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"Treasure Map Scrap" is the thirtieth episode of Tom and Jerry Tales, directed by Neal Sternecky, written by Eric Donald and Jim Gomez and storyboard by Dave Bennett.




  • Baby Swordfish
  • Mother Swordfish


Tom and Jerry are on a raft sailing towards an island in search of a nearby shipwreck that supposedly contains a tresure chest filled with gold from 1879. Tom traps Jerry and decides to jump into the freezing water to retrieve the treasure. However, Jerry has earned the friendship of a baby swordfish that saves him and defeats Tom. Near the end of the episode, the mother swordfish appears and scares away Tom. They retrieve the chest back onto the raft, but the treasure turns out to actually be golden cheese. Jerry shares it with the baby swordfish, but the disgruntled Tom is left rowing the raft without getting any gold.


  • This is the last Tom and Jerry Tales episode to be released in 2006.
  • The red thermal onesie used like a sail on Tom and Jerry's raft is a reference of the secne where Jerry is sailing away with the picnic basket using Tom's red bathing suit like a sail from 1947 short Salt Water Tabby.