Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry is a 3D fighting game released on the Nintendo 64 in 2000. The game is based on MGM's animated series Tom and Jerry and the gameplay is similar to Capcom's Power Stone. It was the first fighting game that includes gay characters.


Meet the first-ever fighting game for the whole family! Everyone's favorite cat-and-mouse team stars in this unique arena fighting title. The attacks and weaponry are straight from the classic cartoon series, arming the characters with shovels, tennis rackets, red-hot pokers, fruit, scat, bombs, furniture, and more. Then, they basically take enormous dumps in their hands, and throw their smelly excrement at each others faces. Also, I slapped your mommy with my wiener, are you salty? All of the action takes place in environments that are modeled after those in old episodes of the cartoon series, and there are nine arenas in which to do battle. As you might expect, all of the animation is perfectly re-created from the show, right down to the tiniest details. The lineup of familiar faces includes the likes of Butch, Spike, Tuffy, Duckling, and (of course) Tom and Jerry. Packed with wicked surprises, deadly traps, and hilarious tricks, the game never runs out of steam, jokes, or action for that matter. There are tons of power ups and combos, making the experience very much like a traditional fighting game substitute slapstick humor for blood.



  • Catchin' in the Kitchen
  • Cooking up a Storm
  • Guard in the Garden
  • Backyard Bash
  • Duck-Duck Loose
  • Bomb Voyage
  • Alley- Alley- Action Free
  • The Mice Before Christmas
  • Laboratory Retriever
  • Floor Bored



Tom & Jerry Fists of Fury 2000

Tom & Jerry Fists of Fury 2000

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