Hey, cat.

You got a visitor.

- What?

- Visitors?

He didn't even eat him!

Mouse, you got one, too.

Hola, Tom.

How are they treating you?

This place is, uh, horrible.

Cheese stick?

Oh, you don't want it?

Here's the deal.

I know you wanna

come back to the hotel,

and I can help you do it.

As you may already know,

Kayla's been put

in charge of the wedding.

And, yeah, it's a tough job.

That's why she sent me here

to bring you back.

So you can help.

But there's a catch.

I can only take one of you.

You know what your friend said?

That it's your fault.

Maybe I shouldn't say this,

you know?

He says you smell like...

Like tuna.

And a cheesy foot.

He also said that you're, uh...

You're emotionally unavailable.

He also wants

you to stay here and rot.

Now, you put me

in such a tough position.

As you already know,

I can only take one of you

back to the hotel.

Will it be the cat?

Or the mouse?


I've made my decision.

Check this out.

In celebrity news,

major commotion at the Royal Gate Hotel

as New York's elite couple,

Preeta and Ben,

are tying the knot in

a private, intimate wedding.

Ah... Ah...




No, no. No, no, no.


Mr. Mehta, what do you think?

You're not wearing a turban.

Is that, Is that a question

or a statement?

I didn't know

if you wanted an answer.

I've been getting

really into cricket!

You're doing great.

How are we doing

on the champagne?

We good, we good.

There's just a lot of it,

and not enough hands.


All right, bro.

Take these upstairs.

I'll be up in a minute.

You good?

Yeah, yeah. I think so.

Momma bird,

we got a problem here. We need you.

Okay, on my way.

- Hmm.

- What?

I think I might have

just pulled this off.

Ladies and gentlemen,

the ceremony is about to begin.

All right, Malcolm,

game face, look impressive.

FYI, I'm always ready.


Ben, this feels

so embarrassing.

Well, if it's any consolation,

you look very beautiful.

And in a way,

you know, we're the elephants.

Because we're never

gonna forget this wedding.

Here we go.




The, the elephant are normal

in these kind of events?

We are an elephant-friendly


Friendly establishment.


That's really beautiful.

The elephants

were a great choice.

Welcome back.

Consider this wedding

a welcome party.

Just for you.

Oh, no.


What is Jerry doing here?

Well, that must be awkward.

With all the horrible things

he said about you.

That you're not fit

to work at the Royal Gate.

Tom, come on, now.

Let's not be insensitive.

Oh, would you just

leave him alone already?

Well, I got something to say.

Okay, go ahead and speak, then!

As I was saying...


Now let's go finish

what we started.

Have fun.

Why is Tom here?

What the...

I don't see Jerry.

Do you see Jerry?

Uh, no. I don't.

- Hi. Hey.

- Hi.

Isn't this great?

And look, your dad loves it.

At least,

I think he's loving it.

It's kinda hard to tell.

Not bad.

Ah. Smile for the drone-cam.


Yeah. They can put

a cam on a drone.

Wait. Are those peacocks?

Yeah, I think they might

have just been

part of the, uh,

exotic bird package.

And, and even the tiger?

Well, the tiger is our first.

I begged you

to stop doing this stuff.

I'm sorry.

That is the last surprise.

You just don't listen.

Listen to what?


No, Tom. Don't do it.

Do it, Tom. Do it.

You're dead, mouse.


OMG. Is that a mouse?


(Malcolm starts freaking out.)


Mouse! Mouse!

Mouse, mouse, mouse,

mouse, mouse!

- We got him.

- Oh, my baby!

No, no. Stay calm, everyone!

Mouse! Ahh!

Mouse! Mouse!

Mouse! Ah, mouse!

Ugh!? Get off.

(Malcolm kicks Tom away and into Spike, who is not happy to see him.)


No. Me!

(The Tiger roars at both of them, scaring them off. He proceeds to chase after them, but his leash stops him from going farther.)

Mouse, mouse,

mouse, mouse, mouse!


(A peacock is seen drinking, while Toots runs next to him. The Tiger turns back to face her and roar at her. Toots climbs up for safety, and the peacock, terrified, flies away. The Tiger jumps up to catch Toots and get her off the lamp. As the peacock flies away, he crashes into a stack of champagne glasses and knocks a beer bottle over. The beer bottle’s cork shoots out and hits Malcolm’s rear, causing him to trumpet in pain and run around again.)

Please remain calm.

Out of my way!

Out of my way!

(Soon Tom, Jerry, and Spike’s fight transforms into a ball of dust, except much bigger due to the other animals getting in on it. Malcolm the elephant is sucked into the cloud as Cecil tries to get him out of there.)


I'm coming to save you!

Oh, no!

Huh? Oh.

(Tom tries to escape the fight cloud, but Spike grabs his tail and puts him back in. Malcolm is seen whirling with his head poking out of the cloud, trumpeting for help)


(The Tiger gets sucked into the fight cloud, making it even more bigger.)

Out the back door.

Let's get out of here!

Oh, no!

Cecil! Malcolm!

Stop! Stop!

What is he doing here?

Terence is here

because he tried to warn me

about Kayla, who clearly lied

about who she is.

No, sir. Uh, this was a misunderstanding.

It was, um...


Actually, it wasn't

a misunderstanding.

Sir, when I came

into your office that day,

I had stolen

someone else's resume...

and pretended that it was mine.

I don't have

any qualifications for this.

Or for anything, really.

You not only

destroyed this wedding,

but may have destroyed

the future of this hotel.

I'm sorry.

Perhaps I could salvage this.

Don't bother.

I just came here

to inform Mr. Dubros

that the wedding's off.



I guess we were both

in over our heads.


Kayla, I don't get

why you just...

I was gonna tell you, Cameron.

I was gonna tell

all of you the truth.

I just wanted to prove to

you all that I deserved this.

That I could do this.

I'm sorry.

And don't even

think about coming back.

You think I was gonna

let some street animals

live at the Royal Gate Hotel?

Oh, no.


Thanks for meeting me.

I know I wasn't

very convincing yesterday.

But what I was trying to say

was, I really am sorry.

I still can't believe

that I saw everything

that woman accomplished

on her resume,

and I thought that my pure

ambition was an even swap.

Come on, Kayla,

everybody screws up.

It's just hard.

I mean, every morning I wake up

and I look at my phone,

and my newsfeed

is filled with people

who are our age,

you know, they're succeeding

at what they're doing.

Well, maybe we just need

to stop comparing ourselves

to everybody

and just work for it.

Listen, Kayla,

you're gonna get the skills.

You already got the smarts,

you got the funny,

and you got the love

of helping people.

Even if I wanted to make

this right, I couldn't.

Well, maybe they

can help

convince you otherwise.


You two are the last people

that I wanna see right now.

What is all this?

I think that's Preeta and Ben.

All right, you know what? Just cut the

chalkboard act and tell me what's going on.

Okay, you and Jerry

have an idea for what?

How did you...



And peacocks? A big cake?

Guys, are you

just making fun of me?

Oh, so, this is like charades?


'Cause he did like a...

No? All right, never mind.

I think what they're

trying to tell us

is that if we go back

to the hotel,

quickly salvage what we can,

and we find a last-minute venue

and some sort

of befitting celebrant,

we can fix this by putting on

a makeshift wedding.

And you got

all of that from that?


We kinda understand

each other now.

Let's do it.

What do we have to lose?


Where's Preeta going?

A doorman never tells.


Okay, guys. I know that

you both don't get along,

but now it's time

to change that.

So, help me save this wedding

and go catch that bride, okay?

And bring her back here.

What do you want?

I just need to talk to Ben

for a minute.

No, don't you think

you've done enough?

Ben. This wedding

can still happen, today.

How? I mean,

everything's destroyed.

It doesn't matter.

Preeta never actually

wanted any of this.

She just wanted

you to listen to her.

I, I don't think so.

Wait. Someone once told me

that a wedding

is a couple's very first test.

And some couples,

well, they rise to that.


What kind of idiot said that?

- I mean, seriously...

- Me.


I apologize. I'm sorry.

I was being, uh, sarcastic.

You can rise, Ben.

We can still pull this off.

Needless to say,

everything at this hotel

will be at your disposal.

Except, of course, the hotel.

What about the garden

across the street?

Uh, I'm sorry, garden?


Wait, do you mean Central Park?

Sure. Whatever nickname

you have for it.

That's actually

an amazing idea.

Joy, thank you.



Well, how about, Terence,

you and Ben

get a guest list together,

and then let everyone know

where to meet us?

You expect me to assist you

after what you've done

to this hotel?

I think we both did some things

that we regret

to keep our jobs.

Tom and Jerry

told me what you did.

I'm not gonna tell anybody.

Okay, thank you.

If Tom and Jerry can be

out there working together,

then so can we.

Roger, roger, over.

Come in, Tom and Jerry.

I know you can't talk,

but I'm sure you can hear me.

Preeta's on Lexington,

and it looks like she's headed

for the Midtown Tunnel.

No, wait, they're actually

making a left turn on 57th.

They're going for

the Queensboro Bridge.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Guys, you have to get them

before they make it

to the bridge.


Ugh, this no-talking thing

is really getting old.



Stop the car!

Follow them. Let's go.

Could you keep up?

Great job, guys.

I'm sending you

a new location.


Come back!


Kayla, what is going on?

Hear me out.

I know

yesterday was a disaster.

But I promise you

that most of the chaos

was because of me.

And them.

But just like me,

they've changed their ways.

But, Preeta,

I really think we have

the chance to make this right.

Good luck.

Listen, Preeta, I'm sorry.

Okay? I wanted to give you

the wedding of your dreams,

but at some point,

it drifted into my dreams

and your father's dreams,

and then your father

was in my dreams,

and in one of them,

he was riding a tiger.

It was really weird.

And then...

I'm sorry that

I didn't just shut up

and listen to what you wanted.

What I want is you.

It's only ever been that.

Going forward,

I promise fewer surprises,

and I promise more truth.

'Cause honestly,

I love you.

Will you please take this back?

And will you marry me again,

but better this time?

You know, it wasn't

all Thomas and Jerome.

I know you had

a hand in it, too.

You were right

from the beginning.

A resume

is just a piece of paper.

You have to give

someone a chance

to find out what they can do.

I agree.

Yes, you, um,

did a very good job.

Thank you, Terence.

On that note,

I would love to introduce you

to Miss Linda Perrybottom.

Mr. Dubros.

The real owner of the resume.


You must be Terence.

Uh, I am.

Josephine Pennybaker

at the Dorsey

says the most wonderful things

about you.

Oh, she does?

It's quite

an impressive resume.


I guess I'll see you

in my office tomorrow, or,

um, in Mr. Dubros' office


Thank you, Kayla.

And we'll see you tomorrow.

Thank you, sir.

And I won't let you down.

Good luck, Terence.

All right, I think we actually

might've pulled this off,


Oh, definitely.

- Champagne.

- Mm-hmm.



Come here, pussycat.

You're ruining the whole day.

I'm gonna

turn you into a biscuit.


Sorry. Nothing to see here.

What the...

Maybach music...

Uh, Mr. Dubros, I just

got a bill for both weddings.

That's a joke, right?

Well, you know, I, uh,

had Terence run some numbers

earlier and...

it doesn't look good for you.

Thank you for choosing

the Royal Gate.