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Toots is a female cat who debuts in the Tom and Jerry cartoon "Puss n' Toots". She is the love interest of Tom Cat.


She a yellow kitten with a pink bow in her head and a pink bow on her neck and short tail. but in her appearance in The Mouse Comes to Dinner, she has blue bow (instead of red), doesn't where her bow in her neck and she is a little older than she was in the previous shorts.


When Mammy Two Shoes answers the door to receive a female cat named Toots to take care of temporarily, so she decides to put her in the couch, as Tom sees her he falls madly in love with her.


Original Shorts

The Tom and Jerry Show (2014)


  • She is Tom's first love interest.
  • Her appearance and attitude in the series is equal to that of Toodles Galore, in The Tom and Jerry. Show. possibly Toots' name gets mistaken for Toodles' name.
  • She speaks in The Mouse Comes to Dinner.
  • She becomes a little older in said episode.
  • She is a playable character in Tom and Jerry: Chase.
  • In the Bodyguard, she is white all over instead of yellow with a white belly.


Puss n' Toots

The Mouse Comes to Dinner