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You Can't Handle the Tooth is an episode of the second season of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014).


Tom and Jerry use a magic tooth that ends up making them destroy the house of the witches.


Tom and Jerry are fighting with spells and wands. Tom tries to make Jerry's face stretched, but Jerry backfires it into Tom. Now his face is like stretched. He tries to return his head back to normal but it does something weird instead. They make a lot of wreaking sounds, so Beatie tries to question Tom and Jerry but the lizard said that he got a Big Book of Love but he dropped it, but not really. While Beatie returns to her room, the lizard said to Tom and Jerry to clean all of these mess.

While they are cleaning, they find a ogre tooth. The lizard warns them to do not touch the tooth, as it has great power and also brings the one who possesses it will have great concequences. But Tom ignores, him and holds the tooth. He became muscular, and he wants to destroy Jerry. Hildie and Beatie go down and to see what's going on, but Tom put them on the roof. They warn them if the ogre comes back, he will be mad if you hold it. Jerry backfires the power by using the mirror. Jerry gets the ogre tooth, and also he is possessed by it. Tom tries to backfire Jerry, but he missed. So Jerry turns the mirror and fires Tom. But Tom got again the ogre tooth and gulps it. He started to feel sick, but this made him more muscular, and also more power.

He started to get Jerry, but Jerry has no more to go. He was so close to destroy Jerry, but someone knocked at the door. Hildie and Beatie thought it was the ogre, but it was a tooth fairy. The ogre said to her to collect the tooth, so she plans to go to Hildie and Beatie's house to get the tooth. Tom said to not returun the tooth, but the tooth fairy said to count to three to gulp the tooth. While the number was three, Tom tries to make a beam from the sky and point it to the tooth fairy. While she was on 2, he still waits until she is at one. Then one, Tom stops and the tooth fairy fights Tom. He gets out the tooth and returns back to normal at a inflated position.

They return back to the house, and Hildie and Beatie said to clean all of this, without magic. While cleaning, they find a dragon tooth, in which they hold it. Hildie says "Thomas..." at the end because he touched another tooth. And the story ends.





  • The title is a reference to Jack Nicholson's character's famous quote "You Can't Handle the Truth" from "A Few Good Men"