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Who Are You Kitten is the forty-ninth episode of Tom & Jerry Kids written by Patrick A. Ventura.





Tom, at his owner's request, becomes a good samaritan to an "orphan" kitten, not knowing that he's a freeloading con artist in disguise and also still has a mother.


On a winter night, after Tom grabs the brownies away from Jerry and places them in the refrigerator, Tom's owner rewards him with dinner and the bed set up. And just as Tom is about to go to sleep, there is a knock on the door, so the owner opens it, the visitor is an orange kitten, all wet and homeless, and is taken in the house to Tom's bewilderment and Jerry's surprise. Tom doesn't mind sharing his food and bed to the orphaned kitten, but when the owner says "good night" and leaves, the orphan turns out to be a tricky urchin who does the "big eyes and homeless orphan routine" and forces Tom to make a sandwich. Tom then enters the kitchen, only to see Jerry snacking on tuna. Tom chases after Jerry as the Kitten heads to the kitchen himself to get some food. However, Tom is there to block him every step of the way which starts to annoy the Kitten. Once the Kitten got rid of Tom, he finds that Jerry is in the fridge eating a drumstick and uses two hamburger buns to trap the mouse. And just as the kitten was about to swallow Jerry, the Mouse escapes. the scam artist continues to get food for himself but Tom is back to prevent that. The two cats struggle for a jar of pickled eggs, until they make some noise that get the attention of the Owner. The Kitten gives Tom all the food to make it look like Tom is being a pig of Himself while the Kitten is doing the Innocent Kitten routine to frame Tom. The Owner is not happy that Tom is taking food from an "orphan" kitty and scolds him. She puts both cats at a table and serves them a cake, but the Kitten eats the cake whole and throws chocolate at Tom to make it look that Tom ate the whole thing. Tom is beginning to get angry, but does nothing as the Owner tucks both cats into bed and says that she's off to market.

Just as Tom is near his boiling point, he sees Jerry in the kitchen with a banana. While Tom is pursuing Jerry, he soon breaks off when he sees the urchin watch a TV show called The Dropout Mutant Ninja Toads battle the Wrestling Worms and turns the TV off. The urchin reacts by pushing the ottoman that Tom was standing on to the basement. When Tom was about to go berserk, the urchin insincerely apologizes to Tom for treating him badly and offers to shake hands with the unsuspecting Tom, but the urchin places the piano sheet ring around Tom's thumb to pull him inside the piano. As Jerry watches TV, the urchin uses a fireplace shovel to catapult Jerry inside the piano and tells Tom and Jerry to enjoy the music. The piano soon breaks down with Tom and Jerry coming out of the piano, glaring at each other, signifying they work together.

In the Kids room, Tom grabs a remote control with a toy police car from the toy chest, as Jerry distracts the half-asleep urchin by sticking the sandwich cookies in the urchin's eyes, waking him and chasing Jerry as He said that he will pulverize Jerry. Tom then uses his remote control car to attack the urchin, it goes successful, but Tom then accidentally lets himself get crashed by his own car. The urchin attempts to get back at Tom by grabbing the control to have the car go inside Tom and the car continues going, and up to his tail, all around the house making a terrible mess. Jerry gets caught as well, but before things got worse, the urchin's mother comes inside the house, and finds him, so she takes him away. His name revealed as Chino. As Chino tried to talk His way out, His mother tells him that he Knew what He'd be up to, always running off giving people the "big eyes and homeless orphan routine", mooching off and cause all sorts of trouble while making His mother get gray hairs from worrying where He is. Chino declares defeat to Tom and Jerry as the mother drags him back Home. With the urchin gone, Tom tucks Jerry in his Cat bed and they snore by the fire.


  • This cartoon starring Tom and Jerry is the first of the very few episodes where Tom is NOT the main antagonist.
  • Chino gulps up a chocolate cake, but normally, cats and also dogs as well will die if they eat chocolate, which it contains theobromine.
  • This cartoon is also the only one where it takes place during a snowy day.


  • Before Tom lifts up the carpet while pursuing Jerry, his feet are not white.
  • When Chino arrives in the kitchen, the fridge is open, but after he tells Tom he is getting angry, the fridge is closed.
  • When Jerry splatters Tom with the banana, Tom's forehead is supposed to be the color of banana, but his forehead is a lighter gray instead.
  • In the title card, Chino's tail needle is white, but in the entire cartoon, his tail needle is completely orange, even though He has a Black zig-zag line.