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Tough Luck Duck is the sixth episode in the second season of The Tom and Jerry Show.. It is the 58thepisode overall.


Little Quacker might just be the most unlucky duck ever! Little Quacker thinks he's being bad luck around Tom, Jerry and Spike after walking under a ladder.


Quacker was walking until he sees a ladder. He avoids it because he doesn't want bad luck. Jerry and Tom had a typical chase when Jerry got on a ball and Tom threw Spike's teddy-bear and hit Jerry. The ball hit Quacker and threw him through the ladder. Quacker says that he has bad luck now. The others don't think so, but after some bad things they admit he has and they try to lift the bad luck. Every time something unlucky happens, Quacker says: "That's all my fault". After a few trials which did not work, Jerry, Tom and Spike try to ward off from Quacker, but he always finds them. They three hide in the starage all the night. In the morning, they exit the storage and find Quacker. He says that the bad luck disappeared. They are very happy. Spike looks at the calendar and sees that today is Friday the 13th. Jerry, Tom and Spike think they will have more bad luck, so they panic and run. When they cross the street, they made a car accident. Then, Quacker looks at the camera and says: "That was not my fault".




  • Ruggles (non-speaking cameo)
  • Goldy (non-speaking cameo)
  • Whale (non-speaking cameo)


  • This is the episode Tom and Jerry and Spike are scared because of the duck and the bad day Looks Like "Fraidy Cat"
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    The episode takes place on Thrusday, 12th of May 2016 and Friday 13th of May 2016 as seen on the calendar that Spike marks off at the end of the episode. As both 2016's and this episode's calendar as the exact same.