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Tom and Jerry is a TV series that contained theatrical Tom and Jerry shorts. It was distributed by MGM Television and it aired on CBS from September 25, 1965 to September 17, 1972.

The shorts were edited when they aired. despite being a compilation of shorts of the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons, it does feature new animation by Chuck Jones, such as the Tom as a detective in a mansion or Tom chases Jerry with skateboards.


The show's opening begins with (a scene from Johann Mouse) Jerry briefly dancing before interrupted by Tom as the he chases the mouse in the mouse hole into smashing until the wall, Tom chases him again, and Tom goes from the rails of the stairs a efficient way to catch Jerry and misses Jerry and over the window. (a scene from Cue Ball Cat) Tom throws a cue ball at Jerry as the mouse swings the ball with stick as the ball flies through Tom trying to catch it with a batting glove but goes through it, (next scene from Jerry's Cousin) Muscles has a cookie in his mouth as Tom bonks him in the head as he gives Tom a punch in the face to a cuckoo clock to Tom being unconscious, (a scene from Jerry and the Lion) with Jerry carrying a tomato and Tom blocks the door and it turns there a tiny door on the door for Jerry, Tom looks under as Jerry spits the tomato on his face, (a scene from Professor Tom) Tom chases Jerry as Topsy coming in though them as he pursues Jerry, and oblivious to the fact Tom's is on his head which Tom then falls off his head by a table, A new scene with Tom as a detective in a spooky mansion, a little ghost appears scaring Tom as a another ghost about Jerry's size appears and scares Jerry as the seemingly ghost shows the title of show "Tom and Jerry" with it's white sheets. (as it remains unknown who was under the ghost).

After an episode in the ends a short segment, with Tom is in a skateboard to chase Jerry as the mouse uses a pencil help him use his skateboard, Jerry makes a turn as Tom looks towards the mouse as he falls through a man hole a sign is moved overs the hole and says "STAY TUNED FOR PART TWO".

The show ends with Tom playing a piano as he noticed Jerry typewriting the paper that's says "Tom and Jerry" three times.


  • There are many variants in the opening screen, there are three notable ones in opening variants.
  • The series also aired the Spike and Tyke cartoons.
  • Although this is the first Tom and Jerry show to air on TV, its not truly the first original show TV series. as it is a complation of shorts rather than a full on series of Tom and Jerry, but would later The Tom and Jerry Show being the first original show.


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