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Yvonne Jockalong is a character who first appears in the 1956 Tom and Jerry cartoon Muscle Beach Tom appearing as Tom's love interest, she also has a recurring role in The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).


Yvonne Jockalong is a brownish clad female cat who has green eyes, brown hair, she wears a white ribbon and a white swimsuit. She wears a white tennis dress with a yellow belt, white socks, yellow tennis shoes, and a white headband in The Tennis Menace.


Yvonne is often seen in the beach as seen in Muscle Beach Tom and Beach Bully. she has interest in sports such as skiing and playing tennis. She is wears in different outfits in varies episode in the 1975 series. she mostly with the color in white. she also seen in pink or red.

Episodes appear in

Tom and Jerry

The Tom and Jerry Show (1975)



Muscle Beach Tom

The Tom and Jerry Show (1975)

The Ski Bunny

The Beach Bully

The Tennis Menace