Yvonne Jockalong

Yvonne Jockalong is a tennis player who appears in The Tom and Jerry Show (1975) episode "The Tennis Menace".


Yvonne Jockalong resembles Tom's kitten girlfriend from the 1956 Tom and Jerry cartoon Muscle Beach Tom. She wears a white tennis dress with a yellow belt, white socks, yellow tennis shoes, and a white headband.


  • Her name is an amalgam of Australian tennis star Evonne Goolagong.
  • Yvonne Jockalong bears a resemblance to Tom's kitten girlfriend in 1956's Muscle Beach Tom. Coincidentally, she is clad in white and have not any lines.
  • She is the first female cat to not be a love interest for Tom.


The Tom and Jerry Show (1975)


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