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About Me

I been a fan of Tom and Jerry since my childhood me and my dad are big fans of it. My Dad like the Chuck Jones-era the best.

I enjoy the original Tom and Jerry cartoons, the Chuck Jones-era of Tom and Jerry and Tom and Jerry Tales, I think Tom & Jerry Kids, The Tom and Jerry Show (2014), are okay shows. The Tom and Jerry Show (1975) takes away comedy and slapstick humor. The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show had some mediocre episodes but i enjoyed the older epiosdes, but the the newer episode were bad. And my least favorite Tom and Jerry is the Gene Deitch-era known as the dark ages of Tom and Jerry it has to intense violence that it kills comedic humor that I thought it was to painful to watch.

My Schedule

Where now on 2000 pages, celebrating for the 80th annvisery of the Tom and Jerry!


My favorite pages

My favorite characters

My favorite Episodes

Top 5 Gene Dietch

  1. Carmen Get It!
  2. Buddies Thicker Than Water
  3. Tall in the Trap
  4. The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit
  5. Calypso Cat

Top 5 Chuck Jones

  1. Love Me, Love My Mouse
  2. Much Ado About Mousing
  3. Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary
  4. Puss 'n' Boats
  5. Catty-Cornered

My favorites in Tom and Jerry Show 1975

  1. The Police Kitten
  2. Jerry's Nephew
  3. The Lost Duckling
  4. Planet Pest
  5. Cruise Kitty

My favorites in Tom and Jerry Comedy Show

  1. Most Wanted Cat
  2. Pied Piper Puss
  3. New Mouse in the House
  4. Farewell, Sweet Mouse
  5. Cat in the Fiddle

Tom and Jerry Kids

My favorites in Tom and Jerry Tales

Season 1

  1. Spaced Out Cat
  2. Beach Bully Bingo
  3. Doggone Hill Hog

Season 2

  1. League of Cats
  2. Game of Mouse & Cat
  3. Monster Con

Tom and Jerry Show (2014)

  1. Tap Cat
  2. Double Dog Trouble
  3. Dog Star Spike
  4. Vegged Out
  5. Mouse Party

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