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I been a fan of Tom and Jerry since my childhood me and my dad are big fans of it. My father liked between the Hanna-Barbara era and Chuck Jones-era the best.

I enjoy the original Tom and Jerry shorts, the Chuck Jones-era of Tom and Jerry and Tom and Jerry Tales, , The Tom and Jerry Show (2014), are great shows. The Tom and Jerry Show (1975) takes away comedy and slapstick humor. The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show l loved it's music and humor and i enjoyed this series. Tom and Jerry is the Gene Deitch-era is probably my least favorite incarnation of Tom and Jerry it has to intense violence, it's creepy sounds and introudocing that fat man that is Tom's owner, thought it was to painful to watch.Tom & Jerry Kids i haven't honestly seen that much of the show I'm currently waiting for it arrives in HBO MAX.

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Favorite Original Shorts

Top 5 Gene Dietch

  1. The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit
  2. Tall in the Trap
  3. Carmen Get It!
  4. Buddies Thicker Than Water
  5. Calypso Cat

Top 5 Chuck Jones

  1. Love Me, Love My Mouse
  2. Much Ado About Mousing
  3. Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary
  4. Puss 'n' Boats
  5. Catty-Cornered

My favorites in The Tom and Jerry Show (1975)

  1. The Police Kitten
  2. Beach Bully
  3. The Ski Bunny
  4. Planet Pest
  5. The Lost Duckling

My favorites in Tom and Jerry Comedy Show

  1. Most Wanted Cat
  2. Pied Piper Puss
  3. A Connecticut Mouse in King Arthur's Cork
  4. New Mouse in the House
  5. Get Along, Little Jerry


Tom and Jerry Kids

The most I watched so far

My favorites in Tom and Jerry Tales

  1. Spaced Out Cat
  2. League of Cats
  3. Beach Bully Bingo
  4. Monster Con
  5. Game of Mouse & Cat

Tom and Jerry Show (2014)

  1. Tap Cat
  2. Double Dog Trouble
  3. Frown and Country
  4. Vegged Out
  5. Mouse Party