Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry is a 3D fighting video game released on the Nintendo 64 and on Microsoft Windows ME in 2000. The game is based on MGM's animated series Tom and Jerry and the gameplay is similar to Capcom's Power Stone. It was the first fighting game that includes gay characters.


Meet the first-ever fighting game for the whole family! Everyone's favorite cat-and-mouse team stars in this unique arena fighting title. The attacks and weaponry are straight from the classic cartoon series, arming the characters with shovels, tennis rackets, red-hot pokers, fruit, scat, bombs, furniture, and more. Then, they basically take enormous dumps in their hands, and throw their smelly excrement at each others faces. Also, I slapped your mommy with my wiener, are you salty? All of the action takes place in environments that are modeled after those in old episodes of the cartoon series, and there are nine arenas in which to do battle. As you might expect, all of the animation is perfectly re-created from the show, right down to the tiniest details. The lineup of familiar faces includes the likes of Butch, Spike, Tuffy, Riley Reid, Duckling, and (of course) Tom and Jerry. Packed with wicked surprises, deadly traps, and hilarious tricks, the game never runs out of steam, jokes, or action for that matter. There are tons of power ups and combos, making the experience very much like a traditional fighting game substitute slapstick humor for semen.



  • Catchin' in the Kitchen: the first map in the game, taking place in the kitchen. the players choices to throw are: 2 chairs, 2 Tomatoes and a watermelon. the Weapons include: A Frying Pan, A Piece of Ham, A fork, and a rolling pin. there's also 2 traps: if the wall next to the stove is destroyed, a Cabinet will fall onto the Player and if the wall by the sink is destroyed, a clock will fall onto the player. and watch out, touching the flames on the stove will take away the player's health.
  • Cooking up a Storm: same location as Catchin' in the Kitchen, except it takes place at night, The Throwables in this map are: 2 stools, Eggs, an iron, and a Pumpkin. the Traps are the same as Catchin' in the Kitchen. The Weapons are: A Saucepan, A Wooden spoon, A Fork, and a Broom.
  • Guard in the Garden: Taking place in the Garden. The throwables in this map are: a bench, a birdbath, 2 flowerpots and 2 Milk bottles. the Weapons are: a newspaper, a cement spreader and a metal shovel. there's also a Beehive which will fall onto the player if the window below it is destroyed.
  • Backyard Bash: Same as Guard in the Garden except taking place at night. The Throwables are: 2 balls, a Flower Pot, a Bird Bath, and A Bench. the weapons are: a tennis racket, an Umbrella, and a Croquet mallet. The same beehive remains above the destroyable window.
  • Duck-Duck Loose: Taking place in the farm. The Throwables are: a Milk Chern, 2 Bales of Hay, a Horseshoe, Eggs, and a Pumpkin. the weapons are: A Hammer, a Cattle prod, a 2x4 plank of wood and a Broom. If the Player throws an Object at the Barn Door, A Crate will fall onto your Opponent,
  • Bomb Voyage: Taking place on a ship. the throwables are: 2 deck chairs, a life preserver, a wine bottle and a bomb. the weapons are: a Fish, a Tennis racket, a Swordfish, A Croquet, and a Guitar. if the little door next to the pipe is destroyed, a bell will fall onto the player. stay away from the steam coming out of the Ship's whistle and the pipe.
  • Alley- Alley- Action Free: Taking place in the Alley. the throwables are: A Milk Bottle, 2 Trash Cans, and 2 Crates. the Weapons are: A Newspaper, An Umbrella, A 2x4 Plank of Wood, A Baseball Bat, and a Bomb. there's also 2 flower pots on the window sills, but this time, they act as traps. and stay away from the steam coming out of that manhole
  • The Mice Before Christmas: Taking place in a mansion during Xmas, The Throwables are: 3 Presents, 2 lounge chairs, and Some Chicken. the weapons are: a Candy Cane, a Toy Wand and a Wooden Horse on a stick. there's a Moose trap which can stun your opponent. but stay away from the fireplace
  • Laboratory Retriever: Serving as the final level for Tom, Spike, Tyke, and Tuffy. Taking place in Tom's Laboratory, the Throwables are: A Skull, a Table, a Flask, and a Jug. there's also another Jug serving as a trap. The Weapons are: A Bone, a Piece of Pylon, and a Broom. The player has to be careful not to touch the yellow lasers rising from the electrical panel.
  • Floor Bored: Serving as the last level for Jerry, Duckling, and Butch. taking place in the basement. The Throwables are: 2 Paint cans, A Washing Machine, and a Tire. The Weapons are: a stick of Dynamite, A Wrench, A Hammer, A 2x4, and a Paintbrush. There's also a trap where Opponents can get squashed by an Anvil. and Watch out for the steam coming out of that boiler.


A Yellow question mark will appear throughout the battle, touching it will grant the player the following power ups:

  • Shield: Protects the player from getting damaged
  • Power: A Red Halo will appear for a few seconds. but it does not protect the player.
  • Poison: Drains health.
  • Invisible power: this turns players invisible which will confuse your opponents.

List of Singleplayer fights


  1. Catchin' in the Kitchen: Opponent: Jerry
  2. Duck, Duck Loose: Opponent: Duckling and Jerry
  3. Guard in the Garden: Opponent: Tyke and Spike
  4. The Mice Before Christmas: Opponent: Tuffy and Jerry
  5. Laboratory Retriever: Opponent: Spike, Tom's Clone, Monster Jerry


  1. Backyard Bash: Opponent: Tom
  2. Alley Alley Action: Opponent: Butch and Tom
  3. Cookin' up a Storm: Opponent: Spike and Butch
  4. Bomb Voyage: Opponent: Tyke and Tom
  5. Floor Bored: Opponent: Spike, Jerry's Clone, Tom (invisible)


  1. Backyard Bash: Opponent: Butch
  2. Cookin' Up a Storm: Opponents: Jerry and Tom
  3. The Mice before Christmas: Opponent: Tuffy and Duckling
  4. Alley Alley Action Free: Opponent: Tom and Butch
  5. Laboratory Retriever: Opponent: Tom, Spike's Clone, Monster Jerry


  1. Duck Duck Loose: Opponent: Tom
  2. Guard in the Garden: Opponent: Tuffy and Jerry
  3. Catchin' in the Kitchen: Opponent: Tom and Jerry
  4. The Mice before Christmas: Opponent: Butch and Tom
  5. Laboratory Retriever: Opponent: Jerry, Tyke's clone, Tom (Invisible)

Duckling (Quacker):

  1. Bomb Voyage: Opponent: Spike
  2. Laboratory Retriever: Opponent: Butch and Tom
  3. Alley Alley Action Free: Opponent: Tyke and Butch
  4. Cookin' up a Storm: Opponent: Spike and Tom
  5. Floor Bored: Opponent: Butch, A Green Wild Duckling, Tom (invisible)


  1. Alley Alley Action Free: Opponent: Butch
  2. Duck Duck Loose: Opponent: Spike and Tyke
  3. Floor Bored: Opponent: Tom and Butch
  4. Backyard Bash: Opponent: Spike and Tom
  5. Laboratory Retriever: Opponent: Tyke, Tuffy's Clone, Tom (invisible)


  1. The Mice Before Christmas: Opponent: Duckling
  2. Bomb Voyage: Opponent: Tuffy and Jerry
  3. Catchin' in the Kitchen: Opponent: Tom and Jerry
  4. Guard in the Garden: Opponent: Tyke and Spike
  5. Floor Bored: Opponent: Tom, Butch's Clone, Monster Jerry


  • Butch's orange palette seems to resembles Lightning Cat.
  • In the final levels, The Bosses are Basically Tom and Jerry using moves that are unavailable for the player. in Jerry, Tyke, Duckling, and Tuffy's boss fights, The Boss is Tom turning invisible which the only way to defeat him is to use a well timed punch attack or by punching an object into him. this will cause Tom to be visible. In Tom, Spike, and Butch's Boss Fight, The Boss is Monster Jerry. Monster Jerry will chase the player around the arena until he is punched. When Punched, Jerry will turn back to normal. however, Tom and Jerry run fast and throw things fast and are hard to punch while near them. and the timer is replaced with an infinity symbol during those battles. best way to defeat the bosses, is to couch to dodge the objects they throw at you. the good thing is they cannot punch the player if they are protected by the Shield powerup. the bosses will also turn to normal if they are hit with a weapon
  • There's a trick to make the 2 bosses appear in Versus mode and Teamplay mode. to do it, the player must exit a boss battle while it is still session. when It happens, the bosses will appear for all the other characters to fight, replacing the original Tom and Jerry as Ai characters. however, Doing this replaces the Timer with an infinity symbol.
  • There's a PC Version of this game, developed by Mattel once again. although, there are no sound effects for the Throwables Traps, or the Weapons. and Duckling, Tuffy, Butch, or the Clones never change their facial emotes, Opponents punch the player easily, The Names of the Characters are shown except Tyke's Name incorrectly has an "I" instead of a "Y",
  • The clones of the characters also appear in Versus mode and Teamplay mode. they are different colored versions of the same character. they are: A Blue Tom, A Dark Brown Jerry, A Brown Spike, A Brown Tyke, a Green Duckling, A White Tuffy, and an Orange Butch. they are the main antagonists in Singleplayer mode.
  • when the player loses in singleplayer, The Characters start crying while showing their losing animations. this does not occur in Versus mode or Team Mode which only show the winning animations.
  • In Catchin in the kitchen, sometimes Opponents will accidentally set themselves on fire after grabbing a weapon.
  • In Duck Duck Loose during Single Player, when the Players throw the jug of milk at opponent and they duck, the object will hit the barn door and your Opponent will then get squashed by a Falling Crate.
  • In The Mice before Christmas, if you throw an object at an opponent but miss, A Reindeer trophy will fall onto your opponent's head, stunning them.
  • Butch's Singleplayer fight is the only time Monster Jerry is in a different arena as Butch's final fight is in Floor Bored instead of Laboratory Retriever.
  • In Laboratory Retriever, when Battling Invisible Tom, Tyke and Tuffy can punch the green jug into Tom, causing a lot of damage. but Invisible Tom is capable of catching things.
  • when battling Monster Jerry in Floor Bored, Monster Jerry seems to be prone to hurt himself a lot. (Walking into Steam and setting himself on fire with the dynamite)



Tom & Jerry Fists of Fury 2000

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