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Vegged Out is an episode of the third season of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014).


Jerry uses a Cucumber to Scare Tom Endlessly.

So Butch tries to Overcome Tom's Fears.


The episode begins has Jerry was watching a video of a cat (Lightning) as he drinks some milk in his bowl, his owner, however, puts a cucumber beside him, as he stops drinking and turns around, the cat screams as he jumps in the air.

Jerry was replaying the same scene about two times, then he laughed at the cat as he slammed his arm on the wooden floor, he heard something as he turned his head around to see Tom putting a mouse trap beside his mouse hole.

Tom places a piece of cheese to get his attention, then sets up the trap. Jerry looked back and forth from Tom to the video, then an idea pops in his head. He walks by the mouse trap without taking the cheese, while Tom is a bit surprised of this. Tom frowns as he begins to touch the cheese, till Jerry runs behind him with a cucumber in his hands, he places it on the ground beside as he whistles to Tom, for his attention. Tom looked up then down at Jerry in an angry look.

He looks down and to his eyes, sees a cucumber. His eyes go wide as he screams and Flies To The Ceiling. Jerry laughs at the moment while Tom looks down as he hung onto the ceiling, shaking as he was scared. Jerry then has the cucumber back in his hands as he wiggles it from left to right, causing Tom to scream and scratch through the roof and into the upper part of the house. Jerry stops wiggling it as he happily went off with his cucumber.

Tom looks down at Jerry angrily, till he falls from the ceiling and into the mousetrap. He screamed as the cheese flew into Jerry's hands as he ate a piece off of it. Tom later on fell on the floor as the mousetrap was on his tail, as he looked. He went back up as the trap was still on his tail, he again looked angrily at Jerry as he held his cheese and got out the cucumber again. Tom's neck twists and screams as he runs away, tied from his waist.

Jerry then eats the whole cheese while holding his cucumber, then walks into his mousehole happily. Later on, Tom was sleeping in the dining room peacefully till Jerry walked by Tom as he tickled his nose, causing Tom to sneeze. Jerry gets blown away a bit happily till he looks at Tom who is angry, they began to chase each other till as they were in the kitchen, Jerry runs off as Ginger stops Tom from running as she hold a piece of her puzzle.

She warns Tom as she worked on the puzzle for ages and didn't want him to tear he house. Tom nods to Ginger's command as he tip toes away from her. Then, he runs again till Jerry stops him, he wore a magicians outfit with a top hat which color of white and black. He bows down to Tom as the cat was a bit curious. He got out a tissue as he began to moves his fingers as he mischievously looked at him. Tom thought this was stupid till he looked down and Jerry once again, got out the cucumber.

He screamed as his tongue pointed at the cucumber, and ran away. Jerry bowed after before Tom's running, later Ginger finally completes her puzzle. Jerry later on chased Tom with the cucumber till as Ginger walked away as she wanted to tell Rick about the puzzle she completed. Tom tumbles over the chair, the table and the puzzle and Ginger began to Get mad at Tom as she yells "Thomas!", he was confused.

After, he was in his Kennel as he played the harmonica. Then, Ginger set Tom free as she told him to behave himself or back to the cage. Tom then used his eyes to tell his owner he was sorry, then Ginger told him that there were no hard feelings and there was a bowl of milk waiting for him if he's good. Tom pants with excitement. His tail wages back and forth and on his four as Ginger inside the kitchen pours the milk in Tom's bowl. Tom watches her and hides as she leaves but then Jerry puts the cucumber in the milk and runs off as Tom takes the bowl and drinks the milk but he see the cucumber on your head and runs out of the kitchen but he tears up Ginger's long pink pants and shoes and she puts him in his kennel again as he played the harmonica.

Jerry puts the cucumber in a small box and wraps it like a present, Tom sees it and opens it but goes crazy crashing up the living room as Jerry leaves. Ginger puts Tom outside as punishment as he meows sadly at the door, Jerry comes and placed the cucumber behind him, Tom sees it and runs off and digs under the garden and sees more cucumbers all grown and climbs up the tree shivering.

Butch Cat sees Tom frightened and decided to help him out before it's gets out of hand, Butch asked Tom a few questions about his childhood then, he squirts ketchup on his notepad and shows it to Tom and he licks it and squirts mustard and eats it. Then Jerry comes with cucumber again and Tom and Butch and they run away. In the trash, Butch tells Tom that they need to sort this problem so he opens the fridge and show a jar of rotten pickles to Tom and he holds his mouth who was disgusted.

Next The Two Cats go out on the streets to learn how to face the fears as in Tom. Outside the store, Butch shows his different fruits and vegetables but he was scared of those things. Butch hides behind the stand and he gets Tom to touch the whole load of cucumbers on the back of truck, he shivers as he tries to touch them and he does and they didn't fall, Butch and Tom didn't think that was so bad. Suddenly the stack of cucumber starts to collapse and they run away screaming as they're being chased down the road.

Butch hits a dead end but Tom grabs him just in time over the fence, The Two Cats screamed as they saw the biggest cucumber ever but it was a blimp. Tom and Butch climbed over the wall but ends up in the dog pound where all the Dogs were barking and attacked them and the cats safely survived but they saw a huge field of cucumbers in the farm and fall back down and all the dogs attacked them again. Tom walks back home exhausted, he lays on the floor then Jerry comes with the cucumber again but this time, he bites it, and takes the cucumber and hits it and Jerry runs away. Tom happily throws the cucumber away and goes to sleep thus ending the episode.





  • This is the second time that Jerry has a phone when he videos a frightened cat on a pickle.
  • When Tom and Butch thought the pickle was evil even though it was pickled to eat, not evil. In the end, Tom ate the pickle without fear.
  • the way Tom and Lightning freaked out at a cucumber is correct as in reality, Cats are indeed afraid of cucumbers as they see them as Snakes.
  • This episode was made in a time where videos about cats being afraid of cucumbers where popular.




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