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Western Publishing was an American children's book publisher from 1907 to 2001. They published books, comics, coloring/activity books, puzzles, board games and lots of other paper/cardboard based toys for kids.

Western Publishing's comics were a joint production with Dell until 1962 when they started publishing comics under their own imprints, Gold Key Comics and Whitman Comics. Western Publishing also sold March of Comics, in bulk, to places like shoe stores, for the stores to hand out to kids as free give-aways.

The comics published by Western Publishing were licensed out to be reprinted by publishers around the world in various languages.

Puzzles were published under the Whitman, Golden and Rainbow Works imprints. Books/Coloring Books published under the Whitman, Golden and Merrigold Press imprints.

Tom & Jerry

Western Publishing published Tom & Jerry books, comics, coloring books, puzzles, Magic Slate peg toys and more.