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Topsy is a gray kitten. He is one of Tom's alley cat friends, although in one cartoon he befriends Jerry. He first appeared in Baby Puss; his final appearance in the original theatrical shorts was in Scat Cats. He also appears in Tom and Jerry Tales with a more yellowish color than before. In Professor Tom, Topsy is explicitly a house cat; more often (as in Saturday Evening Puss and elsewhere), he is often depicted as an alley cat.

In Professor Tom, Topsy was friends with Jerry, While Tom tries to convince him to catch mice, Jerry shows on the chalk board that cats and mice should be nice and be friends. At the end of the episode Topsy and Jerry were holding hands together.


Topsy is portrayed as a the follower of the group as the young, naïve, he often supportive to his friends.

In Tom and Jerry (2021 film), Topsy is portrayed as loud mouth and often interrupting his pals, which sometimes his behavior can annoy Butch.


He's is a Scottish Fold kitten, Still being a small kitten, Topsy is younger and shorter than his friends and has a tail similar to Tom Cat. In Tom and Jerry Tales he is yellow and his tail a little bit longer with a round tip. He would speak on the show.

The cat in the episode Auntie Social. In his next appearances, the cat would be seen through Season 3 and Season 4 as Topsy's older brother and a teenage cat, with lighter orange and beige fur, and white and black eyes, with a brown circle loop around one of his eyes.


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