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Tom and Jerry in House Trap is a kids action video game released in 2000 for PlayStation.

The game is a split-screen trap-em-up style game, similar to the plot of the cartoon series. Player 1 is Jerry, and Player 2 is Tom. The rules of the game involve the player setting up traps and collecting weapons around the house to attack their opponent. Every 5th level is different from the others; in these levels, the player has to find certain objects and take them to their base. In Level 14, Tom is replaced by the Mechano, but Tom is still used in multiplayer mode of this level. Each of the weapons and levels are based on shorts from the orginal Hanna-Barbara Era.


  1. Mouse Cleaning
  2. Bowling Brawl
  3. Tacks for the Memories
  4. Con-fused Kitty
  5. Garden of Eaten
  6. Pop Goes the Cider
  7. Night Falls
  8. Pumping Iron
  9. Cheap Skates
  10. Our Man Spike
  11. Kid Gloves
  12. For Butter or Worse
  13. Lawn and Order
  14. Mechani-cat
  15. Oodles for Toodles





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