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Tom and Jerry Chase is a Chinese multiplayer action isometric game where four mice have to face-off against a cat in a specific map full of items. The aim of the cat, of course, is to trap, catch and dispatch the four mice, who in turn are trying to survive, push cheese and escaping via the wall crack, causing chaos in the house. 

The controls are well adapted for touchscreens. On the left side of the screen are your movement arrows, while on the right are your buttons to jump, attack, and interact with things around the level. In the setup options, in any case, you can customize the controls as desired.

The way a game plays out is generally the same: during the first 60 seconds the mice and the cat can take a look at the house safely and collect up to 5 Experience Cakes which gives a maximum boost of about 3.9 levels using robots. Robot mice can also pick up an item. However, the Robot Mice are still vulnerable to cat attacks and if the attacked mice are holding an Experience Cake or an item, it will drop and the mice would lose the level boost if left unclaimed. Cats, on the other hand, try to stop the Robot Mice by destroying them or taking the cake for them, which gives a maximum boost of about 4 levels. When there are robot mice near, the cat will gain a movement and jump speed bonus, which can be more effective when finding and damaging robot mice. Once 60 seconds has passed or all 4 Robot Mice are destroyed, the game starts. The player controlling the cat has ten minutes to chase down the four mice and tie them to a rocket while those controlling the mice has to push 5 wedges of cheese, rescue teammates and break the wall crack to escape. After 5 wedges of cheese are pushed through, there will be 10 seconds where the wall crack can be located on the map but cannot be accessed. During the Wall Crack phase, rockets will burn 4x faster. If either one achieves their goal before the other does or before time runs out, their respective side wins. The cat also wins if the time runs out.

If a teammate is disconnected suddenly, you have the option to let him stay in his current location or have a bot takeover to follow you. This ends once the teammate manages to reconnect, or gets dispatched.

Tom and Jerry: The Official Mobile Game (猫和老鼠官方手游)

Tom and Jerry: The Official Mobile Game is a 2019 Chinese game for iOS and Android. The game is a 4 vs 1 asymmetrical game, similar to Identity V, which the cat tries to catch 4 mice. It achieved a whopping success in China, and made the No.1 top spot on the Chinese iTunes store.

The art style closely resembles that of the 2014 TV Series, along with the DTV special "Santa's Little Helpers." and older cartoons in a limited way. For those who are not fond of the 2014 Flash designs, this game is sure to please.

The game also contains a temple run style minigame, skins for characters, normal mode and tournament mode, along with seasons that last 6 months each.

It is possible to play the game outside of People's Republic of China, but not without trial and error for iOS devices. iOS devices require the Chinese Apple ID to be downloaded unless you use the ripped version, then you could simply download an IPA file. Android devices, on the other hand, are as simple as can be. Follow the website below, and press the green button, and it downloads a APK file.

It can also be possible to download the game in google play with your laptop, but doesn't have keyboard support, you can control the game with the mouse which can be a hassle for players

In 2020 the International Server Beta is released, albeit for only 2 languages.


Playable Characters

Note: Italicised words are characters currently unreleased in the international server beta. Any unreleased skills or character names are only translated to English, as they are not official, they may be changed in the future.

Playable Mice

Name Price Active Skill Passive Weapon Second Weapon Artwork
Jerry Initial Character Inspire
Inspire (Skill) from T&J Chase.webp
Cheese Porter
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Hammer Time
Hammer Time from T&J Chase.webp
Bird Whistle
Bird Whistle from T&J Chase.webp
Detective Jerry 3388 Gold/268 Diamonds Invisibility
Invisibility from T&J Chase.webp
Scared Mouse
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Smoke Bomb
Smoke Bomb from T&J Chase.webp
Vision Scrambler
Vision Scrambler from T&J Chase.webp
Robin Hood Jerry 3388 Gold/268 Diamonds Double Jump
Double Jump from T&J Chase.webp
Swift as an Arrow
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Parachute from T&J Chase.webp
Mountain Pickaxe
Mountain Pickaxe from T&J Chase.webp
Pirate Jerry 3388 Gold/268 Diamonds Flying Coin
Flying Coin from T&J Chase.webp
Crushing Power
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Pirate Powder Keg
Pirate Powder Keg from T&J Chase.webp
Pirate Cannon
Pirate Cannon from T&J Chase.webp
King Jerry 7288 Gold/568 Diamonds Regal Shield
Regal Shield from T&J Chase.webp
Lightning Rescue
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Royal Scepter
Royal Scepter from T&J Chase.webp
Royal Flag
King Jerry Second Weapon.png

Mouseketeer Jerry 5888 Gold/468 Diamonds Sword & Apple
Sword & Apple from T&J Chase.webp
Fighting Will
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Sword Waltz
Sword Waltz from T&J Chase.webp
Block Sword
Block Sword from T&J Chase.webp
Tuffy 8388 Gold/668 Diamonds Bowling Ball
Bowling Ball from T&J Chase.webp
Healthy and Strong
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Bazooka from T&J Chase.webp
Cloaked Sensor Mine
Cloaked Sensor Mine from T&J Chase.webp
Mouseketeer Tuffy 9688 Gold/768 Diamonds Courageous Strike
Courageous Strike from T&J Chase.webp
Courageous Champion
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Helmet from T&J Chase.webp
Mouseketeer Spear

Cowboy Jerry 5888 Gold/327 Diamonds Cactus
Cactus from T&J Chase.webp
Cowboy's Way
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Cowboy Guitar
Cowboy Guitar from T&J Chase.webp
Devil Jerry 5888 Gold/468 Diamonds Infernal Gate
Infernal Gate from T&J Chase.webp
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Trident from T&J Chase.webp
Devil Tuffy 9998 Gold/798 Diamonds Telekinesis
Telekinesis from T&J Chase.webp
Mark of Darkness
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Devil's Horns
Devil's Horns from T&J Chase.webp
Cherie 12888 Gold/798 Diamonds Loving Kiss
Loving Kiss from T&J Chase.webp
Tender Care
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Showering Love
Showering Love from T&J Chase.webp
Loving Bouquet
Loving Bouquet from T&J Chase.webp
Angel Jerry 6888 Gold/468 Diamonds Angel's Blessing
Angel's Blessing from T&J Chase.webp
God's Penalty
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Cupid's Bow
Cupid's Bow from T&J Chase.webp
Cessation Thundercloud
Cessation Thundercloud 3.png
Angel Tuffy 9998 Gold/798 Diamonds Friendship Protection
Friendship Protection from T&J Chase.webp
Mercy Heart
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Angel Wing
Angel Wing from T&J Chase.webp

Magician Obtained from the Secret Shop Wonderful Imagination
Wonderful Imagination from T&J Chase.webp
Magic Trick
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Mr. Rabbit
Mr. Rabbit from T&J Chase.webp
Pecos 12888 Gold/798 Diamonds Piercing Sound
Piercing Sound from T&J Chase.webp
Veteran Cowboy
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Best Performance
Best Performance from T&J Chase.webp
Topo 12888 Gold/798 Diamonds Leaning Tower
Leaning Tower from T&J Chase.webp
Act of Goodwill
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Italian Pizza
Italian Pizza from T&J Chase.webp
Detective Tuffy 12888 Gold/798 Diamonds(Asia)

9998 Gold/798 Diamonds(CN)

Master of Disguise
Master of Disguise from T&J Chase.webp
Secret Observation
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Tracking Drink
Tracking Drink from T&J Chase.webp
Mouseketeer Lilli 12888 Gold/798 Diamonds (Asia)

13888 Gold/798 Diamonds (CN)

Sword Cyclone
Wind Sword Dance from T&J Chase.webp
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Phantom Slash
Phantom Sword Aura from T&J Chase.webp
Robin Hood Tuffy 9998 Gold/798 Diamonds Bouncy Ball
Elastic Force Ball from T&J Chase.webp
Wild Fitness
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Vine from T&J Chase.webp
Marie 13888 Gold/798 Diamonds Noble Poise
Noble Etiquette from T&J Chase.webp
Graceful Calm
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Perfumed Gust
Fragrant Folding Fan from T&J Chase.webp
Muscles 1680 Diamonds (Asia)

Obtained from the Secret Shop (CN)

Daring Rescue
Shining Rescue from T&J Chase.webp
Explosive Rage
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Sandman Punch
Sandbag Fist from T&J Chase.webp
Michelle 13888 Gold/798 Diamonds Crybaby
Grumpy from T&J Chase.webp
Mighty Michelle
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Super Transform! from T&J Chase.webp
Musician Jerry 9998 Gold/798 Diamonds Style Changing
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Shifting Suit
Munchkin 9998 Gold/798 Diamonds March of Courage

I'm the Army
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp


Nipper 12888 Gold/798 Diamonds Nimble Jump

Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp

Fishing Buddies

Dodo 12888 Gold/798 Diamonds Power Infusion

Mechanical Body
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp

Energy Device

Fairy Godmouse Obtained from the Secret Shop Mirror Summoning
Fairy Godmouse Active Skill from T&J Chase Update.png

Strengthening Spell
Mouse Passive from T&J Chase.webp

Fairy Wand
Fairy Godmouse Weapon Skill from T&J Chase.png

Fairy Godmouse from T&J Chase.png

Playable Cats

Name Price Active Skill Passive Weapon Second Weapon Image
Tom Initial Character Raging Charge
Raging Charge from T&J Chase.webp
Mouse Exterminator
Cat Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Mouse Grabber
Mouse Grabber from T&J Chase.webp
Frying Pan
Frying Pan from T&J Chase.webp
Butch 7488 Gold/598 Diamonds Rampage
Rampage from T&J Chase.webp
Incredible Strength
Cat Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Trash Can Lid
Trash Can Lid from T&J Chase.webp
Spinning Lid
Spinning Lid from T&J Chase.webp
Topsy 9998 Gold/798 Diamonds Double Catdentity
Double Catdentity from T&J Chase.webp
Cat Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Bubble Blower
Bubble Blower from T&J Chase.webp
Capture Net
Capture Net from T&J Chase.webp
Lightning 9998 Gold/798 Diamonds Lightning Shift
Lightning Shift from T&J Chase.webp
Relentless Pursuit
Cat Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Trash Can
Trash Can from T&J Chase.webp
Stinky Fish
Stinky Fish from T&J Chase.webp
Cowboy Tom 7488 Gold/598 Diamonds Fighting Bull
Fighting Bull from T&J Chase.webp
More than Enough
Cat Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Whip from T&J Chase.webp
Cactus Slingshot
Cactus Slingshot from T&J Chase.webp
Toodles Galore 18888 Gold/998 Diamonds Enchanting Kiss
Enchanting Kiss from T&J Chase.webp
Beauty Perfume
Cat Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Glamorous Perfume
Glamorous Perfume from T&J Chase.webp
Glamorous Nail Polish
Glamorous Nail Polish from T&J Chase.webp
Guard Tom 8488 Gold/598 Diamonds Spy on
Spy on from T&J Chase.webp
Play it by Ear
Cat Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Royal Cannon
Royal Cannon from T&J Chase.webp
Toots 16888 Gold/888 Diamonds Meow
Meow from T&J Chase.webp
Angry Girl
Cat Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Anti-coyote Hammer
Anti-coyote Hammer from T&J Chase.webp
Soda Can
Toots Second Weapon from T&J Chase.png

Meathead 8388 Gold/668 Diamonds Pepper Can
Pepper Can from T&J Chase.webp
Wild Uproar
Cat Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Lunchbox Trap
Lunchbox Trap from T&J Chase.webp
Tara 18888 Gold/998 Diamonds Cowgirl's Love
Western Attraction from T&J Chase.webp
Thoughtful Mind
Cat Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Cowgirl's Lasso
Cowboy Lasso from T&J Chase.webp
Musketeer Tom 8488 Gold/598 Diamonds Knight's Assault
Slash of Knight from T&J Chase.webp
Knight's Rapier
Cat Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Rapier Parry
Sword Shield from T&J Chase.webp
Cooper 8488 Gold/598 Diamonds Heavenly Illusion
Virtual Dream from T&J Chase.webp
Physical Fitness
Cat Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Daydream from T&J Chase.webp
Kate 12888 Gold/798 Diamonds Summon Admirer
Proud Teacher
Cat Passive from T&J Chase.webp
Knowledge Is Power
Surui 12888 Gold/798 Dimonds Rhythm Time
Surui Active Skill from T&J Chase.png

Girly Heart
Cat Passive from T&J Chase.webp

Yoga Ball
Surui Weapon Skill from T&J Chase.png

Angel Tom Obtained from Event Fly Freely Holy Enhancement Universal Gravity
Angel Tom from Tom and Jerry Chase.png

Origin/Inspiration of Characters



Detective Jerry

Robin Hood Jerry

Pirate Jerry

King Jerry

Mouseketeer Jerry


Mouseketeer Tuffy

Cowboy Jerry

Devil Jerry

Devil Tuffy


Angel Jerry

Angel Tuffy




Detective Tuffy

Mouseketeer Lilli

Robin Hood Tuffy




Musician Jerry




Fairy Godmouse






Cowboy Tom

Toodles Galore

Guard Tom




Musketeer Tom




Angel Tom

List of Costumes per tier

S tier


  • Realm of the Dragon - Jerry
  • Sleuth Savant - Detective Jerry
  • Elven Noble - Robin Hood Jerry
  • Pirate Leader - Pirate Jerry
  • Virtuous Vigilante/Way of the Blade - Mouseketeer Jerry
  • Baby Bear/Adorable Maid - Tuffy
  • Hero of the West - Cowboy Jerry
  • Lord of the Abyss - Devil Jerry
  • Archmage - Magician
  • Imperial Conqueror/King of Spades - King Jerry
  • Wings of Tomorrow - Angel Jerry
  • Celestial Legends - Angel Tuffy
  • Digital Dreamer/Orbital Explorer - Topo
  • Well-dressed Earl - Devil Tuffy
  • Warrior of the Night - Mouseketeer Tuffy
  • Court Musician - Pecos
  • Stealthy Shinobi - Robin Hood Tuffy
  • Mysteries of Time - Detective Tuffy
  • Queen of Hearts - Marie
  • Mechine Warrior - Muscles
  • Swan Lake/Starlight Princess - Cherie
  • Fish Lotus - Jerry
  • Uncrowned Fighter- Mouseketeer Jerry
  • Snow King - King Jerry
  • Earl of Flame - Devil Jerry
  • Celestial Commander - Detective Jerry
  • King of Treasures - Pirate Jerry
  • Royal Jazz Mouse - Cowboy Jerry
  • Dark Night Rose - Mouseketeer Lilli
  • Star Sea Movement - Musician Jerry
  • Star Sea Dreamer - Tuffy
  • Fairy Princess/Alice - Michelle
  • Blazing Ninja - Robin Hood Jerry
  • Captain of Galaxy - Munchkin
  • Little Red Riding Hood - Devil Tuffy


  • Unequaled Beauty - Toodles Galore
  • King of Pop - Tom
  • Knight’s Soul - Musketeer Tom
  • New Money - Butch
  • Hero of the West - Cowboy Tom
  • Kung Fu Master/Lightning Racer - Lightning
  • Floral Wedding Dress - Toots
  • Steam Mobile Force - Meathead
  • Silent Times - Topsy
  • Stellar Fantasy - Tara
  • Love & Protection - Kate
  • Grand Scholar - Cooper
  • Fish Lotus - Tom
  • Royal Jazz Cat - Cowboy Tom
  • Elven Noble/City Hunter - Guard Tom
  • DJ Girl - Toodles Galore
  • Rose Countess - Tara

SN tier (Unreleased)


  • Starsea Movement - Musician Jerry

AP/A+ tier


  • Love at First Sight - King Jerry
  • Love at First Sight - Marie
  • King of the Caribbean - Pirate Jerry (Upgraded)
  • Flaming Fiend - Devil Jerry (Upgraded)
  • Devilish Debutante - Cherie
  • Exotic Prince/Wise Monarch - King Jerry
  • Master Chef/League Champion - Mouseketeer Tuffy
  • Chang'e - Cherie
  • Azure Sailor - Pirate Jerry
  • Winter Song - Musician Jerry
  • Rose Gentelman - Detecitve Jerry
  • Houyi/Doodles Cow - Angel Jerry
  • Page Boy - Angel Tuffy
  • Jade Rabbit/Flower Girl/Pumpkin Witch/Winter Wish - Michelle
  • Security Captain - Cowboy Jerry
  • Magpie Bridge Origins/Exotic Swordsman - Mouseketeer Jerry
  • Magpie Bridge Origins - Mouseketeer Lilli


  • Timeless Dreams - Tara
  • Dinosaur Party - Butch
  • Security Officer/Elite Lady - Tara
  • Clockwork Puppet/Exotic Dancer - Toodles Galore
  • Skateboard Dancing - Toots
  • Starry Feast - Kate
  • Security Police - Cowboy Tom

A tier


  • Master Hacker/Merry Christmas/Good Student/Cherry Blossom Charmer - Jerry
  • Super Sleuth/Star Detective/Baker Street Detective/Great Detective - Detective Jerry
  • Heroic Outlaw/Pretty in Pink/Field Trooper/Turnip Head/Stealth Ranger/Brave Captain - Robin Hood Jerry
  • Privateer/Peg Leg/Treasure Ship Captain/Captain Kidd/King of the Caribbean - Pirate Jerry
  • Throne of tulips/Henry I/Royal Pride/Golden Armor - King Jerry
  • Peerless Knight/Bushido Master/Heroic Traveler/Festival Fencer/Flame Swordsman - Mouseketeer Jerry
  • Royal Lady/Summer Love/Sweet Date - Cherie
  • Bedtime Baby/Christmas Cutie/Seaside Sweetheart - Tuffy
  • Phantom/Little Dreamer/Pumpkin Party - Devil Tuffy
  • Wild Wild West/Texas Jerry/Legendary Sheriff/Steampunk Fashion/Handsome Sheriff - Cowboy Jerry
  • Archdevil/Flaming Fiend/Alien Hacker - Devil Jerry
  • Knight in White/Sword Virtuoso - Mouseketeer Tuffy
  • Cupid/Fallen Angel - Angel Jerry
  • Winning at Life/Kart King - Topo
  • Light Chant/Destiny of Love - Angel Tuffy
  • Baker Street Investigator - Detective Tuffy
  • Sakura Sword Dancer/Chivalrous Swordmaiden - Mouseketeer Lilli
  • Crown Jewel - Marie


  • All Star Starter/21st Century Leading Scorer/Lightning Beast/MC Lightning - Lightning
  • Dreamlike Maple/Seaside Beauty/Girly Thoughts/White Foxy Girl - Toodles Galore
  • Little Reindeer/AI Doctor/Honorary Doctor/Tropical Sunshine - Topsy
  • Pumpkin Head/Hip Hop Idol/Secret Agent/Merry Christmas/Studious Senior/Ultimate Popstar/Lavish Night/Cherry Blossom Charmer - Tom
  • Serene Swordmaster - Musketeer Tom
  • Santa Claus/Battlefield Butch/Private Butch - Butch
  • Royal Commander/Brave Captain/Field Trooper/Turnip Head/Wilderness Catcher - Guard Tom
  • Star Teacher - Kate
  • Wild Wild West/Legendary Sheriff/Handsome Sheriff - Cowboy Tom
  • Christmas Love Song/Cool Summer Season - Toots
  • Mighty Plumber/New Age Trend - Meathead
  • Blue Rose/Lady Violet - Tara

B tier


  • Little Go Getter/Flight Instructor/Uptown Lad/Wiz Kid/Mad Hatter/Wedding Planner - Jerry
  • Special Agent/Highland Sleuth/Prodigy/Mr. Plaid - Detective Jerry
  • Lucky Cloud - Robin Hood Jerry
  • Swashbuckler/Voyager/Captain Candy - Pirate Jerry
  • Wise Monarch - King Jerry
  • Diamond Knight/Brave Soldier - Mouseketeer Jerry
  • Pocket Pacifier - Tuffy
  • Pink Diary/Rich Devil/Wilderness Legend/Naughty Imp - Devil Tuffy
  • Environment Protector/Spade Knight - Mouseketeer Tuffy
  • Inconspicuous Cowboy Mouse/Western Cowboy/Wandering Cowboy Mouse/Retro Cowboy Mouse - Cowboy Jerry
  • Wild Headphones/Wild Devil - Devil Jerry
  • Home Girl/Fashionista - Cherie
  • Angel's Blessing/Pink Lover/The Lost - Angel Jerry
  • Sea of Stars/Star Match/Happy Child - Angel Tuffy


  • Philosopher/Gentleman Tom/Dog Disguise/Wedding Planner/Rockabilly King - Tom
  • Tennis Aficionado/Stay at Home Dad - Butch
  • Straight-A Student - Topsy
  • Football Player - Lightning
  • Creative Instruction - Kate
  • Princess Cutie/Elegant Lady/Loving Sunglasses - Toodles Galore
  • Western Cowboy/Inconspicuous Cowboy Cat - Cowboy Tom
  • Cake Protector - Guard Tom
  • Rich Girl/Girl Next Door - Toots
  • Casual Boy/Funny Boy/Honest Boy - Meathead

Perk Cards

Perk Cards are items that can give players an advantage by either benefitting teammates or disrupting enemies. However, only up to 20 (21 if character goals are unlocked) perk points can be equipped at any one time. They can be upgraded up to 3 levels, with each perk requiring 20 (C tier)/ 30 (B Tier)/ 45 (A Tier)/ 75 (S Tier) fragments to get and upgrade. Underlined words are active at Level 2 while bold words are active at Level 3. Itacilised words are only examples of how the format is used

Example: Evasive Maneuvers (7 perk points): Once every 60/50/40 seconds, the mouse will gain a power-up that will ignore 1 cat attack. This effect can be stacked up to 2 times



  • Fearless (7 perk cost): When saving a teammate from a rocket, both users will be invincible for 5/6/7 seconds before getting briefly stunned for 1 second. Skills and items cannot be used at this time, however. This skill has a cooldown of 60 seconds
  • Selfless (6 perk cost): When saving a teammate, your health will be exchanged with the teammate and they will be invincible for 3/4/5 seconds. This ability has a cooldown of 50 seconds
  • Fairy's Touch (6 perk cost): Mice will gain a temporary shield that will block 1 negative effect for 120/180/240 seconds
  • Homesick (6 perk cost): When the Wall Crack appears, mice will instantly recover from a Weakened and Wounded state, fully recover health, boosts speed and jumping height, increases effects of health regeneration and receives a shield that deflects 2 attacks
  • Blood of Iron (6 perk cost): When receiving a fatal blow, the mouse will be able to keep moving for 4/4.5/5 seconds before entering a Weakened state. During this effect, the mouse cannot use skills and items, and will be unable to gain any additional shields or invincible effects.
  • Disarm (6 perk cost): When hitting the cat with a throwable, the cat will be unable to attack for 3.5/4/4.5 seconds. This skill has a cooldown of 30 seconds


  • Stunning Strike (7 perk cost): Every time an attack hits a mouse, they will be stunned for 0.8/0.9/1.0 seconds
  • Hot Pursuit (7 perk cost): Cats will increase their movement speed and attack rate by 3% every time they catch a mouse. This effect can be stacked up to 5/6/7 times. These effects will be lost if the Cat becomes Weakened
  • Knowledgeable (7 perk cost): When applied, the cat will somewhat/moderately/greatly increase initial experience as well as speed of gained experience
  • Rage (7 perk cost): When the wall crack has lost 40/30/20% of its health, the cat will gain the ability to knock out all mice in 1 hit at the cost of a 50% increase in attack cooldown
  • Interrogation (6 perk cost): After tying a mouse to a rocket, the cat can find out the location of 1/2/3 mice
  • Charged Blow (6 perk cost): If the cat doesn't attack for 17/15/13 seconds and doesn't get stunned during that time, it will receive a charged blow and deal additional damage
  • Pounce (6 perk cost): When attacking a mouse, they will be unable to use skills, weapons and items for 5/6/7 seconds while immediately dropping any existing item they are holding



  • Flee (6 perk cost): After being attacked by the cat, the mouse will gain a boost to movement and jump speed for 8/9/10 seconds
  • Blessing (5 perk cost): When dispatched, all surviving teammates will fully recovers their health and gains a speed boost for 5/6/7 seconds
  • Pitcher (5 perk cost): When hitting the cat with a throwable, the cat will move 6/8/12% slower
  • Team Leader (5 perk cost): When healthy, all mice in the vicinity will push cheese 3/4/5% faster
  • Bubble Bath (4 perk cost): Mice with this perk card will have all negative effects present in the mouse will be removed every 60/55/40 seconds
  • Bristling Anger (4 perk cost): When a teammate is caught, mice with this perk card will gain a 8/9/10% movement and jump speed boost, and increase the attack.
  • You shall not pass (4 perk cost): Gains a speed boost for 4.5/5/5.5 seconds and knocks back all players near the affected door. This skill has a cooldown of 5 seconds


  • Burning Wild (6 perk cost): When tying a mouse to a rocket, cats with this perk card will instantly shorten the fuse of the rocket by 3/4/5 seconds.
  • Feline Presence (6 perk cost): When nearby mice, their movement speed will reduce by 6/7/8%
  • Wall of Steel (6 perk cost): For every mouse alive on the map, the Wall Crack's durability will increase by 10/14/18%
  • Long Claws (5 perk cost): Increases the cat's attack range by 6/8/10%
  • Fighting Will (5 perk cost): Every time the cat enters a weakened state, his health recovery, max health and movement speed will increase. This effect can be stacked by up to 3/4/5 times
  • Cautious (4 perk cost): Cats with this perk card will be immune to any non-mouse inflicted damage as well as mousetraps and negative effects except Ice and Firecrackers at the expense of a 10/8/6% reduced movement speed
  • Fire It Up (4 perk cost): The rocket fuse will burn 10/12/14% faster
  • Master Craftsman (4 perk cost): This perk card grants a 20/25/30% increase in interaction speed when laying mousetraps, tying mice to rockets and repairing rockets



  • Leap (5 perk cost): Jumps 5/6/7% faster
  • Fast Pusher (5 perk cost): Push cheese 3/4/5% faster
  • Lucky (5 perk cost): Increases chance of breaking out of rockets by 1/2/3%
  • Wall Crusher (5 perk cost): All attacks dealt to the Wall Crack by the mouse will deal additional damage up to 0.4/0.8/1% of the crack's maximum health
  • Food Power (5 perk cost): After drinking milk or eating cake, the mouse's cheese-pushing speed is permanently increased by 1/2/3%. This effect can be stacked up to 5 times
  • Fight Alone (4 perk cost): If there are no nearby mice nearby, the mouse's movement speed will be increased by 3/4/5% when being chased by the cat
  • Cut and Run (4 perk cost): After rescuing a teammate from a rocket, both you and your teammate's movement speed will be greatly increased for 5/6/7 seconds
  • Strike Back (4 perk cost): When your health reaches below 10/20/50%, the mouse's attack damage will increase
  • Stress Reaction (4 perk cost): When wounded, mice with this perk card will gain a 6/8/10% increase in movement speed and jump height at the cost of a 10% slower cheese-pushing speed
  • Will To Live (4 perk cost): When caught by the cat, the mouse will struggle 8/12/16% faster
  • Lesson Learned (4 perk cost): After getting caught in a mousetrap, the speed of breaking free from all subsequent mousetraps will increase by 12/14/16%. This effect can stack up to 3 times
  • Precision shot (4 perk cost): When hitting the cat with a throwable item, it will reduce the cooldown of the mouse's skills by 1/2/3 seconds. This effect will occur at a interval of 10 seconds after each successful hit
  • Wind Chaser (4 perk cost):After hitting a cat, the mouse's speed will increase by 5/7/10%.


  • Fighting Spirit (5 perk cost): The cat's attack interval is decreased by 5/6/7 seconds
  • Mousetrap (5 perk cost): All mice stuck to a mousetrap will receive damage and struggle 10/15/20% slower when trying to break free
  • Intimidate (Not to be confused with the C-Tier perk card Intimidation, 5 perk cost): When the cat attacks a mouse, the affected target will push cheese slower for 30/45/60 seconds
  • Waiting for Mice (4 perk cost): When a mouse is tied to a rocket, the cat's attack interval is reduced by 20/30/40%
  • Pursuit (4 perk cost): Cats can now detect wounded and weakened mice on the map every 15/10/5 seconds
  • Rocket Guardian (4 perk cost): When near a rocket, all approaching mice will rescue 6/12/20% slower
  • Anti-scouting (4 perk cost): Blocks 1/2/3 experience cakes from view
  • Tough-skinned (4 perk cost): Slightly/somewhat/moderately increases the cat's maximum health
  • Speed Reduced Warning (4 perk cost): After attacking the mouse, the target will move 5/6/7% slower
  • Observer (4 perk cost): Reveals the location of the first 2/3/4 robot mice that comes out from the wall hole on the mini-map when this perk card is equipped
  • Stealth Raid (4 perk cost): When a mouse is pushing the cheese and the cat tries to approach them quickly, their movement speed will be boosted by8/9/10%



  • Mutual Aid (4 perk cost): Increasing heal and rescue speed by 8/12/16% for yourself and nearby teammates
  • Strong (4 perk cost): Reduces the duration of being Weakened by 20/25/30%
  • On the Run (4 perk cost): Upon successfully breaking out of the cat's grasp, they will be slowed for 3/4/5 seconds
  • Unyielding (4 perk cost): For every teammate that gets dispatched, your movement speed is increased by 5/6/7%, and pushing speed is increased by 10%.
  • Foodie (3 perk cost): After eating, their effects will last 20/30/50% longer
  • Gatekeeper (3 perk cost):Mice with this perk card can open and close doors 30/40/50% faster
  • Food Critic (3 perk cost): When opening boxes, mice with this perk card will have an increased chance of getting food related items such as cakes, milk and cheese wedges by 5/10/15%
  • Help Me (3 perk cost): When tied to a rocket, all teammates will rescue 20/30/40% faster at the cost of a 10% reduction in cheese-pushing speed


  • Brilliance (4 perk cost): When holding a mouse, cats with this perk card will have an increased movement and jump speed by 5/6/7%, and immune mousetraps and debris.
  • Intimidation (not to be confused with the B-Tier perk card Intimidate, 4 perk cost): If a mouse is tied to a rocket, all remaining mice will push cheese 8/12/16% slower
  • Firm Grip (4 perk cost): Mice caught by cats with this perk card will struggle 4/6/10% slower
  • On Patrol (4 perk cost): All mice around the cat with this perk card will push 10/20/30% slower
  • A Dog's Friend (3 perk cost): All cats with this perk card will not receive Spike's attack, although he will move 5/4/3% slower when around him
  • Flexible Cat (3 perk cost): When travelling in pipes, cats will travel 10/30/70% faster
  • Bull Rush (3 perk cost): When the Wall Crack appears, the cat's movement speed will be increased for 10/15/20 seconds
  • Illusive (3 perk cost): Every time a mice steps on a mousetrap, the cat will move faster for 3/4/5 seconds

Weapons and Abilities

Note: Normal words are available abilities upon receiving, underlined words are available abilities at level 2 and above, while bold words are only available abilities at level 3. If there are two or more weapons for a specific characters, only one can be selected in battle. Italicised words are only examples of how the format is used

Example: Knockback Cannon: Reduces damage received by 50% while charging, then somewhat/greatly knocks back and damage enemies while destroying items in the way for a short/considerable distance, with a 25/20 second CD



  • Bird Whistle: Calls out Canary to drop a series of explosions with a 30/24 second CD, with a medium/high rate of dynamite drops. However, this skill cannot activate if an ally or enemy Jerry already activated Bird Whistle
  • Hammer Time: A close range attack that can stun nearby enemies for about 3/5 seconds and deal some damage, with a 22/18/14 second CD
Detective Jerry:
  • Smoke Bomb: Blocks out the enemies' sight, increases mice cheese pushing speed and movement speed and reduce cat's movement speed, jumping ability and attack rate, as well as preventing it from using skills and items, with a CD of 35 seconds.
  • Vision Scrambler: Gives invisibility to nearby teammates as long as they do not interact with items/ they stay in range, as well as removing and granting immunity to perfume effects and greatly increases movement speed while in the smoke, with a 30 second CD
Robin Hood Jerry:
  • Parachute: Allows a safe drop with a 20/8 second CD while gaining a short speed boost after landing
  • Mountain Pickaxe: (Coming soon)
Pirate Jerry:
  • Pirate Powder Keg: Lights a powder keg that explodes with a high/extreme/supreme damage, destroying rockets (which cannot be automatically repaired), with a 45/30 second CD
  • Pirate Cannon: (Coming soon)
King Jerry:
  • Royal Scepter: Gives teammates a limited shield for 4/7 seconds, with a small/medium area of effect with a 45 second CD
Mouseketeer Jerry:
  • Sword Waltz: Launches a three stage attack that inflicts a status effect per hit, gaining a short speed boost per attack, briefly stunning the enemy at the third and first attack, with a 40 second CD
  • Block Sword: Grants immunity to all damage for a short period of time before countering with an attack that deals huge/immense damage and rolling a short distance if a cat attacks him during this period, with a 15/7 second CD
  • Bazooka: Launches a rocket/ 2 rockets that deals a slight/medium amount of damage, with a 30 second CD for each rocket
  • Cloaked Sensor Mine: Places down 1 mine/2 mines which turns invisible until anyone walks past it, before seeking towards them and knock back anyone hit and reduce enemy HP, as well as cats dropping mice caught or items held, dealing some damage/considerable damage with a CD of 30 seconds. This skill will also activate when a thrown item hits it, but will not seek out any target. Allies will only receive the knockback status
Mouseketeer Tuffy:
  • Helmet: Protects teammates and himself from a few attacks/ several attacks, with an increase in movement speed and strength with a 20 second CD
Cowboy Jerry:
  • Cowboy Guitar: Stuns enemies for a short time/ continuously and gradually causes them to lose HP, with a small/ medium area of effect with a 25 second CD
Devil Jerry:
  • Trident: Summons a Hell's Gate which can be used for teleporting to a second location opened up, with a 40/35/30 second CD. Gates also hold up for a longer time
Devil Tuffy:
  • Devil's Horns: Duplicates a nearby item/2 nearby items with a 45/30/20 second CD
  • Showering Love: Places healing water which can gradually restores HP for all teammates for a short duration/medium duration, with a short range/medium range and puts out firecrackers with a 20 second CD
  • Love Bouquet: (Coming soon)
Angel Jerry:
  • Cupid's Arrow: Restores a slight amount/massive amount of HP if it hits a teammate and deals some/considerable damage (as well as stun if charged enough) if it hits an enemy with a CD of 18/8 seconds
Angel Tuffy:
  • Angel Wing: In the duration of this skill, reduces Angel Tuffy's damage taken and reflects a certain percentage of the damage onto the attacker. If he has Mercy, he will use a certain amount of Mercy to deal additional damage for a small/big amount. It has a CD of 25/15 seconds.
  • Mr Rabbit: Summons Mr Rabbit and can give orders such as pushing cheese and rescuing teammates, with a 70/40 second CD, along with increased stats when Mr Rabbit is present
  • Best Performance: When playing the guitar, continuously restoring small/big amount of HP of teammates, increase cheese pushing speed, immune Weakened state for 7 seconds when stay for 2.5 seconds that are within range, and slowing down, dealing damage to enemies. It has a CD of 30 seconds.
  • Italian Pizza: Any teammate can control the pizza by jumping on the top of and moving around. The pizza breaks when hitting an enemy, stunning both the enemy and the mouse who controls the pizza for a short/considerable time and have a reduced field of vision for a short period. After the pizza breaks, 1 slice/3 slices will remain. Any teammate who touches the pizza slice will slowly recover HP, remove Wounded, Blinded and Reversed effects, and greatly increase the speed of the mice when rescuing teammates from Rockets. It has a CD of 20 seconds.
Detective Tuffy:
  • Tracking Drink: Leaves a mark on the ground. If an enemy and a mark are in the same room, a clone of yourself/teammate will appear for a short/considerable time. When enemies get near the mark, the enemy will reveal its location, Tuffy also can get a speed and jump speed increase. When a clone is summoned by this skill, no more clones can be summoned. If a clone is summoned by Master of Disguise, the clone summoned by the mark will disappear. Multiple clones in one room will reduce their activation time. After some time, the mark will explode.
Mouseketeer Lilli:
  • Phantom Slash: When hitting the enemy, it deals some damage and inflicts a speed and jump height reduction to enemies and gives teammates a an increased movement speed and jump height as well as increasing their attack and being able to blink to the phantom's location. If it hits the ground, it creates a phantom in which she and the teammate hit can blink there. It has a CD of 20/10 seconds
Robin Hood Tuffy:
  • Beanstalk: Creates a climbable that lasts for a short/considerable duration, increasing climbing speed for friendly units, restores HP for units standing on the highest platform and negate wounded states and increases jump height. This skill has a CD of 15 seconds


  • Mouse Grabber: Pulls mice towards him with a fast/rapid speed and stuns pulled mice, allowing an immediate catch with a CD of 14 seconds
  • Frying Pan: Stuns and blinds nearby mice as well as knock away items for about 5/10 seconds, which can be directly caught, with a 24/20/16 second CD
  • Trash Can Lid: Stuns nearby mice for a short/medium amount of time, greatly reducing their attack and their rescuing speed for a short period with a CD of 22 seconds
  • Spinning Lid: Throws a trash can lid at a fast/rapid speed and stuns any mice hit by the lid at a 18/10 second CD, gaining damage reduction and being immune to Control and Weakened effects upon picking the lid up
  • Bubble Blower: Traps mice with a 25/15 second CD using a bubble/ two bubbles
  • Capture Net: Pins mice to the ground, then throws mice to the ground which can cause them to lose HP, with a increased damage the longer the mice stays in there, with a 25/15 second CD
  • Trash Can: Slows nearby mice reduces their HP at a gradual/increasing/rapid rate with a CD of 22 seconds
  • Stinky Fish: Slows down mice hit by it, rendering them unable to stun Lightning and have a lowered movement speed and lose HP regeneration, hitting enemies will also greatly reduce CD, for a short/medium duration with a 8 second CD
Cowboy Tom:
  • Whip: Gains speed and attack rate to self while reducing mice speed. Every three stacks causes a permanent speed boost as well as stun mice, causing them to slowly lose HP and directly catch stunned mice with a 2.5/2 second CD
  • Cactus Slingshot: (Coming soon)
Toodles Galore:
  • Glamorous Perfume: Applies 3 perfume clouds/ 6 perfume clouds which reduce mice movement, recovery, jumping, attack and cheese pushing speed, further increasing attack and attack rate and enhances debuffs applied to mice as well as rendering them unable to use skills but still able to interact with items with a 17 second CD
  • Glamorous Nail Polish: (Coming soon)
Guard Tom:
  • Royal Cannon: Gains a small shield effect and the cannon fires up to 3/7 times. Targets hit will have their HP greatly lowered, movements slowed for a short/considerable duration, unable to use skills and items and some of their shield effects removed, with Tom himself gaining a shield and a rapid speed boost for a short while with a CD of 40/20 seconds
  • Anti-Coyote Hammer: Significantly slows target down, stuns them and massively lowers their HP if hit 5 times, as well as being unable to use skills and items for a while with a CD of 1/0.1 seconds. This effect can be stacked with Meow
  • Lunchbox Trap: Places a lunchbox (Like a mousetrap). The lunchbox explodes and blast nearby cheese out of the mousehole when hit by a throwable. Meathead can carry 1 lunchbox/3 lunchboxes. It has a CD of 45 seconds.
  • Cowgirl's Lasso: Tara chooses a direction within 135 degrees in front of her to throw her lasso. If she hits a mouse, their movement speed and health will be reduced and stuns them for 3 seconds while her own movement speed increases. Tapping the skill again will cause her to pull the mouse over. She can also throw the mouse to the nearest rocket if her skills are not on cooldown, healing herself and gaining a movement speed boost. It has a CD of 10/5 seconds

Active Skills


  • Inspire: Temporarily increases movement speed, restores HP and removes Wounded effects for you and your nearby teammates with a 18 second CD
Detective Jerry:
  • Invisibility: Becomes Invisible for a short/medium/long time with a movement speed increase, even when using items and continuously gains HP while invisible with a CD of 20 seconds
Robin Hood Jerry:
  • Double Jump: Temporarily allows all teammates to jump for a brief/medium moment as well as increasing jumping ability with a 25 second CD
Pirate Jerry:
  • Flying Coin: Stuns the cat for a while, with a 25/15 second CD, dealing some damage upon hit
King Jerry:
  • Regal Shield: Neutralises an attack/ 2 attacks without reducing speed with a CD of 30/25/18 seconds
Mouseketeer Jerry:
  • Sword & Apple: Restores HP over time/immediately, reducing weapon CD by 20/30/40 seconds and temporarily increases attack, as well as removing any negative status effects with a CD of 20 seconds
  • Bowling Ball: Rolls for a short/medium distance, granting invincibility in the process with a 12 second CD
Mouseketeer Tuffy:
  • Courageous Strike: Deals some damage and uses up Courage. 5 continuous hits in quick succession/3 continuous hits in quick succession will stun the cat and deal extra damage with a CD of 1.5 seconds
Cowboy Jerry:
  • Cactus: Stuns cats and mice, which deal continuous damage/severe damage and reduces speed/ greatly reduces speed (for cats only) The cactus can split up and deal further damage. with a CD of 15/12/9 seconds
Devil Jerry:
  • Hell Cleft: Summons two Hell Clefts, each depending on Devil Jerry's current location, gaining a temporary speed boost and a layer of shield/ two layers of shield as well as reduce CD after teleporting. Hell Cleft has a CD of 15 seconds
Devil Tuffy:
  • Telekinesis: Draws one/two/three nearby throwables towards himself, causing it to follow him. Lasts a short/medium duration with a CD of 9/6/3 seconds
  • Loving Kiss: Greatly buffs the max HP, along with an increased cheese pushing speed, movement speed, jump height and HP restoration speed to the linked teammate after a while/short while, immediately restoring a slight amount of their HP and recovers from a Wounded state. All bonds are removed when teammate goes too far from her, with a CD of 20/15/10 seconds
Angel Jerry:
  • Angel's Blessing: Gives himself a shield, recovers HP over time while blessing a selected teammate in a medium/ large range. The blessed teammate will immediately respawn and be visible to the cat at all times upon dispatch, although if the teammate is knocked down where he can directly be caught again, he will be eliminated immediately. CD: 60 seconds
Angel Tuffy:
  • Friendship Protection: Reduces damage taken for the duration of this skill. It transfers 50%/100% of damage dealt to teammates in the skill range, using Mercy to offset the damage. When there is not enough Mercy, his HP will start to use up to offset the damage. Using this skill with full Mercy will use up 20% of Angel Tuffy's Mercy and give immunity to Weakness for the duration of this skill.
  • Wonderful Imagination: Three cards will appear around him, with each card inflicting a different effect. Blue cards causes the target to experience zero gravity while greatly increasing the Magician's speed and jump height. Yellow cards reverses the target's movement direction and giving them a speed boost while recovering the Magician's HP gradually. Red cards greatly reduces the target's HP and render them unable to use skills while granting the Magician invisibility for a short duration with a 30/20 seconds CD
  • Piercing Sound: Knocking back enemies and items for a short/long distance, reduces HP of enemies and knock out enemies for a short period. It has a CD of 15 seconds.
  • Leaning Tower: Shoots out a leaning tower, knocking back the enemy and blocking them. It stays in the map for a short/considerable time. It has a CD of 20/12 seconds.
Detective Tuffy:
  • Master of Disguise: Summons a clone of yourself for a short/considerable time and go invisible. Using items or interacting will/will not remove invisibility. When invisible, line of sight is increased. You can switch positions with the clone.
Mouseketeer Lilli:
  • Sword Cyclone: Creates a whirlwind that blocks enemies movement, reduces allies' Weakened times when passed through and prevents the enemy from using skills. The whirlwind lasts for 3/7 seconds. It has a CD of 20 seconds
Robin Hood Tuffy:
  • Bouncy Ball: Charges himself and launches forward, greatly damaging enemies and the wall crack. He can also tap the skill again to cancel the charge, reducing their cooldown by 50% if cancelled, granting immunity to control effects. This skill has a CD of 10 seconds


  • Raging Charge: Gains a temporary speed boost and immunity to most negative effects for a short/medium duration, while increasing attack rate. Causes fatigue after effects wears off. CD: 20 seconds
  • Rampage: Charges forward with high strength/ extreme strength/ raging strength, and stuns mice affected by it for a short/medium time, with a 25 second CD
  • Double Catdentity: Creates a clone of himself which can switch positions with each other with a 48/36/24 second CD and inheriting Topsy's present perk cards and his resilience
  • Lightning Shift: Teleports forward or also behind a nearby mouse, stunning those interacting with objects, with a 10 second CD
Cowboy Tom:
  • Fighting Bull: Releases a rampaging bull for about 7/12 seconds, stunning any mice it hits as well as losing their HP for a short duration/ considerable duration, with a CD of 20 seconds
Toodles Galore:
  • Enchanting Kiss: Seeks out a single mice. Upon hit, their HP will decrease whenever they move, jump and interact with cheese, as well as reducing their movement and cheese pushing speed and render them unable to use skills until they are damaged or stunned by an external source at a 18/16/15 second CD
Guard Tom:
  • Spy on: Greatly increases his field of vision. If he discovers a mice, his own jump height and movement speed is increased, along with the mice's shield or any helpful effects partly disappearing, have their cheese pushing speed decreased and are marked on the mini map. The more mice found, the stronger Tom's buffs will get with a CD of 30/20 seconds
  • Meow: Lets out a long scream that slows targets every 0.5/0.4/0.3 seconds, stunning the target and lose a massive amount of HP after being slowed 5 times. Can be stacked with the Anti-Coyote Hammer and can be triggered when moving with a CD of 25/15 seconds
  • Pepper Can: Pulls out a pepper can. Releases the mouse in hand and stun the mouse. Enemy will take damage, slow down, stun for a short/considerable time, can directly pick up if hit. It has a CD of 25 seconds.
  • Cowgirl's Love: Tara gives out a love wind that can stun every 3 seconds and lose a health for a period of time to all male enemies in a small/considerable area. Cowgirl's Love has a cooldown time of 25/10 seconds

Passive Skills

Note: Generally, passive skills have no CD except for any special effects that is part of their passive.


  • Cheese Porter: Increases own cheese pushing speed, with a increased movement and jumping ability when carrying cheese, and restores HP and removes negative status effects upon successfully pushing cheese
Detective Jerry:
  • Scared Mouse: Reveals the cat's location at selected intervals while staying hidden to them while carrying cheese and increases movement and jumping while reducing cheese pushing speed in the presence of the cat
Robin Hood Jerry:
  • Swift as an Arrow: Increases jump height, gains a speed boost upon being attacked and allows him to triple jump when the Double Jump effect is available
Pirate Jerry:
  • Crushing Power: Slows the cat upon hitting it with an item, struggles from the cat faster upon capture and increases wall crack damage
King Jerry:
  • Lightning rescue: Increases cheese pushing speed when all teammates are healthy and rescuing speed as well as increasing movement speed for teammates after rescue
Mouseketeer Jerry:
  • Fighting Will: Increases own attack, recovers faster from a Weakened state and increases max health
  • Healthy and Strong: Increases max HP after eating, recovers HP faster and grants immunity to explosions
Mouseketeer Tuffy:
  • Courageous Champion: Gains Courage faster, loses Courage slower and removes Wounded effects and gains a shield when Courage level is maximum
Cowboy Jerry:
  • Cowboy's Way: Grants immunity to cacti and item debris, raises movement speed, jumping ability and HP recovery rate after using Cowboy Guitar and be able to control the cat for longer while using skills
Devil Jerry:
  • Trickster: Increases movement speed, jumps higher and pushes cheese faster, reduces the cat's movement speed and grants immunity to various debuffs while buffing himself
Devil Tuffy:
  • Mark of Darkness: When active, gains a speed boost, recover HP faster and gain increased attack after gaining one stack/ two stacks/ three stacks
  • Tender Care: Regains a small amount of HP and removes debuffs at a interval for herself as well as healing teammates faster and immediately restoring 100% of teammates' HP, boosting their movement speed and jump height as well as a continuous HP recovery
Angel Jerry:
  • God's Penalty: Reduces nearby cats' Attack and Skill Cast rate. If attacked by a cat, makes it unable to use normal attacks as well as skills for a while
Angel Tuffy:
  • Mercy Heart: Mercy is gained faster when Mercy is less than 50%. Continuously recovers HP if Mercy is more than 50%. Increases Max HP if Mercy is more than 75%.
  • Magic Trick: When a card hits a target, the CD of a random skill is reduced, along with a random effect on the most recent card thrown will be inflicted after throwing an item, and has a chance to dodge a skill that can cause a Weakened state while sacrificing any throwable he has
  • Veteran Cowboy: Teammates gain additional EXP, increase moving speed, jump height, pushing speed when near Pecos. Recovers all HP and becomes invincible for a short time when Weakened. (Trigger once each game)
  • Act of Goodwill: Skill CD reduces after eating food. When Topo is tied to a Rocket, increase teammate's rescuing speed. If a cat is stunned by Leaning Tower or Italian Pizza, hitting it with an item increases Topo's rescue speed.
Detective Tuffy:
  • Secret Observation: When invisible, increase speed by 10% and jump speed by 5%, gain the ability to see invisible enemies, and recovers HP over time. Become invisible after standing still for 3 seconds. Exit the invisible state if move. The enemy can feel your presence if an enemy is near you when invisible.

Mouseketeer Lilli:

  • Unstoppable: Gains damage reduction when HP is full. When an enemy is hit by Lilli, Lilli gains a short period of invincibility, and stuns all enemy that is under effect by her skills. The Invincibility and stun has a CD of 45 seconds.

Robin Hood Tuffy:

  • Wild Fitness: Every time he eats, he gains a permanent jump boost that can be stacked up to 5 times, gains a shield every 20 seconds that can resist one attack or control effects 1 time and removes wounded state and increases HP recovery speed


  • Mouse exterminator: Regains a small amount of HP and gains speed after hitting a mouse, while being able to attack even when holding a mouse and prevents them from using skills after being hit for a short duration
  • Incredible Strength: Recovers faster from Weakened state and gets a longer immunity while dealing extra damage with props with attacks having a medium chance of one shooting a mouse
  • Energetic: Reduces CD of basic attacks, reduces the mice speed slightly after breaking free from a struggle and removing most of their buffs after hitting them
  • Relentless Pursuit: Marks a hit mouse, reducing their speed, along with their locations revealed and gaining extra experience after KO'ing them, while increasing his own movement speed and grants immunity to slow effects while this ability is active
Cowboy Tom:
  • More than Enough: Hitting mice with skills will reduce CD of his basic attack, cause them to be wounded and eventually causing them to be Weakened after hitting them with a basic attack
Toodles Galore:
  • Beauty Perfume: Grants immunity to negative perfume effects, instead causing her to gain a movement speed increase. Normal attacks will reverse the mice's directional controls as well as continuously reduce their health
Guard Tom:
  • Play it by Ear: Increases movement speed and jump height when there are mice nearby. If there is only one mice nearby, increases his attack and attack rate. If there are more than 2 mice in the vicinity, his HP recovery will greatly increase and he is immune to getting the Weakened state
  • Angry Girl: Cannot be detected by any mouse when opening or closing doors, able to attack and cast skills more frequently when not at max HP as well as being able to immediately nullify attack CD if she misses (up to 3 times)
  • Wild Call: Increase damage when hit by an enemy. This effect weakens after 3.5 seconds and disappears after 7 seconds. Takes longer time to tie a mouse to the rocket but decreases the mice's rescue speed. Run faster and immune to control and Weakened effects when holding a mouse.
  • Thoughtful Mind: Increases movement speed and health per male character in the match, permanently increases her field of vision and decreases rocket fuse time by 2 seconds and slowly recover HP and grants immunity to Control effects every time she attacks a male character

Attack Cooldown timings (Cats only)

After attacking, cats have a short cooldown before they can attack a mouse with their attack button again. The duration of these cooldowns vary, but the average time difference between an attack not hitting a mouse and an attack hitting one is about 1 second.


  • 2.4 seconds (3.4 seconds if it hits a mouse)


  • 4.6 seconds (5.6 seconds if it hits a mouse)


  • 1.5 seconds (3.5 seconds if it does not hit a mouse)


  • 2.7 seconds (3.6 seconds if it does not hit a mouse)

Cowboy Tom:

  • 5 seconds (6 seconds if it hits a mouse, cooldown will reduce by 3.5 seconds when his Passive Skill: (More than Enough) is Active

Toodles Galore:

  • 3.5 seconds (1 second if it hits a mouse)

Guard Tom:

  • 2 seconds (4 seconds if it hits a mouse)


  • 2.2 seconds/ 0 seconds for the first 2 attacks after cooldown if Angry Girl is activated (1 second if it hits a mouse)


  • 3 seconds (5 seconds if it hits a mouse)


  • 4 seconds (5 seconds if it hits a mouse) (speculated)


NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) serve as the map's obstacles that players need to avoid, or use them to their advantage in the game.
Names Summoning Method Information Locations
Spike None Spike is Joan's watchdog, he will nap in the map. If a player is close to him, he will wake up and roam around the room. If he meets the cat or a mouse, he will attempt to chase them and throw them on the ground for a distance, and will be stunned. Spike will ignore players who are in invisibility state, has a shield, have brought the perk Dog's Best Friend, in Transformation form, or a Mouseketeer Tuffy with no brave meter. Spike will drop a bone after being stunned two times streak. When Spike goes back to sleep, the stun streak resets. Classic House, Night Castle, Summer Cruise, Royal Gate
Tyke Throwing the bone dropped from Spike Tyke has two uses: When the cat throws the bone, Tyke will go to the nearest tied rocket and cheer, speeding up the rocket timer. He will also chase and hit mice if he has spotted any; when a mouse throws the bone, Tyke will go to the nearest cheese that the mice are in the process of pushing and cheer, speeding up the process of the pushing. He will also chase and hit the cat if spotted. He must be summoned from Spike, after him being stunned two times streak. When Spike goes back to sleep, the stun streak resets.
Hostess (Joan) Messing up the room by throwing props and create shards Joan will try to use her broom to hit mice when around, but may also hit the cat accidentally if in the range of the broom attack. When Joan hits the cat who has a mouse in hand, they will not drop it, however, when a mouse is holding a breakable prop, it will shatter on the ground.

Joan will appear if there's a mess in the house, Joan will attempt hit the mice if encountered with.

Classic House
Canary (Cuckoo) None; will spawn naturally in a period of time Cuckoo can help mice to explore the mini-map. At the same time, he will leave an airdrop, letting players gain items. Cuckoo refreshes randomly. Cuckoo can be attacked multiple times in order to get the airdrop faster. All Maps
Duckling (Quacker) None When the cat, a mouse hit Quacker, he will chase the player that attacks him. He will leave the area after successfully hitting the player or has missed his attacks 3 times. When Quacker meets the cat, he will drop an item, Quacker will enter a cooldown state after leaving the item; mice players need to jump over Quacker twice in order to get an item, Quacker will enter a cooldown state after leaving the item. All Maps
King None When King is disturbed by either touching and attacking, he will wake up and create a stunning effect in the entire Bedroom (Affects all players in the room), useless against players who have shield or in invincibility state. Night Castle
Robot Bartender None Robot Bartender locates in the Lounge. He acts as a spring for players to jump on its head, which leads to a vent. After jumping on his head, there will be a cooldown before the player can jump on its head again. Space Fortress
Black Bull None Black Bull will sprint towards the player when he spot any, stunning and damaging them. However, Cowboy Jerry, Cowboy Tom, Pecos and Tara can avoid the attack. Forest Raunch
Father Duck (Henry) None Henry will roam around in the Joan's Room, can be attacked from props, after being attacked, the Mother Duck will take revenge on the player. Forest Raunch
Mother Duck None Mother Duck will roam around in the Joan's Room, can be attacked from props, after being attacked, Henry will take revenge on the player. Forest Raunch
Swordfish None Swordfish will swim around in the Lake, will attack any player when spotted. Players who are attacked by it will be stunned and damaged for a while. Forest Raunch
Octopus None Octopus will nap in the Lake, when disturbed by a player, will use its tentacles to attack them. Players who are attacked by it will be stunned for a while, but will not damage. Forest Raunch
Security Guard None Security Guard will guard the entrance of the Living Room. If a player trespasses the area, he will chase and attack the player. Security Guard will attack until the intruder is weakened, however, it is not the case for the cat. Metropolis
Alley Cat None Alley Cat hides in the trash bin in the Alleyway. If a mouse is near the trash bin, he will come out and attack the mouse until weakened. Metropolis
Panda None Panda is in a hungry state at the start of the round. He blocks the mousehole in the Panda Valley and waiting for players to feed him. Once fed, Panda will get up and roam around the area and will attack the cat if spotted (Even if the cat has fed the Panda). Panda Pavilion
Baby Panda None Baby Panda roams around the Panda's Home. Players can feed the Baby Panda with the food laying around in the room to gain small buff effects. Panda Pavilion
Santa None; will spawn naturally in a period of time Santa will appear in the sky once for a while, and will drop a sleigh that players can use to push to their side of the tree, in order to increase the decorating score. Santa can not be attacked by players. Backyard (Decoration Battle)



  • Classic House I, II, III
  • Classic House (Christmas) I, II, III
  • Classic House (Cherry Blossom) I, II, III
  • Classic House (Chinese Style/Huqiu District) I, II, III (Unreleased)
  • Night Castle I, II, III
  • Night Castle (Halloween) I, II, III
  • Summer Castle I, II, III
  • Summer Cruise I, II, III
  • Space Fortress I
  • Orbital Fortress I
  • Space Fortress II, III (Unreleased)
  • Orbital Fortress II, III (Unreleased)
  • Playground
  • Forest Ranch
  • Metropolis
  • Panda Pavilion (Unreleased)
  • Royal Gate Hotel
  • Backyard (Decoration Battle exclusive)

Chase Pass

Chase Pass is a feature that allows players to collect rewards, similar to specific games. It has a Free to Play section as well as the Golden shelf(which requires diamonds, which requires real money). There is a maximum of 300 levels, in which only Chase tokens will be available starting from Level 101 onwards

  • Season 0-1 (Celebration/Classic Season): 05.2019 - 10.2019 (China) - [- 11-2020|05-2020 - 11-2020] (Asia)
  • Season 2 (City Season): 10.2019 - 12.2020 (China)
  • Season 3 (New Year Season): 01.2020 - 04.2020 (China)
  • Season 4 (CN), Season 2 (Asia) (Romance Season): 04.2020 - 06.2020 (China) - [- 02-2021|11-2020 - 02-2021] (Asia)
  • Season 5 (CN), Season 3 (Asia) (Ocean Season): 06.2020 - 10.2020 (China) - [- 05-2021|02-2021 - 05-2021] (Asia)
  • Season 6 (CN), Season 4 (Asia) (Racing Season): 10.2020 - 01.2021 (China) - [- 08-2021|05-2021 - 08-2021] (Asia)
  • Season 7 (CN), Season 5 (Asia) (Wuxia Season): 01.2021 - 04.2021 (China) - [- 11-2021|08-2021 - 11-2021] (Asia)
  • Season 8 (CN), Season 6 (Asia) (Western Season): 04.2021 - 07.2021 (China) 11.2021 - 01.2022 (Asia)
  • Season 9 (CN), Season 7 (Asia) (Interseller Season): 07.2021 - 10.2021 (China) 01.2021 - 04.2022 (Asia)
  • Season 10 (CN) (Ninja Season): 10.2021 - 01.2022 (China)
  • Season 11 (CN) (Fantasy Season): 01.2021 - 04.2022 (China)
  • Season 12 (CN) (Magic Season): 04.2022 - 07.2022 (China)

Game Modes/Win Conditions

Game Modes

  • Classic Mode - The classic 4v1 mode! Mice has to push cheese, rescue teammates and try to escape the cat while cats has to interrupt mice and dispatch them! The game ends when at least 2 mice have escaped, 3 mice have been dispatched or when time runs out.
  • Ranked Mode - Same as Classic mode, except it is only available at specific timings each day whose rank is or is above diamond(12:00-14:00 and 19:00-24:00 GMT+8) as well as having a rank increase or decrease depending on the battle outcome. The higher your rank, the greater the reward value.
  • Casual Modes - A fun and casual mode for everyone! Win conditions may or may not be similar to Normal mode. Although Casual modes will not count toward Character Goals, (which is available once a character has reached Proficiency Level 10,) it will still count as a quest in the Chase Pass
    • Fun with Fireworks - Help! The canary is being captured by the cat, but the mice are not afraid! A map Full of Dynamites and Firework Crates! Mice try to use the dynamites to free the Canary while cats try to interrupt them
    • Cheese Frenzy - That's a lot of cheese to push, but the mice are up for the challenge! With a super boost in health, attack and movement speed, can the mice manage to push a staggering 18 wedges of cheese through? Or will the cat outsmart them with maximum levels, a slight boost in health, attack and movement speed? However, it only takes 1 hit for the wall crack to break, so watch out!
    • Beach Volleyball - The classic volleyball, brought to Tom and Jerry! Two teams, each consisting of 2 mice and 1 cat, go head on against another team! Don't let the ball hit your ground!
    • Running Mouse - The classic race. Two teams, each consisting of 3 mice, competes to see who is the fastest of them all! Items are scattered around and can still stun other mice, so use these items to your advantage!
    • Operative - Same as Classic mode, except cats and mice receives an upgrade at the cost of sacrificing an ability. Mice can turn invisible while standing still, recovering HP constantly, at the cost of a slower Cheese pushing speed. However, mice only need to push 4 wedges of cheese through to activate a wall crack. Cats can instantly upgrade to Level 10, at the cost of having a smaller point of view.
    • Clone Battle - Same as Classic mode, but cats cannot be chosen at will. Instead, a random cat is selected (depending on how many cats the person has). Mice can still select freely, but a random one (usually from the teammate that locks last or teammates who select 2 or more of the same mice) will be selected and locked with the rest of the team.
    • Golden Key - The cheese and key won't be visible, so you have to find it yourself! The win conditions are the same as classic mode, with a few differences. The Wall crack is replaced with the Golden Mouse hole, which requires a Golden key placed on a random location in the map. Mice will need to find the key to unlock the Golden mouse hole and escape. The game will only end when all the mice has either escaped or dispatched
    • Decoration Battle - Team up with 3 mice and 1 cat to collect gifts for yourself and steal from others! Who can reach 50 gifts first? With the cats as assistants for teammates and hinderances for enemies, how will it stand? Dispatched mice will return to battle after a certain period of time has passed, which takes longer the more mice dispatched
  • Parkour - A separate game mode in which the player selects a mouse and tries to run as fast as they can, with Tom chasing them. How long can you last? (Note: The parkour mode was released in 2015 before showing the entire mode, and it has many stages, but the number of stages for the mini-games was removed after the 2019 version.)
  • Room (Custom mode) - Play with your friends, or experiment with your newly bought character! Play with 4 other friends with 3 more vacancies for spectating, and with the ability to ban certain characters and a custom map selection, have some fun with some twists and turns!
  • Training mode - Get used to how this game works by completing the training rooms and get rewards!
  • Who's Alien? - A separate game mode resembles Among Us.need supplement

5v5 Team Mode:

5v5 is a mode where 4 mice and 1 cat form a team against the enemy team. The match is the same procedure as Classic Mode, with some alterations. There will be 6 experience cakes in Big City or 8 in the Forest Pasture instead of 3.

Scouting Phase

The mice can pick up to 3 experience cakes, which gives them up to 3 levels. They can also pick up more than 3 experience cakes to stop the enemy team from leveling up.need to be validated Cats will try to fend off the enemy robot mice while safeguarding allies. Robot mice will respawn immediately at the hole that it comes out when destroyed. Robot mice have two special tools in 5v5 mode:

  • Hammer: Attack robot mice and cats. When the hammer hits an enemy robot mouse, the robot will be destroyed, but no experience will be gained. When it hits the enemy cat, the enemy cat will receive a stun effect.
  • Laser: When the laser his an enemy robot mouse or cat, the robot or the cat will receive a speed down effect.

Match Phase

After all robot mice is destroyed or 60 seconds has passed, mice will have 15 minutes to push up to 5 wedges of cheese. However, cheese wedges will not all come at once, instead coming in 3 stages with 3 wedges of cheese in the 1st stage, 1 in the 2nd stage and the last 1 in the 3rd stage. The mice will receive a boost in movement, cheese pushing and rescuing speed for mice and decrease Attack cooldown time for cats based on the number of wedges of cheese pushed, with each buff being 60 seconds longer. Up to a maximum of 3 wedges of cheese can be pushed to receive a buff, with additional wedges of cheese pushed to prevent the enemy from getting the buffs. The buff will go to the team that pushes the cheese in the hole. Cats will try to eliminate the enemy mice while guarding ally mice. They can disrupt the rocket chair dispatch time by attacking it. In this mode, cats can attack other enemy cats, either by their main attack or with their abilities. In this mode, cats can rescue their ally mice by destroying their current rocket, which takes about 6 hits or 3 fireworks

Key Differences between several game modes:

  • Ranked mode: Now adds a rank system that rewards players based on their position, can only be played at certain times of the day
  • Fun with Fireworks: Cheese pushing replaced with freeing the canary, number of mice dispatches required to win increased to 4, greatly increases the amount of firecrackers available
  • Golden Key: Match time adjusted till the last mouse escapes or gets dispatched, exit points and cheese no longer visible from the map
  • 5v5 mode: Combined Classic mode requirements, with 6 experience cakes instead of 3, duration of cheese-pushing increased to 15 minutes, players can switch between a cat and a mouse before match starts, removed Wall Crack, cats can rescue ally mice, mice can hold up allies or weakened enemy mice. Throwing mice can hurt the enemies and stun them, or throwing the enemies on the rocket.
  • Clone Battle: Only 1 type of character at a time during battle and only one kind of item in each room (except for wall crack duration when the wall crack appears in the room)
  • Beach Volleyball: Gameplay replaced with Volleyball rules
  • Running Mouse: Race between mice
  • Decoration Battle: Mice will now respawn after a short time of being eliminated, and the mice will be dispatched immediately when on rocket.
  • Operative: Both sides gains a new advantage with a nerf to their current abilities, number of cheese required to push reduced to 4
  • Cheese Frenzy: Number of cheese required to push increased to 18, number of hits required to break the wall crack reduced to 1, cheese pushing speed increased by 600%

Win Conditions


  • Classic/Ranked/Operative/Clone Battle/Cheese Frenzy: Have at least 2 teammates escape the wall crack
  • Fun with Fireworks: Help the Canary break free from his jail cell
  • Running Mouse: Be the first person to cross the finish line. If more than one mouse finish the game, then will consider both amount and the speed.
  • Beach Volleyball: Score 30 points before the enemy team
  • 5v5 mode: Help the Cats dispatch 3 enemy mice while surviving. If no mouse is dispatched in both team, then will compare the amount of the cheeses each team pushed in.
  • Golden Key: Have at least 2 teammates escape the Golden Mouse Hole. When there is only one mouse survive, the secret tunnel which only one mouse can enter will open and this mouse can escape from here, but the mice still lose the game.
  • Decoration Battle: Supply 50 Gifts before the enemy team
  • Wedding Battle (closed): Supply 25 pieces of wedding cake or team up with the cat to steal back the 25 slices to complete the entire wedding cake.


  • Classic/Ranked/Operative/Clone Battle/Cheese Frenzy: Dispatch at least 3 mice/interrupt their win conditions for 10 minutes in cheese duration or 4 minutes in wall crack duration.
  • Golden Key: Dispatch at least 3 mice
  • Fun with Fireworks: Dispatch all 4 mice/interrupt their win conditions for 10 minutes
  • Beach Volleyball: Score 30 points before the enemy team
  • 5v5 mode: Dispatch 3 enemy mice before the enemy cat dispatches your mice; if no team dispatch 3 enemy mice when the time runs out, then will compare which team dispatch mice more, and the team which dispatch mice faster will win.
  • Decoration Battle: Supply 50 Gifts before the enemy team
  • Wedding Battle (closed): Supply 25 pieces of wedding cake or team up with one mouse to steal the pieces back to complete the wedding cake.

Rank match score

If you lose : -15

Failure compensation points : Depends on rank

  • Bronze : +15
  • Silver : +9
  • Gold : +6
  • Platinum : +3
  • Diamond : +0 (?)

If you win : +15

Lose streak over (if you win after 1 consecutive losing streak) :

  • After 3 defeats : +3
  • After 2 defeats : +2
  • After 1 defeats : +0 (?)

Steaked Win :

  • After 3 battle win : +3
  • After 4 battle win : +4

Strong Opponent : (the opponent have rank higher your one)

  • 1 opponent higher your rank : +1 (The maximum amount of mouse players get)
  • 2 opponent higher your rank : +2 (only for cat player)
  • 3 opponent higher your rank : +3 (only for cat player)
  • 4 opponent higher your rank : +4 (only for cat player)

Bonus point only for mouse player :

Score wins together :

  • Win with 4 mice  : +4
  • Win with 3 mice  : +3
  • Win with 2 mice  : +0

The Mouse's score rank :

  • No.1 : + 4 (+2 in Diamond)
  • No.2 : +3 (+1 in Diamond)
  • No.3 : +0
  • No.4 : +0

Bonus point only for cat player :

MVP : +4

Mice Dispatched :

  • 1 mouse dispatched : +1
  • 2 mice dispatched : +2
  • 3 mice dispatched : +3
  • 4 mice dispatched : +4

Enemy Team (If your opponent have play together as a team)

  • 2 player : +1
  • 3 player : +2
  • 4 player : +3

Victory points and stars to upgrade to a higher level rank :

  • Bronze : 30 point/star; 1 star/level
  • Silver : 40 point/star; 2 star/level
  • Gold : 50 point/star; 3 star/level
  • Platinum : 60 point/star; 4 star/level
  • Diamond : 70 point/star; 5 star/level

Condition to update the next rank :

Number of wins in a series of 5 matches to move up to a higher rank

  • Bronze  : 2 win/5
  • Silver : 2 win/5
  • Gold
  • Platinum to Diamond : 3 win/5
  • Diamond to Overload : 3 win/5 (?)

Note :

  • This scoring rule allows me to speculate that there may be errors in the name and score, hope to add more
  • Scoring rules may be changed in the future
  • Max score you gain if you won : +27 (+30 for cat player)
  • Max score you lose if you lose : -15
  • Min score you gain if you won : +15
  • Min score you lose if you lose :
    • Bronze : +0
    • Silver : -2
    • Gold : -5
    • Platinum : -8
    • Diamond : -11 (?)

In-game Impairments

Note: These are not bugs, it's intentional to make this game more interesting

  • Sleeping King(unofficial name): Present in the Bedroom section of Night Castle stages, upon landing on a bed or having an item thrown to him will wake him up, causing a shock wave shout which reduces the health of both cats and mice and stuns them for a period of time. Has a CD of about 30 seconds
  • Spike: Present in the Night Castle, House and Summer Cruise stages, will seek out any cats or mice when disturbed (usually by walking past him). Upon catching, he will throw the target to a certain distance, stunning them. Cats can bypass this impairment by equipping the C class perk "A Dog's Best Friend" onto their deck. Throwing items two times at him will briefly stun him and he will drop a bone that can summon Tyke. After going into sleep, Spike will enter "Deep Sleep State" for 15 seconds. When Spike is in deep sleep, both cat and mice cannot wake up him.
  • Tyke: Using a special bone and successfully hitting a target will cause a small sized dog who resembles Tyke to appear and be hostile to that target. He will dance around when near anyone friendly to him and will buff your team by increasing your cheese pushing speed for mice and slightly increasing the countdown rate of rocket chairs for cats. Throwing the bone at Spike will briefly stun him
  • Space atmosphere: The outside atmosphere of the Space Fortress stage causes anyone outside to gradually lose health, eventually leading to a Weakened state where mice can be directly caught and cause cats to be stunned for a period of time
  • Firework Crate: Located in the Utility Room in the House stages, mice or cats can activate it, with a 30 second countdown before it explodes, stunning everyone in it and decreases HP, if low enough can inflict a Weakened state. This can also cause mice currently tied to the rocket to be immediately dispatched, so rescue them before the crate explodes. It also reduces all other rocket chair's dispatching time by 20 seconds. It also dealing considerable damage to the wall. A Firework Crate will only appear when a Cheese is spawned in the Utility Room.
  • Hostess's Broom(unofficial name): The hostess of the house appears to stay at either the Kitchen and Bedroom areas of the House stage. If anyone walks past her without a shield effect or invisibility, the hostess will do a sweeping act which will stun everyone caught by it. The only other way to avoid this is to jump high enough or quickly retreat so you won't get caught
  • Henry and Mother Duck (unofficial name): Appearing in Joan's House section of the Forest Ranch stage, the Mother Duck will wander around the house aimlessly, however, if either Henry or the Mother Duck is hit by any throwable or ability, the other, instead of wandering aimlessly, now goes after that target, which attacks will stun the cat/mouse for about 1 second. They will keep attacking until the target gets far enough from them, which by then will return to wandering around again.
  • Lake Atmosphere: In the Forest Ranch stage, there is a limited time in which you can travel underwater. Running out of air bubbles will cause you to immediately enter a weakened state after losing 50% health per second.
  • Cactus Effects: Stuns cats who steps into the cactus and lose HP. All the mice are immune to cactus effects.
  • Bird's Nest: There are two bird nests in the Forest Ranch map, one in the Joan's House and one in the Forest. Cat and mice can put items onto it, and the nest will change the item to be "better". The exchange rules are below:
  • Security Guard: Appearing on the Metropolis map, he punches anyone that comes near him, continuously dealing damage. His attack cooldown is a bit longer than the alley cat.
  • Alley Cat: This feline is found in the Alley from the Metropolis map. Any mice that comes near him would suffer the wrath of his claws. The mouse would be weakened if he/she stays in range of the alley cat long enough for him to get three hits.
  1. Any drink → Toy Gun
  2. Pistol → Wedge of Cheese
  3. Ice Cube → Grey Vase
  4. Grey Vase → Blue-white Vase
  5. Blue-white Vase → Mysterious Drink
  6. Firecracker → Firecracker Cluster
  7. Golf Ball/Fork → Mousetrap/Swatter

More coming soon

Items and Props

The game consists of different items and props that you can use to take advantage in the game.


  • Can be thrown to your opponents to reduce speed and HP, dealing low damage. When it's thrown on the ground, it will shatter, creating shards, people who walk on them will get stunned for a while. (Exception is for cats who bring the A class Cautious card or Cowboy Jerry's Level 1 passive being active.)


  • Can be thrown to your opponents to reduce speed and HP, dealing low damage. When it's thrown on the ground, it will shatter, creating shards, people who walk on them will get stunned for a while. (Exception is for cats who bring the A class Cautious card or Cowboy Jerry's Level 1 passive being active.)

Food Plate

  • Can be thrown to your opponents to reduce speed and HP, dealing moderate damage. When it's thrown on the ground, it will shatter, creating shards, people who walk on them will get stunned for a while. (Exception is for cats who bring the A class Cautious card or Cowboy Jerry's Level 1 passive being active.)

Grey Vase

  • Can be thrown to your opponents to stun, reduce speed and HP, dealing considerable damage. When it's thrown on the ground, it will shatter, creating shards, people who walk on them will get stunned for a while. (Exception is for cats who bring the A class Cautious card or Cowboy Jerry's Level 1 passive being active.)

Blue-white Vase

  • Can be thrown to your opponents to stun, reduce speed and HP, dealing considerable damage. Can store up to 3 props. When it's thrown on the ground, it will shatter, creating shards, people who walk on them will get stunned for a while. (Exception is for cats who bring the A class Cautious card or Cowboy Jerry's Level 1 passive being active.)


  • Pick it up, and click the icon again to activate the firecracker countdown, when it is thrown to the opponents after the countdown, it will blow up, if it is not thrown away in time, you will get blown up instead. (You can stop the countdown by using Cherie's weapon Shower of Love or Tuffy's Level 3 passive being activated.)


  • Pick it up, and click the icon again to activate the firecracker countdown, when it is thrown to the opponents after the countdown, it will blow up and have a few firecrackers released, affecting people who are near it. If it is not thrown away in time, you will get blown up instead. (You can stop the countdown by using Cherie's weapon Shower of Love or Tuffy's Level 3 passive being activated.)


  • Can be thrown to create a reverse effect, you can also be affected if you walk to a scattered perfume as well. After a while, it will disappear. (Toodles Galore's Level 1 passive can avoid this, however and instead gives her a boost in movement speed and attack rate)

Seasoning Bottle

  • Can be thrown to block your opponents' vision for some time. When it is on land, it will create a "smoke area", affecting the people who walk to it. After walked for a while, it will disappear.

Golf Ball

  • Can be thrown to reduce speed and HP. It is bouncy, so it will not disappear unlike other props. Players can use it strategically.

Ice Cube

  • After picking, it will start a countdown, it can be used to freeze your opponents and reduce HP, damage is quite low. If it is on the ground, it will create a puddle, where if you walk on it, you will slide up to 5 times before it disappears. Unlike the Firecrackers, the ice cube's countdown can be cancelled by dropping it, so players can save it for another time.


  • Can be thrown to opponents to reduce speed and HP. Can be stuck on the ground. (It can be picked up again.) Because it will not disappear, players can use it strategically.

Special Items

Fruit Plate

  • Can repeatedly fire fruits, slowing down the opponents. Can also be used to hit the crack.

Flour Bag

  • After opening, it will create some flour smoke. People who touched it can open doors without sounds, not appearing on the map for a short amount of time.

Controller Remote

  • Can summon a robot mouse/robot cat. It will explode if only the enemies touched it, dealing some damage as well as stun them for a while.

Firecracker Box

  • Can take out a firecracker, it has a cool down and you can only pick one at a time. The cool down will increase after each time, starting from 15 seconds

Ice Bucket

  • Can take out an ice cube, it has a cool down and you can only pick one at a time. The cool down will increase after each time, starting from 10 seconds

Jack in a Box

  • Will release a punch after some time, if you get hit you will be stunned for a while. Mice can push them, and cats can carry and place them. It can be destroyed by explosives, such as firecrackers or Tuffy's Bazooka or throwing props when it popup.

Toy Gun

  • Every toy gun has 6 shots. Players can fire the bullets to reduce speed, and HP for the opponents, with considerable damage


  • Can be taken after knocking out Spike, releasing Tyke, who can stun the opponents. For mice, when it is close to a cheese it will cheer to make it push faster, for cats, when it is next to a tied rocket, it will speed up the timer.

(The Items Below Can Be Used by Cats Only)

Fly Swatter

  • Cats can use it to stun mice, which can be captured immediately, can be used up to 2 times.


  • Can be picked up and place to set up the mousetrap. When a mouse touched it, they need to struggle to break free. Cats who don't have the A class Cautious card will also be affected. (Cats gets a mousetrap each time a round starts, unless it is a mode where it doesn't give you one.)

Fixing Hammer

  • Can be used to fix the crack's HP, can be used up to 3 times.

Bubble Gum Machine

  • Can spawn two bubbles (One for yourself, one for the crack), which shields some damage. If damaged enough, it will explode (with a chance of stunning any enemy close to the bubble). Mice while in the Transformation Drink effect will be immune, although they will still be knocked back to a certain distance

Random Items

Canary Bags

  • Fallen from the canary after a while (or hitting the canary using an item 2 times). After opening it, you will receive items (Most likely potions).

Small Box

  • After opening it, you will receive a small item/prop.

Big Box

  • After opening it, you will receive a big item/prop. There is a chance to receive a wedge of cheese.

Special Foodstuffs

Also known as drinks or potions, they can be found at random or at Canary Airdrops (which happen periodically). Most potion effects last for a fixed amount of time (About 30 seconds). They also slightly recover the drinker's HP

  • Invisibility drink: Grants invisibility to the drinker until time runs out, even when interacting with items. Cats will lose this effect immediately upon catching a mouse
  • Energizer drink: Grants increased damage to the drinker. Cats can one shot any mouse with this effect while mice will have an easier chance of stunning the cat. However, this effect last a shorter time than other drinks (about 20 seconds)
  • Farsight drink: Grants a increased in maximum sight capability, being able to see further and allows user to react faster. In the first 10 seconds, the the opponent will reveal their location and they will receive a hint.
  • Transformation drink: Cats will have an increased movement speed, attack range and damage(although not as much as an Energizer potion). Mice will transform into a more muscular version of Jerry (Tuffy has a special transformed appearance, which is rounder and bigger than original Tuffy). While in effect, they are immune to any form of damage and has an action button for attacking but they cannot pick up items, push cheese and rescue teammates (although they can still break the wall crack).
  • Shield drink: Upon usage, the drinker will activate a shield around him/her, blocking one negative effect for mice and two negative effects for cats. Unlike the other potions, Shields created by this drink last for an indefinite amount of time until they receive a negative effect
  • Mysterious drink: Gives one of the 5 effects upon consumption.

In-Game Usable Items

Note: Italicised words are features currently not available in the international server beta

Experience Cake

  • Mice can pick it up only in the scouting phrase. After the scouting phrase ends, mice will receive EXP depending on how many cakes the mice got.
    • Previous rule:
      • 1 EXP cake: Level 2 (85% till Level 3)
      • 2 EXP cakes: Level 3 (80% till Level 4)
      • 3 EXP cakes: Level 3 (10% till Level 4)
    • Present rule:
      • 1 EXP cake: Level 1 (20% till Level 2)
      • 2 EXP cakes: Level 2 (75% till Level 3)
      • 3 EXP cakes: Level 2 (25% till Level 3)
      • 4 EXP cakes: Level 3 (60% till Level 4)
      • 5 EXP cakes: Level 4 (100% till Level 5)
  • Cats can also eat the experience cakes to increase their levels and prevent robot mice from taking them
    • 1 EXP cake: Level 1 (30% till Level 2)
    • 2 EXP cakes: Level 2 (90% till Level 3)
    • 3 EXP cakes: Level 2 (40% till Level 3)
    • 4 EXP cakes: Level 2 (10% till Level 3)
    • 5 EXP cakes: Level 3 (90% till Level 4)

Wedge of Cheese

  • Wedges of cheese are for mice to push in mouseholes. After it is pushed, mice will receive EXP depending on how many mice has pushed with. Mice has to push 5 wedges of cheese (18 in Cheese Frenzy and 4 in Operative) to enter the crack phrase.


  • Cats can use the rocket to dispatch mice, when mice are tied, the rocket will start a countdown (50 seconds by default, minus 10 seconds per tie). There will usually be 6 starter rockets (with increasing number of rockets added for every wedge of cheese pushed through). It is found all around the map
    • When tied to a rocket, mice has a interaction bar that decides their fate. These items determine whether a mice can break free or not
      • Slice of cheese: Delays dispatch time by 5 seconds, activated quite frequently
      • Steak: Delays dispatch time by 10 seconds, activated sometimes
      • Wand: Grants an immediate breakthrough from the rocket. This item has a 5% chance of activating and can be increased with the B-Tier card Lucky, which increases it by up to 3%

The following items below are found as part of the map, so they do not count as items, but still enough to be considered an utility, which includes:

Trolley (Classic House exclusive)

  • Can be used to hide from enemies, although it does not make you invulnerable to an attack. Unlike the Water bucket, it can be pushed, which can stun any hit ally or enemy briefly

Water Bucket (Classic House exclusive)

  • Can be used to hide from enemies, although it does not make you invulnerable to an attack. Unlike the Trolley, it is fixed and cannot be pushed

Cannon (Night Castle exclusive)

  • They can periodically be loaded and shot, which shoots out a lot of items (mostly plates, but can contain charged Multi-Firecrackers ). However, they are only found at the Patio area

Knight's Armor (Night Castle exclusive)

  • They are found at the Armor room and unlocked after inserting the key in a door found there. While both allies and enemies can control the armor, it only has a slot for attacking and loses all other ability to interact with items until dismounted or destroyed.

Waterfall (Summer Cruise exclusive)

  • Found at the Dining area of the map, which will slow down anyone who traverses there, unless they are on top of the waterfall

Bell (Night Castle exclusive)

  • Found at the top of the castle. After ringing the bell, the user gains a speed up buff and give a random beneficial effect for allies and negative (or rarely beneficial) effects for the other players. The bell can also wake up the king and Spike.

Triangle (Forest Ranch exclusive)

  • Found at Joan's House area of the map, it drags everyone in the range of the triangle for a few seconds (except for the person who uses it)

Flowers (Forest Ranch and Royal Gate Hotel exclusive)

Found at the Forest area in the Forest Ranch stage and any indoor area in the Royal Gate Hotel stage, it gives a effect depending on the color of the flower

  • Positive effects
    • Red: Gives the user a boost in attack damage
    • Blue: Instantly recovers some health
    • Yellow: Gives the user a damage reduction for some time
    • Light Yellow (Royal Gate Hotel exclusive): Gives the user a speed boost
    • Purple: Gives the user a regeneration state
    • Purple and Yellow (Royal Gate Hotel exclusive): Gives all the effects stated above
    • Transparent White (Royal Gate Hotel exclusive): Grants the user invisibility from the mini-map
  • Negative Effects
    • Purple and Yellow with a hint of Green: Immediately puts you in a Weakened state

Space Fortress Experimental Chamber (unofficial name):

  • Found at the Research Room, it gives a random effect based on the color and mixture of the solvent. It has a 30 second CD per use
    • 2 Yellow: Greatly increases jump height for 25 seconds (Mice), Greatly increases movement speed and jump height for 45 seconds (Cat)
    • 1 Yellow, 1 Red: Gives the user the same effect as a Transformation Drink for 18 seconds (Mice), Gives the user the same effect as a Strength Drink for 22 seconds (Cat)
    • 1 Yellow, 1 Blue: Fully recovers health (Mice), Grants immunity to Control and Weakened States for 18 seconds (Cat)
    • 1 Red, 1 Blue: Gives the user invisibility for 22 seconds (Mice)/ 40 seconds (Cat)
    • 2 Red: Puts the user in a Weakened State (Mice), Deals about 50% damage and stuns the user for a while(Cat)
    • 2 Blue: Freezes the user for 10 seconds

In-game shop

This is a new function in CN Server. This function appears in Classic Mode, Ranked Mode and Master Course. To buy an item, players need to choose what they want to buy and wait for the item come. Stunning and Weakened State can interrupt the buying progress.

Ways to earn coins

Both cats and mice can earn coins (different from coins outside the game, that can buy characters) by positive actions, like pushing cheese, dispatch a mouse. Players can also earn a certain number of coins naturally.


  • Pushing Cheese can make the mice's coin number increase continuously.
  • Saving teammates can also earn coins.
  • Usually, mice earn more coins in the Cheese Phase and fewer coins in the Wall Crack Phase. That means mice may need to choose when do they buy items. If mice choose spending their coins in the Cheese Phase, they can try to buy Cheese and items that can cause stun, but they will have fewer coins in the Wall Crack Phase. However, if mice choose spending their coins in the Wall Crack Phase, they can try to buy Transform Drink and fruit plate to crack the wall, but they need to try to use coins as few as possible in the Cheese Phase.


  • Tying a mouse and dispatching a mouse can help cats to earn coins.

Bounty Level

If a player do something positive, he will gain Bounty Level. The maximum Bounty Level is 6. Also, a player can stun or knock down an enemy to end the enemy's Bounty Level. If someone ends the enemy's Bounty Level, that player can earn coins according to the enemy's Bounty Level.



  • If there are only 2 mice remaining and one of them gets caught, do not escape the wall crack as it will lead to a loss, unless the teammate has a very lucky chance to break free from the rocket (although that is very unlikely to happen). Instead, try to save that teammate and escape together.
  • Rocket-Camping is often an effective strategy for cats to help deter other mice from rescuing, as the cat's attack can hit more than 1 enemy at the same time. They can also use their skills or a mouse swatter to disrupt the mice. Before dealing with a Rocket-camper, bring an item that can stun the cat, such as an ice block and the blue vase, or use your own skills such as Tuffy's Bazooka or Jerry's Hammer Time to disrupt.
  • If you are playing as a main rescuer, absolutely use the Fearless with the Cut and Run perk card. This way, the immunity that Fearless provides can prevent the cat from knocking out the mice immediately while Cut and Run ensures that the mice have escaped far enough.
  • If the cat has gotten a hold of one of your teammates, you can use any stunning items to throw at the cat. If they get hit, the captured mice will be released immediately.
  • EXP-Cake guarding is an effective strategy used by the cat to prevent mice from picking up every experience cake. If this happens, it is better not to try and go for it as most of the time, the robot mouse will be destroyed, which is a disadvantage because it not only makes you lose any experience cakes you have (which decreases your progress), but also helps the cat to level up faster, especially if the cat is Cowboy Tom, as his Whip can instantly destroy robot mice with his 2 second CD.
  • If you see where the cat was last seen after the Scouting Phase, go for a mouse hole that is far away from the cat's last seen location. This will help you get a headstart in finding and pushing cheese.
  • Tuffy's Bowling Ball and Mouseketeer Jerry's Block Sword is a lot more useful than you think, as its damage immunity can save you from a lot of situations, such as a firework crate explosion.
  • If you see a mousetrap at the rocket, you can perform a Jump-and-Rescue. This can prevent getting stuck to the mousetrap if you have a Fearless perk card.
  • During the Scouting Phase, try to avoid golf balls due to their ability to land multiple hits. Similarly, use them to your advantage at the Wall Crack phase to deal damage multiple times.
  • Avoid going near the cat at all during the Scouting Phase, even when it has 5 seconds left, as you may never expect a foreign object or a hand to destroy your robot mouse. (Yes this does happen quite frequently, especially when playing with random teammates)
  • Try to play a match with friends, as you would be more prepared and easily think of a good strategy. Contrary to popular belief, playing as the mouse is harder than the cat as mice requires teamwork while the cat is a one-man stand.
  • Every team should have at least 1 cheese-pusher (Detective Jerry is the best option, though Jerry or Devil Jerry can work) and 1 rescuer (Angel Jerry and King Jerry works best).
  • Always absolutely equip Blood of Iron perk card at all decks, as this can help you decide where you want to be down at. It may also help you escape and, if fast enough, may even restore your health without going weakened at all (although the last part requires a Level 3 Blood of Iron, which is extremely difficult to get by itself).


  • If you know that the mouse is going to use their abilities to try and stop you from tying a mouse to a rocket, you can jump up when they activate their ability. This will make them waste their ability and have to close up on the rocket to save their teammate. This won't work if Tuffy is using his Cloaked Sensor Mine ability.
  • Since Robot mice are easy to destroy, a golf ball is recommended as a starting item during the scouting phase as they can bounce, making it very effective against multiple robot mice.
  • One very effective measure to catch a mouse is by drinking the invisibility (white) potion and then sneaking up to them. Another is to use a strength potion as this will allow the cat to one shot the mouse.
  • Try to tie the mouse into the same rocket that you have tied before as rocket fuses instantly decrease by 10 seconds every time a mouse is rescued. This way, mice have less time to respond. However, if they have predicted your position, go for another rocket.
  • When spawning, go for the rooms with the most EXP cakes within reach, as this will deter the mice from approaching.
  • When a wall-crack appears, that is the best time to catch enemies off guard as they will have to focus on avoiding the cat and dealing damage to the crack at the same time, with the addition that Rockets will burn 4x faster.
  • Try to always use the Cautious Perk card at all decks, as the benefits of being immune to an accidental mousetrap backfire far outweighs the movement speed reduction.
  • During the Scouting Phase, cats should place mousetraps at as many mouseholes as possible, so that when the battle starts, mice will either take the risk or avoid entering that mousehole completely.
  • Try to destroy all Vase types, as they serve more of a hazard than benefit due to the cat's much larger hitbox, which if thrown successfully can cause the cat to let go of the mouse.
  • Toodles Galore is without doubt the best cat for rocket-camping at higher leagues, while Cowboy Tom is more suited for lower ranks. Toodles just needs to use her perfume skill to deter any mice from approaching them, while Cowboy Tom just needs to whip the rescued mice to KO them instantly, assuming their health is 0. However, Cowboy Tom's tricks is easy to avoid, especially when not all rescues will result in 0 HP or that most mice at higher leagues already have the Fearless perk card installed.
  • When the robot mice are excellent dodgers, focus on getting all the EXP cakes first because chasing and trying to destroy the robot mice would waste your time. When the cat gets enough EXP cakes he/she would level up. However, it is wise to continue chasing a robot mouse that has stolen a certain type of potion because if the potion is taken away then the mice may use it to gain an advantage against you.


English version

Chinese version

Taiwanesse version

Japanesse version

Korean version



台灣國語 (Taiwanese Mandarin)

日本語 (Japanese) & 한국어 (Korean)



  • Everyone in around the word exept china and taiwan
  • China: 12+ (formely) 8+ (current)
  • Taiwan: 6+




  • The Chinese game is related to collectors from Jerry as if they were also in the Summer Squashing episode of Tom and Jerry Tales.
  • Rarely, one of the cheese at the House I stage is located right at the balcony leaf. Because its size is exactly the same as the leaf, it will be impossible for mice to pick it up, leading to a guaranteed loss unless you're using Devil Tuffy's Telekinesis skill, or by getting another cheese wedge from opening a Big Box, though the former solution is much more reliable than the latter.
  • If you climb and jump quickly and stop, the sprite would remain the falling sprite of the character you are using sometimes.
  • Tapping the characters will display a short reaction animation; but only Tuffy doesn't have one, this bug has not been fixed for both Chinese Server and Asia Server.
  • In Night Castle I, small mice like Tuffy can stuck in a space under the well. This bug is still present.
  • Angel Jerry, Magician, Nibbles and Fairy Godmouse are the only playable characters that are from the Chuck Jones era.
  • If you spam the interaction button when pushing cheese, there is a glitch in which an additional wedge of cheese would be produced at the site of the mousehole, resulting in excess cheese wedges.
  • The design of the characters is similar to the design of The Tom and Jerry show for all seasons, but the appearance of Tom, Jerry, Toots (Toodles Galore) is designed in the second to fifth seasons and New York.
  • In the Parkour game, Cherie's appearance is from The Tom and Jerry Show (2014). But in the main game, her look is from the original Tom and Jerry shorts.
  • There is a bug in CN Server of Detective Tuffy's S Skin Mysterious of Time opening animation. In some frames, Detective Tuffy has three hands.
  • There are many characters in the game whose character avatars are either outdated or is their in-game character sprite faces. Weirdly, Tara is the only character whose avatar is based on her poster art.

    Angel Tom concept art

    Devil Tom concept art

  • Back in May in 2021, the developers have confirmed two upcoming characters that are yet to be released in the game: Angel Tom and Devil Tom. A voting was held and Angel Tom won the vote, which means that Angel Tom will be released in the game before Devil Tom.
  • There was once a bug where you could find a hidden character (Surui) in the Shop before she was released officially in the game. The price was also leaked, similar to how Munchkin's price also got leaked before his official debut in the CN server.
  • Currently in the CN server, Dodo is the only character that made her debut in the game from a loading screen poster (with an unreleased skin) before the actual character is in the game. She and Surui are the only characters that are from the Tom and Jerry Tales series.
  • Lightning, Muscles, Magician and Fairy Godmouse were in the game as NPCs before becoming as playable characters.
  • Surui is the only cat that spawns with a multi-firecracker instead of a mousetrap. This may or may not be intentional because it has been in the game for some time.
  • Pecos, Musician Jerry and Surui are the only characters that have skills related to music.
  • Surui has the longest skill duration in the game, which her active skill Rhythm Time has a repeated song that loops around 1 minute long until it stops by itself or interrupted. (being thrown by Spike)

A picture of the balcony cheese bug, taken during Season 1 of the Chase Pass

Detective Tuffy's S Skin opening animation has a bug, caused Detective Tuffy has three hands in some of the frames.

A picture of the Night Castle bug