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|Box title = The Cartoon King
|Row 1 title = Age
|Row 1 info = From 1-infinity. Take your pick
|Row 2 title = Residence
|Row 2 info = Hanoi, Vietnam
|Row 3 title = Friends
|Row 3 info = Doctor Bugs, Chintzy
|Row 4 title = Frenemies
|Row 4 info = None|Image file = 2012-09-19.jpg
|Image size = 220px|Row 5 title =Enemies
|Row 5 info =None }}
Bonjour. I am The Cartoon King. If you need help, I suggest you post a message on my message wall [http://tomandjerry.wikia.com/wiki/Message_Wall:The_Cartoon_King here].
'''''IMPORTANT NOTE: This user is currently inactive, and will stay that way. Sincerely, Nobody P.S: I'm not dead, just really busy. Sayonara people! '''''
==My important dates==
*March 26, 2013: Joined the wiki
*April 15, 2013: 100th edit
*May 7, 2013: First ever friend on wiki
*June 4, 2013: Promoted to chat-moderator
*July 9, 2013: Promoted to sysop (admin)
*July 14, 2013: Blocked 1st user
*August 3, 2013: Blocked 10 users
*August 25, 2013: Blocked 20 users
*September 7, 2013: Blocked 30 users
*August 30, 2013: 1,000th edit
*<span style="line-height:20px;">September 26, 2013: 6 month anniversary on wiki + '''MY BIRTHDAY. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA'''</span>
*October 14, 2013: Wasted more than 3 months editing just to lose the ''A Wiki Life ''badge (Not exactly lose, but getting it will take a  loooong, loooong time (200 days).)
*October 23, 2013: Lost the ''A Wiki Life ''badge (again)
*October 29, 2013: Took a temporary break from the wiki
* January 1, 2014: HAPPY NEW YEAR
*January 16, 2014: Started long-term break (Still gonna check wiki a few times a week, though)
*March 26, 2014: 1 year anniversary of joining the T&J Wiki
* September 26, 2014: 18 month anniversary ON wiki + '''MY BIRTHDAY. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA'''
* December 13, 2014: Officially quit the wiki
* January 1, 2015: HAPPY NEW YEAR
* March 26, 2015: 2 year anniversary... Oh forget it
* '''Note: + marks an upcoming event, which means it hasn't happened yet '''
===Unidentified events===
*................ ..., 2013: 500th edit
*Music (Electronic, House, Pop, Rock,...)
*Soccer (Football)
*Books (Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter,...)
*Watching videos
*Movies (Captain America, Iron Man, The Avengers, Hunger Games, Harry Potter,...)
*Grammar exercises
*Much, much more...
*Doctor Bugs
*NewMarioFan65 (MarioFan65)
*Ermac270 (Iron Man Wiki) 
*LauraIngalls (Lion King Fanon)
*TheNewGuy01 (Lion King Fanon)
*Clear the wiki of spam
*<strike>Become chat-moderator</strike>
*<strike>Become admin</strike>
*Get more users on the wiki
*Get the chat running
*<strike>Make profile cooler</strike> (It's way cooler now. Don't believe me? Then click [http://tomandjerry.wikia.com/wiki/User:The_Cartoon_King?direction=next&oldid=12727 here] to see my old profile.)
*<strike>Get 100 edits</strike>
*<strike>Get 500 edits</strike>
*<strike>Get 1000 edits</strike>
*Get 1500 edits
* Get more info to the wiki
Tom or Jerry?
I hate them both!

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