Real name: You don't need to know
Age: 16

Alternate names:

rarityfan, Rarity, Marshy, furrygirl, Jelly, Jello

Favorite character:

Jerry Mouse

User rights:


Favorite wiki:


Favorite color:


Favorite movie:

Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring
The Rescuers
The Lion King
The Tigger Movie
Lady & The Tramp


I forgot. Oh, yeah: it's my photographic memory!
High intelligence
Hi vokabullairy
Great sense of humor

Hi there! My name is RarityTheMarshmallow, but you may call me Rarity or Marshy. I have been a big fan of Tom & Jerry since I was little, and even have some of their videos. Plus, I sometimes watch their films on Cartoon Network. My least favorite of their cartoons, however, is that corny potboiler Tom and Jerry: The Movie. Yuck!

Please note that I'm also an admin here, so if you have any issues with this wiki, then just post a message on my talk page. Be warned that I might bite. :D

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