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Tyke Bulldog is a gray bulldog puppy and is the son of Spike Bulldog, appearing in Tom and Jerry cartoon series and is mostly seen with his father Spike, he made his debut in the 1949 short Love That Pup. Like his father Spike, Tyke also hates Tom just like his father ever since Tom hung him on a flag post. Ever since he was born, all the episodes Tyke was in included himself or his and Spike's lunch being tormented by Tom.

He and his father would later star in the spin-off series Spike and Tyke, as the father and son duo starring in many media such as the later in the comics, starring roles episodes in Tom and Jerry Kids and etc.



Tyke is similar to his father Spike Bulldog. He has a gray coat, a red dog collar, and light blue eyes. He is mostly seen standing on four legs and standing on two feet (in a few instances).


Tyke is a playful, kind and caring young bulldog pup that he is a son of Spike and he keeping an eye on Jerry by the other cats like Tom or Butch. He loving and caring to his father Spike and even wants to be like him when he grows up, He can sometimes seen as smarter and more aware than his father Spike that is proven in the cartoon Scat Cats, when the alley cats disguise as the owners George and Joan, when Spike believes there were actually his owners, but Tyke wasn't fooled by this disguise.

Theatrical and TV Appearances

Tom and Jerry

Spike and Tyke

The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show

Tom and Jerry Tales

Season 2

'The Tom and Jerry Show (2014)

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War of the Whiskers

Tyke appears in Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers for he is a one of the five All-Round fighters alongside Jerry, Robot Cat, Quacker and Nibbles. He is a faster in speed and like his father Spike that he fights Jerry in Haunted Mouse.


Voice Actors


  • Unlike Spike, Tyke does not speak in these original theatrical shorts or any of the other known productions where characters from Tom and Jerry are in; in The Tom & Jerry Kids Show, however, Tyke's speaking voice is provided by Patric Zimmerman, who also provided the voices for Elroy Jetson and Augie Doggie.
  • It is unknown who Tyke’s mother is.
  • Tyke was bothered by Tom first. Afterwards, Jerry was the next to bother him so that Jerry could blame all of his antics on Tom and Spike falls for it and blames Tom.
  • Tyke is still friends with Jerry despite his father Spike considered Jerry no longer as his friend anymore for abusing him and Tyke, and framing Tom in The Tom & Jerry Show (2014)