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Touché, Pussy Cat! is a 1954 Tom and Jerry cartoon. With backgrounds by Robert Gentle and layouts by Dick Bickenbach.


Nibbles is sent to Jerry to be a mouseketter. But he is terrible at it, so he is forced to go home. But on the way, he gets in a fight with Tom and drowns him in wine, making Nibbles a mouseketeer. However, Nibbles accidentally stabs Jerry in the rear with his sword. This causes an angry Jerry to turn Nibbles on his lap taking off his diaper and starts spanking him. As he is being punished, Nibbles turns to the audience and remarks, "C'est la guerre!" ("That's war!").



  • The title of this short would later become Nibbles' catchphrase in the rest of the mouseketter cartoons.
  • This is the sixth and last Tom and Jerry short to be nominated.
  • In the restored DVD version, Nibbles' singing "Frère Jacques" has been muted out for unknown reasons, and is replaced by the background music.
  • Like a number of early widescreen animated films (several other MGM cartoons, Disney's Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom and Lady and the Tramp, for example), Touché, Pussy Cat! was produced in both the Academy and CinemaScope aspect ratios. The same animation cels were used, but the camera shots were re-framed and different backgrounds were used. For some television broadcasts, however, a pan and scan copy was prepared from the CinemaScope version (which is re-framed from the Academy version, and missing information present at the top and bottom of the frame in many shots from the Academy version). Contrary to the CinemaScope version, the Academy version is missing information present at the left and right side of the frame in many shots from the CinemaScope version.
  • On the WB Kids YouTube channel, the cartoon is presented in a 16:9 aspect ratio instead of its CinemaScope format in the Classic Cartoon Compilation videos.