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The Trojan Dog is a robot character that appears in The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show's episode The Trojan Dog .


He a green dog with a hippo-like mouth, little wheels, a flat tail and antenna in his head.


The Trojan Dog was invented by a scientist, in a lab in his basement, Jerry uses he Trojan Dog to down the locked door, the robot was used smash wood, and chew through chain, he can even chew through refrigerator doors. he can be controlled with a remote which is control by Jerry (he can also move and make his choice by his own).


Trojan Dog is also helpful to Jerry, and he also acts like real dogs, he protects Jerry from intruders like Tom, he can Bark and Growl like a dog. He can't resist catching a stick. the robot can also fall in love with a look alike model except with a wig.