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Vid-ee-oh! Rap Toon Show is a 1991 UK VHS tape.


Vid-ee-oh! Rap Toon Show was a 1991 charity endeavor, a fundraiser for the NCH to mark Children’s Video Week.

The centerpiece is a rap song performed by The Calypso Twins, featuring a pre cook show Ainsley Harriott, with the help of The Honey Monster, Jive Bunny, Louise English, Bobby Davro, Bill Oddie, Bart Simpson, a panda, and the 'allo 'allo Nazis.

It's a bizarre psychedelic rave, an ebullient party with the strangest guest list ever assembled. It's all performed before a green screen, on which all manner of colorful acid house visuals have been projected. Anyone wearing green becomes partly invisible.

Interspersed are some classic cartoons, on loan from Tony Robinson's Stay Tooned show.

Shorts Included

  • "Ace of Space" (Popeye)
  • "Belle Boys" (Woody Woodpecker)
  • "Daffy Rents"
  • "Bully for Bugs"
  • "Rock 'n' Rodent" (Tom and Jerry)