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Toodles Galore (also known as Toots in Tom and Jerry in New York) is a character in the Tom and Jerry series. She has white fur, wears a neck ribbon, and is considered attractive by other characters.

Prior to her debut in the Tom and Jerry short Springtime for Thomas (1946), a white female cat resembling a prototype version of Toodles previously appeared (alongside a black alley cat resembling a prototype version of Butch Cat) in the one-shot MGM cartoon The Alley Cat (1941) directed by Hugh Harman. A character model sheet for the short refers to her as "The Lady Cat".[1]

Toodles is the first of many female cats that Tom falls for over the course of the series, and is the most recurring of all of Tom's love interests. She does not speak and rarely moves about. She is also the love interest of Butch Cat, as which Tom and Butch often rival each other for her affections. Toodles was also the love interest of Jerry. In Casanova Cat he falls head over heels in love with her.


Toodles is shown to be very laid-back and mild-mannered, as she usually is, she does play hard to get sometimes and never mean to Tom (or Butch), who they have to win her affection. she can seen as shallow at first, but was seen in with some emotions.

Toodles has mother indistincts as seen in Love Me, Love My Mouse, after Tom offers Jerry to her as a present, Jerry invokes her motherly indistncts by acting cute, causing her to treat him like her child. It only lasts until she gives him a kiss at which point she gains a appetite of now having a desire to eat mice.


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(Blue Cat Blues features a female white cat who is interested in riches and intimate tomcats, but she is not Toodles.)

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Tom is Toodles' boyfriend. He mostly falls in love with her and tries to impress her.


Toodles is apparently open with any kind of relationship. Even with non-cats. In Casanova Cat, Jerry kissed Toodles on the cheek, which had her take an interest in him. At the end, a car drove off with Toodles and Jerry, and they shared a passionate kiss in the back seat.


They meet in Solid Serenade and apparently live together.


She and Cherie Mouse are BFs just like Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse.


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  • In The Tom and Jerry Show (2014), her appearance and attitude is shown differently and she is heard speaking except in Tap Cat.
    • Her appearance and attitude in that series is equal to that of Toots, another cat that appeared in the original short films of Tom and Jerry.
      • Ironically, Toodles is named (and credited as) "Toots" in Tom and Jerry in New York. This is most noteworthy in the title for the second season episode, "Toots the Terrible."
  • She and Jerry encounter each other in The Tom and Jerry Show (2014), and in Toodle Boom, it is revealed that she gets excited and playful whenever she sees a mouse, and then she starts chasing it. However, she does not resort to chasing mice in her other appearances in the show, or even when she and Jerry had other encounters with each other.