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"You're Lion" is an episode of Tom and Jerry Tales written by Eric Jacobson, Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone and directed by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone.




In the African safari, Tom is reading a book "Big Cats of Africa", while his owner is admiring the local wildlife from a car. When asked, if Africa isn't exciting, Tom yawns. The approach changes, when Tom meets his feline cousins, the wild lions. Unfortunately for him, the lions decided to make a meal out of him and Jerry. Tom and Jerry run away and lock the door with the lions inside.

The lions trick them by announcing a birthday party. The male lion plans to eats Tom and Jerry,  but Tom and Jerry manage to escape.

The protagonists run at the rhinos, where their appearance causes the rhinos to panic. A female rhino screams about her baby's horn, claiming that someone has stolen her baby's horn. Thinking poarchers took it, the rhinos run , causing Tom and Jerry to flee and hop on the car.

the lions along with the lioness also jumps on the car, Mrs. Two Shoes says "This is too close to the wildlife", the lion would agree, Mrs. Two Shoes hearing the lion made her scream as the lion says "What I say?" as she screams again.